Telemundo: Prisoners of love season two August 2018 teasers

Hello telemundo lovers, Prisoners of Love season 2 will begin airing on the 6th of August 2018. El Centauro and Yolanda will begin their quaint love story to our delight. Find August teasers below:

August 6 episode one

El Centauro and Emilio are cornered by the police. Benedicto shows that he carries a strapped bomb. Gerardo and Yolanda return from Canada without knowing that El Centauro watches their movements. Yolanda, who suffers from post-traumatic stress. Believes that Cristina was kidnapped and ends up in a taxi driven by a Centauro thug, after leaving the witness protection program.

August 7 episode two
Yolanda escapes the explosion and asks for help. He receives a message from El Centauro and is sure that he lives. El Centauro orders the second threat. A psychiatrist is recommended for Yolanda.

August 8 episode three

Ana finds out that El Centauro and Emilio are alive. She goes to “where he died” El Centauro and sees Yolanda, who tries to talk to her, but escapes. They come to an isolated cabin. Ana prepares her weapon.

August 9 episode four
Mariana is insinuated to Gerardo. El Centauro traps the Cholo and erases his memory, convinces him that he always worked for him. Yolanda climbs an elevator and finds El Centauro in disguise.

August 10 episode five
Yolanda arrives at the place of the attack against El Gato, warned by El Centauro. There is an explosion and she panics; Is hospitalized. Emilio faces the Centauro. Mariana, has two faces.

August 13 episode six
Yolanda has another appointment with Dr. Lemus, who will take her to the Institute of Forensic Sciences to see the corpse of El Centauro: it is the third warning. Benedicto and Mariana make love.

August 14 episode seven

The police find Yolanda’s belongings, they think she committed suicide. El Centauro reveals to Yolanda that Mariana and Lemus are his accomplices; She will end up killing them all.

August 15 episode eight

Gerardo does not believe that Yolanda committed suicide. El Centauro reproaches Yolanda for her betrayal, even though she is unconscious. Ana wants to reveal the truth about the Centaur to Gerardo.

August 16 episode nine
El Centauro makes Yolanda believe that she is his beloved. He filters information about a new leader by running his organization. Gerardo investigates Ana, and she seems captivated by him.

August 17 episode ten
Before El Centauro arrives, his men discover that Lucho brings a microphone and everything is out of control. They arrest Isidro and Gerardo notices the tattoo Yolanda described to him. Suspend Gerardo.

August 20 episode eleven
Gerardo catches and interrogates Ana. She tells him that El Centauro lives and that Mariana is involved. The Centaur continues with Yolanda’s experiment, although she is concerned about the harmful effects.

August 21 episode twelve
Gerardo hears Ana’s messages and believes her brother. She puts a device on Mariana’s cell phone to spy on her. Yolanda awakens strangely normal. Román has plans with Cristina.

August 22 episode thirteen
Gerardo reviews the videos where Yolanda appears dead and notes that they were erased. El Centauro thinks of Yolanda as the new boss. Mariana steals information from Rafael and gives it to El Centauro.

August 23 episode fourteen
Mariana is ordered to kill Gerardo by tapping his cell phone. Yolanda, masked, meets with the Jackals and executes a traitor. Lemus quotes Gerardo, injects him and leaves him unconscious.

August 24 episode fifteen
Julián internal to Gerardo by an “attack of wrath”. Yolanda kills four of the traitors. She sees photos of her family and The Centaur orders her to kill them and she accepts. Vicente fears for his life.

August 27 episode sixteen
Ana and Vicente try to get Gerardo out. Yolanda finds out in the hold about the business. El Centauro asks him to return and she does not obey his orders. Emilio leaves her, under certain conditions.

August 28 episode seventeen
Yolanda, armed to the teeth, looks for Ana and Miguel. El Centauro proposes to Yolanda. Mariana threatens him; He puts her in her place. El Gato hides Gerardo’s cell phone

August 29 episode eighteen
Yolanda agrees to marry El Centauro. Samuel prepares the lethal injection to kill Gerardo. Ana and Vicente go to the rescue. Mariana says goodbye to her lover. Cristina is in the wrong hands

August 30 episode nineteen
Ana and Gerardo find Mariana, they struggle and a gun is fired. El Centauro calls Mariana and Gerardo answers; He tells him that he is going for him. Vicente, Gato and Cristina run away, not knowing that they follow.

August 31 episode twenty
Rafael suffers with the death of Mariana. Nicolás hesitates to tell everything that happened. Yolanda asks for help to find out about her past. El Gato, Cristina, and Vicente realize that they are chasing them.

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