The Cost Of Love Update Monday 22 March 2021


The Cost Of Love 22 March 2021: starts Purva talking to Pankti. Anita talks aloud and makes Pankti hear her. She tells Pankti that its JD’s house, JD comes to spend night in their house, JD can do anything. Pankti asks Purva to tell Anita that she remembers everything. Purva says Pankti’s life is getting fine now. Anita asks him not to act smart and remember her promise. Pankti asks what is mum saying. Purva doesn’t tell her. Anita asks Purva can she hide this from Pankti. Purva taunts her for giving sorrow to Pankti. She goes.
Pankti and Ahaan couldn’t sleep. She thinks of Ahaan. Ahaan thinks of her. They come out of their rooms. Ahaan sees her gifted badge. Pankti stands in the balcony.

The Cost Of Love 19 March 2021

They see each other. Pal do pal…. They stay distance and have a talk. He asks her did she know that song is sung by him. She says no, but I should have understood, its your song, as that song was the only thing which brought a smile on my face. They have an eyelock. Ahaan sounds sad. She turns and goes to her room. She senses someone and says Ahaan. She turns and sees JD forwarding hand to hold her beck. JD asks how dare you come here, you know you have a place just on the roads. She gets tensed and looks around. He tries to scare her. Sheetal wakes up and doesn’t see JD. She looks for JD. Ahaan comes between JD and Pankti. Ahaan warns JD to stay away. Sheetal comes to them. JD gets tensed. JD acts good. Ahaan says I m here to save Pankti from all problems. Sheetal says their romance is cute. JD says yes and smiles. He goes with Sheetal.

Ahaan asks Pankti not to get scared till he is there. She says I know, go and sleep. Ahaan drops her to the room. She shuts the door. He sits outside the door. She also sits near the door. They sleep. Anita comes to Purva. She acts good. Purva says don’t talk to me like this, I feel scared. Anita asks her not to be funny. She gives her a dress and asks her to get ready. Aparna sees Ahaan sleeping near the door. She wakes him up. Ahaan asks her is Pankti fine. She says yes, she will be fine, get ready and go for puja. She sends Ahaan. She opens the door and gets in. She sees Pankti sleeping near the door and smiles.

She prays that Ahaan and Pankti always stay together, they are made for each other. Pankti wakes up and greets her. Aparna gives her clothes. She asks her to get ready and come for puja. Purva gets ready and comes. Anita says you look good, I forgot you are also so beautiful. Purva says we should take a gift for Sheetal. Anita says yes, we are taking the gift, you…. you are the gift for new client, you promised me that you will agree to me if I don’t create hurdle for Pankti’s love story. Purva says I thought we are going to Ahaan’s house. Anita says no, we are going to a new house. Aparna asks Pankti did she light diya in her house. Pankti recalls JD. Sheetal and JD come. Sheetal praises Aparna. Ahaan comes downstairs and sees JD eyeing Pankti again.

Pankti doesn’t get scared. She plays shank and does puja. She gives prasad to everyone. Pankti gives prasad to Ahaan. Ahaan looks at JD. Sheetal asks Pankti why are her eyes swollen, did she not sleep at night. JD says but Pankti likes to sleep. They all look at him. JD says I mean she is also of younger generation, they do anything or not, but they sleep much. Purva talks to Pankti on call and says Anita has imp work, she can’t come. Pankti tells them that Anita is not coming. Sheetal asks what’s important than children. JD says maybe something. Pankti says I will leave. JD says I will ask driver to drop you. Ahaan says I will drop her. JD says no, you don’t take stress. Sheetal says JD is right, Pankti have breakfast with us. Pankti says no, I shall leave.

Aparna asks Pankti to call her if she needs help. Pankti sees Ahaan. She smiles and leaves. JD stares angrily. Manav asking JD is he waiting for someone. JD says I m waiting for reporters, I have to talk about Ahaan’s past and future. He goes out to talk to reporters, who asks him will he change his decision to launch Ahaan as Ahaan didn’t turn up at the concert. JD says no, I called you to declare this, I will relaunch him, people call him arrogant and angry, but we feel he is artistic. Reporter asks Ahaan why did he not come in concert. JD says he had some personal problem. Reporter asks Ahaan about his idol JD, is there anything he wants to say. Ahaan says sure, you all have seen JD as a music baron, but no one can seen his unseen sides. Reporter asks what do you mean. JD says you got your answers. The reporter asks them to pose for a pic.

JD poses with Ahaan. Ahaan turns his face away. JD says its enough for the day, we will meet on the music launch day. He sends the reporters to have snacks. Manav asks Ahaan why did he not smile, JD called t he press conference for him, he is getting opportunities and refusing it, anyone else in JD’s place would have dragged him to court. Ahaan gets angry and sits to dine. Ahaan says who told JD to launch me. Manav asks are you out of your mind. JD says its his hangover talking. He asks servant to get lemon water for Ahaan. Manav says you are spoiling Ahaan, he should be thankful to you. He asks Ahaan to thank JD. He tells JD has shut up Adarsh by giving him money, why is he showing attitude. Sheetal asks Ahaan what’s the problem, don’t worry for Pankti. Manav asks Sheetal not to pamper Ahaan. He asks Ahaan to focus on career. Ahaan gets angry. JD looks on. Manav asks Ahaan to learn from Vikram and Kaira, they are serious about their career, can’t he be serious like them, he is not serious because of Pankti. Manav asks Ahaan to see JD’s love for him, he loves selflessly.


He asks Ahaan to learn selfless love and protecting relations from JD. He asks Ahaan to become JD if he wants. Ahaan loses his patience. He gets up and shouts I don’t want to become Jayant Dhanrajgir. He breaks the dining table by hitting his hand. Everyone gets shocked and away. They all look at Ahaan. JD gets tensed. Manav shouts Ahaan, did you lose your mind, what did you say, apologize to JD. Ahaan says JD should apologize to me and all of us, I didn’t see a big fraud than him, he doesn’t care for relations and family. Sheetal says don’t cross your limits Ahaan. Ahaan says he has crossed limits, he has made a fun of relations. He says Manav doesn’t know anything about JD. Manav asks what nonsense. Ahaan says people keep pets, but JD has kept a girl, he has a mistress, I m saying truth. They all get shocked. Ahaan says so I don’t want to become like this devil, this animal, this is JD’s truth. Ahaan goes to Sheetal and says you will ask me to respect JD even now, I don’t want to talk to him, he doesn’t deserve this love.

Sheetal slaps Ahaan and scolds him for saying cheap things about her husband. She says JD doesn’t have any loose character, he is her love, her pride, her everything. JD asks why are you worrying. Sheetal asks why did Ahaan blame you, how can Ahaan throw dirt on JD, its because we spoiled Ahaan, JD has given many chances to Ahaan. She gets angry on Ahaan for hurting her. She says JD didn’t see any woman till now, I can blindly trust him, you want to break my trust on him, how can you say this Ahaan. Ahaan says because this is the truth, I m also hurt, my trust also broke, when I have seen him there, I have gone mad, as he was not my Bade Papa there, he had a devil avatar. Sheetal says this devil always helped you, he has saved you from media just now. Aparna tries to say. Sheetal says enough Aparna, you also know I have always loved Ahaan. Aparna asks Sheetal to scold Ahaan.

She asks Sheetal to think why is Ahaan blaming JD, when he always loved JD, there will be some reason behind this. Sheetal asks what’s the reason. JD says there is no reason. Aparna says I want to know, why is Ahaan accusing you, why is he calling you devil when he worshipped you as Lord before, there has to be a reason. JD says its getting too much now. Manav says no JD, Ahaan has to tell us how did he blame you, who is that girl, who is that mistress, Ahaan has to give us a proof, where does that girl stay, who is that girl because of whom we lost all the peace here. Ahaan and JD stare at each other. Aparna sees them staring and gets a hint of the truth. She gets worried. Ahaan thinks of JD’s words. Ahaan thinks how to tell them that girl is Pankti, she will have to bear insult then, its imp to protect her.
JD thinks I knew Ahaan won’t be able to say the name and I will be proved innocent. Sheetal asks Ahaan to tell that girl’s name. She falls short of breath. Aparna holds her. Manav asks Ahaan to speak up. JD acts good and takes Ahaan’s side. He says Ahaan is getting anger out on me as he loves me, when heart gets hurt, mind gets imbalanced. He asks Ahaan is is hurt, did anything wrong happen with Pankti, they will always support him and accept his love.

Sheetal asks what’s connection with Pankti. JD says you won’t understand as you don’t love him as much as I do, I love him a lot. He asks Ahaan to tell his problems, what happened with Pankti, he can blame him more if he gets peace. Ahaan scolds him in front of everyone. He promises to send JD to jail one day. He goes to hold JD’s neck. Sheetal gets asthma attack and shouts Ahaan. Ahaan stops and looks at her.

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