The Cost Of Love Update Wednesday 17 March 2021


The Cost Of Love 17 March 2021: starts with JD sending some stuff for Pankti. He talks to Anita. She says you are pampering Pankti a lot. He says after this party, Pankti will never like to go in any party again, its a surprise for her. She asks shall I start decorating the house. He says no, party won’t be at home, Ahaan may come there, he refused to go Dubai. He ends call on seeing Ahaan. Pankti checks the gift box. Anita likes the golden dress. Purva says this dress looks like a dancer’s costume. Anita says your thinking is cheap. Ahaan comes to JD and says I m going Dubai, sorry for all that. JD gets glad and says I kept something special for you, wait, this shagun. He gives a coin to Ahaan. He says when I sign a new singer, I give this coin as good luck, will you change decision. Ahaan thanks him and says you are the best. JD sighs relief and hugs him. Ahaan asks is there anyone’s birthday party tomorrow. JD says my old friend. Ahaan says wish him from my side. JD says sure. Ahaan goes.

Pankti and Purva have a talk. Pankti gets Ahaan’s message. Purva says mum won’t come to greet you. Purva asks what’s the message, switch on the radio. They hear Ahaan on radio. Ahaan says I m sure she would be hearing this message on radio, I have told her how much I love her, even then I want to keep telling her, anyways I won’t say this again, I just want to say, happy birthday to you. Pankti smiles. RJ asks what will she like to hear, any song. Ahaan asks can I sing for her. RJ says great, of course. Ahaan sings Pal do pal……. Pankti happily cries. Pankti hears Ahaan and goes out to see. She gets surprised seeing the balloons flowing in. Purva and Pankti smile. Ahaan comes there. He wishes her. She thanks him. He asks shall I come in. She says yes. He gets a call.

Aparna asks did you wish Pankti. Ahaan says yes, I came to meet her. Aparna says no, just do what I said, come back home. Ahaan says okay. He tells Pankti that he is going Dubai tomorrow. She recalls JD’s words. He says I just wanted to wish you before leaving, bye, take care. She says you have a safe trip. He says I love you. She smiles and says I love you too. Jisko mai paa na sakun…..plays… They wave to each other. He goes. She thinks of Ahaan. She says Ahaan will be safe, he will become a big star soon, there is no bigger happiness than this for me. Purva says you chose this life for yourself and a new start for Ahaan. Pankti says it would be a lot if I asked for this life. Purva wishes her happy birthday and hugs. Its morning, Aparna does Ahaan’s aarti. She asks Ahaan did he tell Pankti he is going. He says yes. She says now just hide, then the target will come out, best of luck. Sheetal comes and blesses him. Manav says its good you got senses, don’t do anything wrong. JD asks Manav to talk to Ahaan well, go and drop him, else he can come back by changing decision.

Aparna says it looks like you just want to send him. JD says no, I was worried for his career. Manav asks Ahaan to hurry up, he has a meeting too. Ahaan says you can go, Uday will drop me. Ahaan hugs them. He leaves. Jagdish follows Ahaan. Ahaan messages Purva and asks what’s the plan today, I want to send a cake for her. Purva recalls JD’s word. She sends the address and asks him not to send the cake, it can be a problem. Jagdish calls JD and says Ahaan is going airport, I m after him. Ahaan asks Uday to take right. Uday asks why. Ahaan says I have to go there. Jagdish says why is he giving right signal, where is he going, something is wrong, he is taking u turn. JD worries.

Uday giving the guitar to Ahaan. He calls Pankti and says we reached airport. Pankti tells Ahaan that its his return gift, if he gets music, he will get lyrics too. Ahaan says but not Pankti, strange I got a gift on your birthday. She says I got my gift. He says I promise I will come to meet soon till then take care. Jagdish sees Ahaan at the airport and tells JD that Ahaan went inside the airport, his friend gave him guitar. Uday waves to Ahaan and goes. Jagdish says work is done boss, Ahaan is out of your way now. JD smiles. Ahaan comes out and recalls Aparna’s words. He says thanks Maa, you have shown me the right way, that person was following me. FB shows Ahaan seeing a car following him. Ahaan says maybe he forgot, when sight moves, some accident happens, now the hunter
will know how it feels when he becomes a prey. Anita asks what, Ahaan has gone.

JD says yes. Anita praises his smartness. He says party will be at home, imp people will be coming. She asks who. He ends call and smiles. Jagdish gives the bill and asks for 10 lakhs, JD said she will pay as its her punishment to let Pankti free. He goes out. Uday keeps an eye on him. Pankti gets sad. Purva says love is strange, it can make a person smile and cry. Pankti says no, I m really happy, don’t know why tears get rolling out. Purva says don’t say its tears of happiness, I can see your sadness. Pankti says I wish I get habitual to these tears again. Pankti misses Ahaan. Purva asks her to think again and stop Ahaan. Anita comes there. She gets angry on Pankti. She says Jd will trouble me, he asked for 10 lakhs, Ahaan has gone by happiness, if you do anything, he will throw Ahaan in any desert, do as JD tells you, understood.

Rohan speaks to Mishti in the room that they must be cautious, this isn’t the time to tell Veer. Veer is terrible after their breakup, he would destroy himself if he knows about them. Mishti was ready to accept any of his decision. Rohan insists they must slower their steps, and be careful. If they don’t tell anyone right now, it will be beneficial. Mishti cries, and says she can’t promise she would be able to live away from him for long. But she understands he is right. Rohan hugs Mishti, and says it would be difficult for him too. She is the soul, how would his body stay alive without her. He wipes her tears. She kiss his cheeks and leaves.

The next morning, Pari comes to Rohan’s room. She says I am sorry, I have an important meeting. Rohan says in a single breathe that

she can’t go, she will be late and he is terrible on stage. He can’t collect hers. Pari insists that the meeting is extremely important, and Mishti is already occupied with a number of meetings as well. Rohan asks if Mishti isn’t coming to award show. Pari says Mishti decides either she or Mishti could go to award show, because they can’t leave their work; it’s her function so Mishti should work. She reminds about Rohan’s promise of dinner. Rohan says Mishti must also come. Pari tells Rohan Mishti didn’t agree. Rohan assures Pari that he will convince Mishti to join them, after all it’s a big day for Pari. After Pari has left, Rohan thinks Mishti has started to increase the distances between them.

They are close, yet far apart;

O God! Please unite us as soon as possible.

Veer sat in his bed when his mother comes to him. She asks Veer how he is. Veer apologizes his mother. Naina tells Veer he must never value any relation in his life to an extent that it destroys his life, especially for a girl like Mishti.

Mishti was selecting dress for herself. She wears a maroon T-shirt. It was loosely fitted. Mishti wonders whose T-shirt can be so lose. She then ties a knot to fix the shirt. Rohan comes at her door and watches Mishti smiling to herself. He comments that his T-shirt suits her.

Veer agrees to his mother. He asks what he must do. He can’t get Mishti off his mind. He was fine, but yesterday he saw Mishti in market, happy and smiling; he felt great pain then.

Rohan asks Mishti if she really likes his clothes. He can shift his wardrobe here. Mishti was offensive and asks if he just called her a thief. Its none of her mistake, his shirt likes her. Rohan says Mishti is a thief, who stole his heart. She couldn’t be close to him, so she decided to hug his clothes. Or should he say, she wanted her absorbance in his being.

Veer asks his mother if Mishti wasn’t at all related to him. Though she claimed there wasn’t any love, but how could she be happy at this breakup. Naina says Veer loved her truly, but she didn’t.

Rohan holds Mishti intimately, and whispers her to take it off.

Naina says this means Mishti had someone else in her life. She left him for the same guy. The phone bell rings, Naina leaves. Veer thinks it’s true, he must find out who is there in Mishti’s life.

Mishti was startled, and replies she won’t return the shirt. Rohan says it’s his favorite one, so take it off. Mishti resists and tells him to behave. They were playfully cozy. Radhika comes calling Mishti. Mishti was tensed and pushes Rohan back. Her bracelet gets stuck with Rohan’s shirt. She pulls themselves in a corner of the room. Radhika had come into the room but couldn’t find Mishti. Mishti and Rohan were relieved as Radhika leaves. Rohan smiles while Mishti pulls the bracelet off. Rohan asks why she isn’t coming to dinner. Mishti says it was his suggestion to try and stay away from each other. And it’s the first step. Rohan asks how Mishti does this. Mishti asks him to think about Veer, how he must be feeling right now; it will make this all easier for him. She then tells Rohan to look very handsome in award function. Rohan laughs that he doesn’t know where he will arrange the formals, as it’s the dress code. Rohan asks Mishti to do the shopping for him, and she can buy a gift for herself from his side. Mishti agrees to buy something for him. Radhika comes to the room. Mishti says she was in bath. Radhika tells Mishti to buy something for Pari, she has a function in evening and meeting right now. Pari will change in the hall there. Mishti was annoyed that she will have to shop for everyone. She makes Rohan leave from the window.


Mishti leaves the building for shopping. Someone chases her car. It was Veer in the car behind. Mishti comes outside with a handful of bags. Veer watches her wave at Rohan who just reached the mall. He was taken aback. Mishti and Rohan speak to each other, cheerfully and happily.


Veer thinks Mishti and Rohan can’t be together. He wonders what happened to him, then calls on Rohan’s number.

There, Rohan tells Mishti he can’t stay away from her any longer. Mishti forbids him. Rohan gets Veer’s call. Veer asks where Rohan is. Rohan tells him he is in market, and came to buy a dress for his award show. Veer congratulates Rohan, then asks if he is all alone. Rohan asks what kind of question is this, he knows I can’t shop all alone. Why is he inquiring? Veer asks why he is irritated, and why didn’t he call him for help in shopping. Rohan asks if Veer had seen his condition last night. He couldn’t have asked for his help. He says he and Mishti are together, Mishti purchased a dress for him. Veer asks Rohan to meet in the evening, take some time for friends.

Mishti asks Rohan why he told the truth. Rohan says he would have to tell hundreds of lies otherwise. What was wrong in telling the truth?

Veer thinks he shouldn’t have doubt Rohan, there can be nothing between them. He gets a call from Arnav and promises he will soon be there in office. He was tensed as he watches them approach the car. He drives away.

Mishti takes a leave from Rohan for a meeting. He asks if she would be there for dinner, Pari will also be there. Mishti agrees to try, but she might get late.

Sukhmani meets an old friend Shanti in the parking lot. She asks about Mishti’s breakup. Sukhmani says breakup after marriage hurts more. Shanti discuss about her daughter Niki’s proposal. Sukhmani thinks about Arnav’s dilemma; and refers her to Rohan. Shanti goes to speak to Radhika. Sukhmani then curses herself for not being considerate about Pari’s love.

In the office, Veer was thinking about Mishti and Veer. Arnav comes to take a leave, as the work is done. Veer says he was unable to thank Arnav for the help yesterday, can they have a drink together.

Shanti comes to speak to Radhika. She asks her about Rohan. Radhika was concerned if Rohan did something. Shanti says they were looking for a proposal for their Niki and Sukhmani discussed about Rohan. Radhika was happy and says Rohan is a very nice guy. Sukhmani reaches Radhika, out of breathe. She tells Radhika the lift was out of order, she came by stairs. Radhika goes inside to get her a glass of water. Sukhmani tells Shanti it’s not necessary to give proposal to Rohan, they will find a number of boys for Niti. Mishti returns home. Radhika happily tells Mishti about a good news, Niti’s mother brought a proposal to their house. Mishti says Ansh is a child now. Radhika says she wants to marry Niti with Rohan. Mishti was startled.

Sukhmani takes Shanti aside, she tells Shanti Rohan’s isn’t the only guy. She must find a rich family, this Rohan is an orphan. Shanti was flattered that her daughter will have no one to serve. She agrees to the proposal at once.

Radhika tells Shanti to relax, they must first speak to Rohan as well. When Shanti had left, Radhika was cheerful that it’s an interesting matter. Mishti wasn’t happy, and goes to get ready for dinner. Radhika thanks Sukhmani for taking care of Rohan along with them. Sukhmani fakes a smile, and apologizes to Pari silently.

In the room, Mishti was angry at Sukhmani for becoming a match maker. Couldn’t she suggest Arnav for Niki, or Sukhmani could also have said they should marry Mishti to Rohan. She and Rohan are ready to marry each other. She ruins her makeup, and tries on heels. Radhika comes to the room and mocks her makeup. She tells Mishti not to discuss anything about Niki with Rohan. They must first let each other meet. Mishti corrects her makeup and nods at whatever Radhika had planned.

Rohan and Pari were in the restaurant. Pari notices Rohan was restless. She asks why he is tensed. Rohan says he isn’t tensed at all, in fact he is happy for her. He complements that Pari looks gorgeous today. Pari was in a disbelief, then gives all the credits to Rohan. She says Rohan has raised her confidence a lot. She must have been useless in life otherwise. She is no more afraid of commitment. She claps for Rohan. Rohan forwards his hand to hold Pari’s. Pari was at once taken aback. Rohan says I am so happy and proud of you. Pari tries to say something to Rohan… and with much difficulty she says I… knowww…. You! Rohan laughs. He says there was nothing special, he only tried to see the good in her that already existed.

There, Veer asks Arnav if Mishti wanted to marry someone else.Pankti asks won’t you wish your golden eggs laying hen. Anita says happy birthday and leaves. Purva says now my gift, we will go to book store. Anita says I will come along.Uday follows Jagdish. He gets shocked seeing him going to JD’s company. He says what’s this man doing here. Anita, Pankti and Purva come back and get shocked seeing the house decorated for a dance performance. Anita asks Jagdish what’s this, its not any birthday party decorations, it looks like any Mujra place. Jagdish says its JD’s order. The guests take selfies with Anita. The men get waiting for the dancer. Anita calls JD and asks who are these people, I don’t know them. JD says you can get friendly. She says this looks like a Kotha. He says its my house, you just stay there, take care of my guests. He warns her and ends call.

Sheetal comes and asks JD to come. He asks where. She says you said about your friend’s party, let’s go. The servant change things and say its JD’s order. The man waits for Mujra. Anita looks on.The singers come. Anita asks did JD call you, go and sit. JD says he is my business associate, you will get bored there. Sheetal doubts on him and asks is he lying. He says fine, change jewelry and come, diamonds suit you. She jokes. He says I like this, you are special. She goes. He sprays perfume. Sheetal shows the diamond necklace.

She feels unwell by the perfume. He says so sorry, I forgot you are allergic. He calls out Aparna. Aparna comes and asks what happened, where is your inhaler. JD says I was in hurry and used perfume, I forgot, sorry. Aparna asks Sheetal not to go. She says JD shouldn’t go leaving Sheetal in this state. Sheetal asks him not to go. He agrees.The man says JD can come later, where is the entertaining thing. The men talk cheap. Purva looks around. The men ask is she the dancer. Anita asks what’s happening here, its birthday party, no dancer is called here. She sends Purva.

Uday and Ahaan reach Pankti’s house. Ahaan says thanks, you said party is here, we should find some way to get in. Uday says there is a way. He gives the clothes. He says I had to tell something imp, those goons went to your… Ahaan asks what. Uday says leave it, we will get ready and go in first, then I will tell you. Anita calls JD and asks did you call any dancer. Ahaan and Uday take disguise of waiters and get in. He says no, ask Pankti to come out and dance. Anita gets shocked and says Pankti? He taunts her. He asks her to keep her motherly love with money. She says fine, I will ask Pankti to dance. Purva hears this and gets shocked. She goes to Pankti and says I heard mum telling JD that…. Anita comes and asks Pankti to dance and entertain the people, this is your punishment. The man asks when will the program start now. Ahaan says its a cheap party, I have seen such set up in old films, I will catch that devil today, till when will he hide. Pankti gets ready and wears the long dupatta. She asks Purva is she looking fine. Anita asks her not to do any drama today. Pankti says I can’t celebrate with family, cutting cake, mum’s wish, blessings, you can’t do this, what will I do, I will just entertain, I will dance for Ahaan, not his low grade people of high society.

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