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Telemundo: Read up The Boss June teasers

The fierce battle of dominance and control still continues this month on the boss between Antonia and Gabriella. Read up June teasers to find out how that conflict plays out. Credit goes here: Friday...


Telemundo: Blood and Wine June 2018 Teasers

The conflict between the Montiel and the Castaneda get even tougher this month. Roberto and Aurora face more conflict in their marriage; while Juanjo is still trying to win back the woman he loves and...


Zee world: The Promise June 2018 Teasers

The promise is a Zee World Series that chronicles the life of three sisters Pia, Bani and Rano from a low class family as they deal with prejudice from the high class family they...


Prisoners of Love season one: March Teasers and scoop

Alas,  the Telemundo super series, Prisoners of love has run its first month with the plot steadily pushing and conflicts deepening. With the way Gerardo can’t seem to put Yolanda out of his mind,...