The Cost Of Love Update Thursday 18 March 2021


The Cost Of Love 18 March 2021: starts with Ahaan thinking sorry Pankti, I m seeing you in pain, but I have to catch that devil. Pankti dances on Maar dala….. Ahaan keeps an eye on Pankti. Purva cries. Uday asks Ahaan where were you, I have seen Jagdish going to JD’s office. Ahaan says maybe he is also trying to catch the goons. Uday says or maybe he was meeting that goon. Ahaan raises hand and stops. He scolds Uday and defends JD that JD does everything for his good. He sees the cake and reads Babu. He says why is Babu written on this. Anita stops Purva. Pankti finishes the dance. Everyone claps. Ahaan looks on as JD arrives. JD says the entertainment is still there. He throws the ghungroos to Pankti. Ahaan tries to see his face. JD goes to Pankti and ties the ghungroos. He says this is Babu’s real birthday gift. He sings happy birthday. Ahaan comes ahead and gets shocked seeing JD. He recalls the tortures on Pankti and JD’s words. He recalls Uday and Aparna’s words.

JD asks Pankti why did you stop, your owner has come now. Ahaan says its Bade Papa. JD asks Pankti to dance in full spirits. Everyone claps. JD asks her to dance. Pankti cries and agrees to him. JD asks her not to dance like she is helpless, dance should be better, he wants a return gift for his guests. Ahaan gets tearful eyes. The men praise Pankti in a dirty way. JD asks the man to just see her beauty, and not get ahead, as just he has the right on Pankti. The man says you got a young girl, amazing. JD says I have bought her, that too by a higher amount than market price, is there anything wrong, when a man comes back from work in a tired state, what does he want, a girl who massages his legs, who dances for him, Pankti is perfect. Ahaan recalls his words for JD. JD says Pankti rebels sometimes, since last few days, its fine, Pankti will agree that she is my personal property. Ahaan and Uday look on shocked as JD talks cheap about Pankti. JD says Pankti is my mistress. He asks Pankti to start entertaining him now. Pankti cries.

JD gives a wicked smile and goes to get seated. He says stop, there won’t be a Majra feel without this. He throws Gajras at her. Ahaan holds the Gajras. Anita, Purva and Pankti look at him. JD asks who is this ill mannered, cheap waiter. Ahaan removes the cap, and the fake beard. Pankti, JD and others get shocked seeing Ahaan. Pankti says Ahaan…. JD recalls Ahaan’s words. He tensely says Ahaan….. Purva gets glad and walks ahead. Anita stops her and asks her not to go, this drama went a level high, they will be trapped between. The men talk about the singer Ahaan, he is JD’s relative. JD asks the men to leave, party is over. Everyone leaves.

Ahaan says so you didn’t tell this to me. Anita says Pankti’s birthday is going to become someone’s day to die. Ahaan says I asked you many times, who is that devil who caged you, you knew I can’t tolerate this, so you tolerated all this, why do you love me so much, I felt I will save you, but truth is you were saving me from truth. Pankti and Ahaan cry. She is about to hold his face. JD interrupts to say Ahaan is mistaken. Ahaan shouts shut up. JD gets shocked. Ahaan says there is just one hero in everyone’s life, the person dreams to become like his hero, he gets courage and inspiration from him, I m ashamed you were my hero, you don’t even deserve to become any villain, I used to worship you, how can any person buy another person, how can anyone snatch someone’s right to live and stay happy, this is something to get ashamed, Mr. Jayant Dhanrajgir. JD shouts Ahaan…. Anita, Pankti, Purva and Uday look on.

Ahaan scolding JD. He says you don’t deserve to be called Bade Papa, you don’t deserve any relation, you just deserve to be rich and buy someone to become owner, such people are poor from heart. Pankti looks on and cries. Ahaan goes to her. Ahaan removes the ghungroos from Pankti’s feet. Anita asks what is he doing. Purva says he is making Pankti free.
Ahaan says the feet in which I wanted to tie anklet, you have tied ghungroo to it, people make someone’s daughter a bahu in this age, you made someone’s daughter your mistress, I know Pankti would have fought a lot, she would have tried to save herself, but what can she do, when you and Anita were in front of her. He says don’t dare to see Pankti again, remember I m also a Dhanrajgir. JD silently looks at
him. Ahaan leaves from there. JD shouts Ahaan, stop. Uday leaves. Pankti sits crying and says Ahaan. JD angrily throws the ghungroos. He controls his anger and calls someone. He asks someone to do his work and leaves. Anita says thank God, this didn’t happen because of us. Pankti asks for her phone. She runs to her room. The man says Ahaan can’t do anything, I will use the matter that Ahaan didn’t reach Dubai.


JD says do anything before I reach home. The man calls Manav. Uday and Ahaan are on the way. Ahaan sits crying thinking of JD. Pankti calls Ahaan. He doesn’t answer. She tells Purva that she is worried that Ahaan will do anything wrong. Anita comes and taunts her. She says its good, real drama will happen there, Ahaan will go and reveal JD’s truth at home, but JD has much contacts, maybe he won’t let Ahaan reach home. Purva asks her to stop it. Anita says I don’t know what will JD do with Ahaan. She leaves. JD’s man Adarsh comes home and meets Manav. Adarsh says I got a huge loss because of Ahaan. Manav says calm down, Ahaan left for Dubai. Adarsh shows the video that Ahaan didn’t reach for concert. Manav calls Ahaan and says he is not answering, where is he. Aparna comes and asks what happened. Manav says Ahaan didn’t reach Dubai. Aparna recalls her words and says it means Ahaan got his prey. Manav asks are you hiding something from me. She calls Ahaan. Adarsh says you hide Ahaan now, organizers will not leave him, I don’t care he is alive or dead. Manav says Adarsh, Ahaan is my son, I will not hear a word against him, get out. Adarsh asks him to throw money on his face and he will leave. JD comes and throws money on Adarsh’s face. Ahaan is somewhere and cries recalling JD and Pankti. He talks to Uday and says wine ends all the feelings, so sorrow also ends, but Pankti’s love failed this wine too. He cries and drinks.

Ahaan says Lord failed my love. Uday hugs him. Uday says storm is going to come, we will leave. Ahaan says storm has arrived. JD says you will get money, if you say a word against Ahaan, I will get a big loss for you. He asks Manav is Ahaan here. Manav says Ahaan didn’t reach Dubai, don’t know where is he. JD says don’t worry, maybe there is some reason, did you talk to Ahaan. Aparna says call is not connecting.
Sheetal comes and says thank God you have come, I had to call you as Adarsh was creating a drama. JD asks Adarsh to leave now. Adarsh picks the money bundles and says fine I will leave if you are saying. He goes. Sheetal says but Ahaan agreed to go Dubai. Aparna thinks did Ahaan not to Dubai, I wish he is fine. Pankti calls Ahaan. Ahaan doesn’t answer. He cries talking to Uday. Uday says Pankti is calling, just talk to her once. Uday answers the call. Ahaan says what shall I talk to her, I promised her I will make her free, I cheated her. Pankti hears him and cries.

Uday says Pankti, Ahaan is…. Anita snatches the phone and says the end, look at his state, make him out of your life, else JD will kill both of you, do you think I m just saying this, maybe Ahaan meets with an accident, it will happen till JD gets what he wants, I don’t care for Ahaan, if anything happens to you…. Pankti says your business will end. Anita says I don’t want loss, some people doesn’t have love in fate, they have money, I have written your fate. Pankti says Ahaan has changed that fate, I don’t care for anyone, not even your and your business, I just worry for Ahaan. Uday sees Ahaan drinking a lot. A car comes in front. Uday gets shocked and hits the car aside.

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