Promised Love Update Wednesday 17 March 2021


Promised Love 17 March 2021: starts with Azaan telling Shayra that he remembered one such night. Shayra asks which one when the electricity failure happened. Azaan tells about the incident, says that guy sang for the girl and impressed her. Shayra says I remember and laughs. Azaan says you was laughing that day and that made me fall in love with you. Shayra says and made me fall for you. He says today is the same night and says I love you. Shayra says I love you too. Azaan says what is beautiful in my world, my Ammi, you and my bestfriend. Shayra prays that nothing wrong shall happen now. Noor is worried in her room and holds Yasmeen’s photo frame from falling. She recalls Razia telling that same rasams will happen for Noor and Faiz. She recalls yasmeen telling that Azaan will take care of her. She recalls Shayra regarding her as her younger sister.

She then thinks of Surayya’s words. She thinks if they come to know about the truth then they will hate her, thinks it is her duty to take out Shayra from the guilt. She sits to write the letter to Azaan that she is leaving from the house before anyone wakes up, but before that she wants to convey the truth to them, writes that Shayra was not responsible for my Ammi’s death. She writes that she came to know about the truth, just before the marriage, but didn’t stop the marriage and took advantage of her Ammi’s death. She says she shall be punished and shall leave from the house. She comes to Azaan and Shayra’s room, but Khalid keeps hand on her hand and takes her from there. He says what you was doing? She says she wanted to inform the truth to Azaan and Shayra.

Khalid says we will be together here. Noor says I can forgive you as whatever you did was unintentional. She says she is leaving the house and wrote in the letter that she knew that Shayra was not responsible, but she married Azaan. She says nobody will see my face after reading this letter and that’s why I am leaving. She says you are my guilty and I have forgiven you. Khalid thinks Noor can’t go. Noor comes to Shayra and Azaan’s room and keeps the letter on the side table. She cries and runs out. She then comes to Razia’s room and says sorry. She then leaves from the room. She comes out with her stuff and calls driver. She keeps her bag in the car, looks at the house and cries. Shayra calls her. Noor says I can’t pick the call and asks driver to take her to Bhopal station. The driver drives the car. Surayya tells Asgar that I asked Noor to talk to Razia begum and says she is helpless to do this. Just then they hear Mashuqa and Dilruba saying that Noor left home. The driver drives the car and takes U turn. He brings her back to the house. Noor asks why did you bring the car back. She sees Azaan sitting on the driver’s seat. He asks her to get down and takes her inside the house. He asks where she was running away and asks how can you think that I will let you run. Noor asks if you get the letter? Azaan asks which letter?

Shayra says this letter. She tells that Azaan didn’t read it, but I read it. Razia says even me. Azaan asks what is happening here? Shayra asks him to read himself. Azaan reads the letter. Noor says I know that you all will hate me after reading this letter and that’s why running away from here. Azaan says you shall be punished surely as you have made fun of our love and trust. He says you don’t trust Ammi’s love and my friendship. Noor says I thought…Razia says everyone does mistake, but you have accepted it. Noor says Ammi’s death….Shayra says it was an accident.

Asgar and Surayya asking Noor where did she go at night. Surayya says there must be a reason. Razia says you have very less time and asks her to make the arrangements to go. Surayya asks did you know what this girl has done? Razia says I know everything. Surayya says this girl knew that Shayra didn’t light the fire, but she…Razia says I know. Surayya says you knew this and shall kick her out, but you people bring her back. Asgar asks when we are not forgiven then she shall also be not forgiven. Surayya holds Noor’s hand and asks her to leave from there. Azaan holds Noor’s hand and says she will not go anywhere. Razia asks Shayra to take Noor inside and asks Azaan to go to his room. Azaan, Shayra and Noor go to their rooms.


Surayya says you have forgiven him even
after knowing this big truth. Razia says Noor told me herself. Surayya says you have forgiven her for her sin. Razia says she forgave her as she is repenting. She says I had given you even chances and there is no forgiveness for you. She says you shall go to Sultanpur. Khalid looks upset. Asgar says how can Razia forgive Noor. Khalid smiles and says she forgave as the truth was not complete. He recalls reading the letter and thinking I won’t let you do this. He thinks I won’t let you do this. He hides one of the paper and keeps the remaining paper of the letter. He gets out of the window and Shayra wakes up hearing the sound, and sees the letter. She reads about Noor leaving the house. Khalid smiles and says I didn’t let your truth know to anyone, as I don’t want you to go from here. He eats the letter.

Noor sleeps on Shayra’s lap in her room. Shayra tells Azaan that she can’t leave her alone, and asks him to go. Surayya says how can Razia forgive Noor. Asgar says it is not a child’s game to stick to cunning ways and says we have to do something. Surayya says what we shall do? They think something. Asgar says if you are thinking that and says why to invite big storm to stop the small one. Surayya says we have to do this. Later in the night, Noor hears the trunk shaking and calls out Azaan and Shayra. They wake up and finds Noor shots by someone. Then Azaan and Shayra are also shot. Razia wakes up shockingly shouting Noor. Noor calls her. Razia comes out calling Noor. Noor tells that Azaan is not letting her eat achaar. Razia scolds them and says she thought something happened to Noor. Shayra asks what happened. Razia keeps her hand on her chest. Azaan asks what happened? Shayra signs him.

Azaan comes to the room and asks what happened? Razia says nothing. Azaan says you didn’t notice stain on my kurta and asks what is the matter. Razia says nothing happened, but I feel that something is about to happen, I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen. Azaan hugs her and remove this fear from her heart. She says you shall worry because of the stain which is now on your clothes too. Razia says you have spoiled my clothes too. Azaan says finally you are behaving like my Ammi. Razia thinks happiness returned after a lot of days and feels the happiness is going to have a bad sight.
Surayya comes to a house and meets a lady sitting on the rocking chair. She tells her that she was helpless to come here, as Razia is sending Asgar, Khalid and her to Sultan pur. The lady signs her to give beetle box. Surayya gives the box and says I know that you didn’t enter the haveli since years.The lady spits pan on Surayya’s face. Surayya gets angry, but controls her anger. A guy comes and asks Surayya to go from there. Surayya goes.

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