The Boss (A Patrona Telemundo Series): April teasers, Synopsis and cast

Telemundo Africa presents another thrilling and powerful telenovalla centered on women’s power and dominance. The Boss (La Patrona) is set to air Monday through Friday by 5pm WAT and 4pm CAT on Gotv and Dstv starting Monday 23rd April.

The telenovalla  is centered on Gabriella Suarez’s (Aracely Arámbula) fight to prove herself in a man’s mining world even when the owner Antonia Guerra (Christain Bach) is determined to make her a mortal enemy.

Gabriella is the only female working in the mines and that yields her constant jibes and verbal assault from the men. When the owner of the mine dies, his wife Antonia naturally inherits the business. However, she is ambitious, ruthless and vindictive with a resolve to end any woman who crosses her path as she wants to remain the only leading lady in town. Gabriela’s strength and fearless nature becomes a threat to her, and even more pronounced when she falls in love with her son.

The story therefore portrays Gabriella  struggles to defends herself against this enemy and fight for her love.

The main casts are:

Aracely Arámbula as Gabriella

Aracely Arámbula

Christain Bach as Antonia

Jorge Luis Pila as Alejandro

Gonzalo García Vivanco as Luis

The teaser for April as culled from here include:

April teaser for La Patrona (The Boss).

Monday 23 April 2018

Gabriela Suarez is a miner who has detected failures in the safety systems of the San Pedro Mine but unfortunately everyone disregards her warnings and humiliates her because she is a woman.

Antonia Guerra, the owner of the mine is caught red handed by her elderly husband while making out with her lover.

Her husband has a heart attack when he sees her and she simply lets him die without even trying to help him.

Antonia takes advantage of “the tragedy” to have her son return for his step-father’s funeral and take her husband’s place in the business.

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Gabriela and Alejandro are trapped inside the mine and Antonia goes out of her mind thinking her son is in grave danger; she orders her men to find Tomas and put him at the head of the rescue team, he is the best man for this task.

Fernando gets completely desperate when he learns that Gabriela is trapped inside the mine and it is evident that he has feelings for her and this causes a jealousy crisis in Julia.

Tomas hears the sounds Gabriela is making and after delicate extraction work he manages to rescue them.

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Fernando attacks Alejandro after finding him with Gabriela, who is half naked.

Alejandro doesn’t understand his brother’s jealousy and reminds him that he is a married man and also tells him to seek help to overcome his alcohol addiction.

Fernando manages to remain alone with Gabriela and we discover that in the past they did go out a couple of times together.

Once everyone leaves and she is alone, Gabriela has flashes of a terrible experience she had during her teenage years; when she was raped by a man who was wearing a ski mask.

Thursday 26 April 2018

Gabriela thanks Alejandro for the opportunity of hiring her again to work at the San Pedro Mining Company.The attraction between these two is hard to miss and Irene, noticing the way they look at each other, is dying with jealousy.

When they are alone, Alejandro asks Gabriela if she had or has an affair with his brother.

She admits that they did go out together once or twice in the past but she never seriously encouraged him because he is demented, and that even now after so many years, he continues to harass her.

Friday 27 April 2018

Gabriela confronts Antonia, who accuses El Tigre of being a thief but Gabriela defends her father with great dignity and showing Antonia she is not afraid of her.

David takes Maximiliano to his grandmother Lucia’s grave to hide the backpack under a loose stone but Maximiliano refuses to tell him what is inside the backpack, he never tells him that there is gold inside.


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