Strange Love Friday Update 28 May 2021

Strange Love 28 May 2021: Anjali scolding Shlok. shlok starts arguing with Anjali saying my room won’t change. Niranjan comes and asks what happened. Arguing on what matter? He says this room ir yours, Astha can change it, its her right. He says a room or a house is of the wife, as she takes care of it. He asks Astha to keep the room as she wants. He leaves. Sojal and jaya are watching this. Astha says so Mr. Shlok, did you hear what your dad said, I can keep the room the way I want. Shlok leaves in anger. Sojal is tensed seeing the way Astha is ruling over the house. jaya adds fuel in the fire. Sojal says Astha is very clever, she is making everyone dance on her fingers. jaya says you follow Astha. Sojal says what. jaya says learn from her. Sojal is annoyed and leaves.

Strange Love 27 May 2021

Astha is digging nails in the wall to keep a curtain between her and Shlok. Shlok comes to her. She gets hurt and he cares for her. Khuda…………….. plays………….. She says after reading your dairy, I came to know you are not a bad person, the situation made you bad, I will erase all your pain, I have to be with you to do this. Anjali thanks Bappa for making her able to give the second gift to Niranjan. She says what should I do about the questions which Astha has about Swati. jaya comes to Anjali and falls on her feet. jaya praises Anjali and says how do you manage this big house alone, I m your fan. You have supported Astha and scolded Shlok, I did not understand.

She says I did not see you ever favoring your bahu. Is this the change? Anjali says this is my house, I know how to support anyone and when. She taunts jaya saying I know when to keep some people out of this house. Miss Ratna comes to meet Kalindi. She is from the marriage bureau. Kalindi called her for Astha’s second marriage. She shows her some proposals. Kalindi likes one guy and asks her to talk to his family. Ajju sees this and is shocked. Ratna asks Kalindi to talk to Astha once. Kalindi says you don’t worry, its yes from me and my daughter. Ratna says I will call them tomorrow. Ratna leaves.Kalindi shows the proposal to Ajju. Ajju says this is wrong, you are doing this without Astha’s permission. Kalindi says we will do after her divorce. Ajju says whats the guarantee that he is better than Shlok. Kalindi says he would be better than Shlok. Ajju leaves.

Shlok comes to the locked room and looks at the things on the ground. He sees a piece of Swati’s photo. He recalls Swati and her bitter words. He looks at the greeting cards. Astha reads Shlok’s diary. Shlok hears some music and shuts his ears. Shlok comes to Astha and she is tensed seeing him. She hides the diary. He asks did you hear any music. He asks did you see any diary. She says no, anything important. He says nothing, forget it. He leaves. Shlok says I don’t understand, why is Swati’s memories troubling me. Astha asks did you get fever again. He says I m fine, don’t show your sympathy, keep it to yourself, you will need it. He asks her to go.
She cares for him and says I will bring food for you. Shlok says why don’t she go forever. Astha comes to Bappa and says now I understood your decision, why you made me meet Shlok, so that I can make him get rid of his past and pains. Show me some way, Anjali does not know about Shlok’s past, how can this be, she is his mum, maybe she knows but does not want to tell me. She says how can no one in this house know about Shlok’s past, who is this Swati, help me so that I can know her complete truth.

Shlok is playing in his room. Shlok looks at Astha by moving the curtains. Khuda…………. plays………….. He thinks why is Astha not becoming angry on me. He looks at her again while she is doing her work. He teases her by throwing the ball on her things. She still does not react. He aims at her family photo and it falls.Astha is shocked and keeps the photo right. Shlok smiles. She controls her anger and says I know you are doing this to make me angry, but I won’t fight with you. Shlok hits on Astha. She says you still need practice and gives him the ball. She smiles and leaves. Shlok thinks what happened to Astha today. Is she unwell now, that she is talking to me so well and not fighting, she is not so good, there is some big plan.Avdhoot calling Astha. He asks how are you. Astha says fine, how are you all. He says we are fine, talk to Kalindi. Avdhoot asks Kalindi to call Astha here for some days. Kalindi asks Astha to come to them for few days. Anjali takes the phone from Astha and sends her to see Shlok. Anjali talks to Kalindi rudely and says ket her be with her husband, then they will be come close, and then divorce will not happen. Kalindi says we can talk to our daughter whenever we want, its a matter of six months, after that Astha will come back to us. Anjali says time will show who will be where. She ends the call. Kalindi is annoyed and tells Avdhoot see she is not even letting me talk to my daughter.

Sojal is with jaya working in the kitchen. jaya says I have one idea to make Astha run away from here. She says I have to think how she will run, Astha reached to Shlok’s room, I m sure there is some plan in her mind, find out whats in her heart. Sojal says I will become Astha’s shadow and find out what is she upto. Sojal smiles.
Kalindi calls Astha and asks her to come home. She says I called someone for your marriage. Astha is shocked. Kalindi says you can’t be alone all life, your relation with Shlok will end soon, try to understand, I want you to settle with a good guy and in a good house. Astha sees Shlok coming and ends the call. Avdhoot is annoyed with Kalindi. She says try to understand me. He says enough, not anymore. She says why are you stopping me. He says Astha can decide about herself, let her think on her own, you are increasing her problems, you can’t decide about her future.
She says I m her mum and doing this for her good. Its night, Anjali comes to Niranjan. Niranjan says I m very lucky to get a wife like you, you take so much care of me. She asks her to bring coffee for her too as he wants to have it with her. He says I brought something for you, its on table, see it. Anjali sees a gift kept under the stick. He asks her to open it. Its a jewellery set for keeping her second promise. He says I m very happy with you. He asks her to wear it and show him. She shows him. He smiles and says whenever you will wear this, you will remember this. He says pray to the Lord that Astha and Shlok should be together.

Anjali thinks of telling him about Astha asking about Swati. Niranjan gets a call and he leaves. Everyone have dinner. Shlok taunts Astha for the cool puris. Astha says I will bring the hot puris and brings it. Shlok says even this is cool. Astha goes to bring another. Anjali opens a box and keeps the jewellery set in it. She locks it back.
Astha brings more puris and asks Shlok to see it. Shlok thinks what happened to Astha, why is she not reacting, she knows that I m teasing her. Astha cares for Shlok as he coughs. He says its tasteless food, you spoiled my taste. He leaves the table. Sojal smiles. Anjali is in her room waiting for Niranjan. Niranjan comes back and asks why are you worried. She says when did you come. He says answer me first, tell me, I m here to solve your problems. She says Astha is asking about Swati. Niranjan is shocked. He says what did you tell her. She says that I don’t know any Swati, but Astha will try to find out the truth.

What if she asks Shlok? Niranjan says don’t worry, Shlok is my son, he knows how to manage the situation. Anjali says Astha always got freedom, its not easy to tie her down. Niranjan says I know, you have to learn how to control her, I m sure Astha will become like you one day. Anjali gets worried and leaves. Varad thanks Astha for understanding Shlok. Astha asks was Shlok always like this, rude and angry. Varad smiles and says no, you won’t believe how fun loving he was, he was full of life like you. Astha says then what happened between him and Swati.Varad is shocked. Astha says I know Shlok loved Swati but what happened that changed him so much.

Varadsays Swati has his past and you are his present, its better you come out of the past and make your present good, else you will get only sadness. Take care of Shlok, I know you can do this. He blesses her and leaves.

Sojal and jaya hear this. jaya asks Sojal don’t you know about this. Sojal says Anjali never allowed to know anything in this house. There happened something when Shlok went to Mumbai. jaya says go and ask Varad about it. Astha comes in the room. Shlok teases by switching the lights on and off. Astha does not react. She comes to him and gives him medicines.
He says give and throws the tablet. He says oops, I have thrown it, no one can make me have medicines against my wish, you are no one, go to your corner. Astha thinks you will know what I m, I will make you have the medicines. She drinks the milk and says I hope you don’t want milk now. I will have it too. Shlok drinks the milk too. She laughs.She says you told what you told, see I made you had the medicines. I mixed it in the milk. She smiles and asks him to sleep. Shlok thinks how did Astha change, what happened to her.

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