The Cost Of Love Update Tuesday 23 March 2021


The Cost Of Love 23 March 2021: starts with everyone worrying for Sheetal. Sheetal asks Ahaan to stay away. JD asks Kaira to get inhaler. He stares at Ahaan. Aparna looks at him. Anita treats Purva well. Purva gets thinking. Doctor checks Sheetal. He says the attack was severe, she will get conscious in some time, let her rest. Sheetal doesn’t leave JD’s hand. JD sees Aparna staring. He says I will sit here and take care of Sheetal. He asks do you know where did Ahaan go. Aparna leaves. JD smiles.

Aparna asks Manav to come with her. Manav asks what happened. She shows the good luck and all the best card which JD gave to Ahaan, which Ahaan kept safe till now, this is the proof they were asking. She shows JD’s tie which Ahaan took along with him when he went to boarding, he used to think JD’s tie will make him feel safe there. She shows Ahaan’s letter for JD, who was his role model. He says you can’t prove Ahaan innocent by showing these things. She says I won’t let Ahaan face this, when he is not guilty, I m able to see JD’s truth. Manav says JD is my brother, he can never do this, you mean whatever Ahaan said is true. She says yes, its true. He asks are you in your senses. She says yes, I know who is that girl.

He asks really, then tell me, who is she. Ahaan comes and looks on. Pankti comes home and asks maid for Anita and Purva.Maid says they went out. Aparna says if you don’t believe me, I don’t think its of any use to tell that girl’s name, I will tell her name when you trust Ahaan more than JD. Ahaan asks how is Sheetal. Aparna says she is better now. She takes Ahaan with her. Pankti comes to her room. She gets a price tag and says mum gives us new dress when she has to display us in front of anyone. She recalls Anita’s words and calls Purva. She asks where are you. Purva is in cafe and lies that she came for shopping. Pankti asks her to say why did mum give her a new dress, what was Anita saying about the promise.

Purva worries and says you overthink a lot, did you come back home, take rest, we are coming home. She ends the call and cries.Aparna asks Ahaan if that girl is Pankti, say it, is Pankti the one, is she JD’s mistress. Ahaan recalls JD’s words and sits down. He says yes….. Aparna gets shocked and recalls Pankti. She too sits down and cries. Ahaan recalls JD’s words. Aparna says what’s happening, I think of the girl who is someone’s mistress, don’t know who she will be, but I also know Pankti, who is lovely and innocent like a kid, I m thinking how can she be my son’s choice, but I know Pankti is so lovely that anyone can like Pankti, she is JD’s mistress, but my heart is also saying that she is just Pankti, our Pankti. Ahaan looks at her. Pankti gets tensed.

Pankti checks the room and gets a visiting card. She reads the name Jasmine Shah and calls on the number. The lady tells Pankti that Jasmine has gone to meet a new client. Pankti asks who is the client. The lady says sorry, I can’t tell you, its confidential. Pankti calls Purva and asks are you in a hotel. Purva lies again. Pankti asks her to say truth and cries. Purva says why will I lie to you, I really came for shopping, mum is not so bad. She ends call. Pankti says Purva lied that Anita is a good mum. Purva says I didn’t lie Pankti, I came here for shopping, but I didn’t come to buy anything, someone came to buy me. She cries.

Aparna prays that she takes a right decision today, its her test today, its her thinking, values and womanhood’s test today. Ahaan tells Aparna that just her decision matters to her, if she is not with him, he will fall weak. She says I need time to think and leaves. Ahaan worries.Sheetal recalling Ahaan’s words. She makes JD swear and asks him if he is cheating her, is there any girl in his life. JD says I can’t even this of this. She smiles and asks Aparna did she see this. Aparna says yes. Sheetal asks Ahaan did he feel bad that she slapped him. Ahaan says no. Sheetal says JD loves me a lot, he can’t false swear, maybe you have a misunderstanding, you can’t blame JD, its impossible, cheer up now, family can be happy when every member is happy, I m really sorry. Ahaan is about to say…. Aparna stops him and asks Sheetal to rest. Ahaan says yes, take rest.


JD stares at Ahaan. Ahaan goes out. Aparna explains Ahaan that he did right that he didn’t say anything to Sheetal in anger. Ahaan says I also worry for her, I will go and meet Pankti. Aparna takes him to room and makes him sit. Anita counts her favors on Purva and asks her to behave well. Purva says Pankti got to know about us, she may come here. Anita asks what, she has shut her own shop and she is having a problem with this also. Purva taunts her and leaves. Anita says maybe she also got affected by Pankti, when will your client come, Purva can also get any Ahaan. Jasmine says his name is Monty Shetty. Anita asks what’s this name. Jasmine says his name is Murli. Anita says its fine, he shouldn’t be poor. Aparna gets a ring and tells Ahaan that this is her decision. She says you know when your Dada ji needed money, your Dadi kept this mortgaged, when he earned much money, he got this ring back, its a sign of true love for our family, I think you should give this to Pankti. He happily hugs her and thanks.

Ahaan asks her is he right, is his love right. She asks him to decide. He says I too decided, Pankti is my decision. She asks him not to change his decision, situations can get bad. She asks him to prepare himself, as the world will taunt him for Pankti being a mistress, they will accept JD’s bad truth, but they will try to make you change your decision, they will raise fingers at Pankti’s character, if you don’t lose in front of the world’s weak thinking, then make Pankti wear this ring, but if you lose and get back from your commitment, your mum can forgive you but the woman in me can never forgive you, if you are sure of your love, only then go ahead and make her wear this ring. Ahaan promises to always stand with Pankti and make the society respect her, he will get her free from that hell and get her home with respect. He gives the ring to her and says that time I will take this ring from you and make Pankti wear this. She happily cries and kisses on his forehead. He says I will meet Pankti and come. She asks him to go.

Ahaan reaches there. He sees Pankti leaving in hurry and calls her. She doesn’t answer. Purva sees some kids coming in the hotel. Waiter asks them to leave, you need money to come here. The kid says our brother is coming. Waiter asks the poor kids to go out and beg. He makes the kids out. A kid falls down. Purva scolds the waiter. She asks what if I pay for their food, will there be place for them. He says of course. She gives her ring to him and says their food will come in this money, even some moral science books can come, you need it a lot. The waiter takes the kids. Purva collides with a guy. He says sorry. She says mum is preparing to make me fall down. She goes to Anita.

Vikram and Richa come back from honeymoon. He asks Manav about the doctor. JD looks on. Manav says I will just drop the doctor out. JD hugs Vikram and says thank God you have come, I was missing you, your mom…. Vikram and Richa rush to see Sheetal. JD says let her sleep. Vikram asks how did mom get such a severe attack, did you do anything. JD says its because of Ahaan. Vikram asks what did Ahaan do. Ahaan and Pankti reach the hotel. He asks what are you doing here. She says we have to save Purva, Anita got her here, I m sure Purva agreed to make me free from JD.



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