Telemundo’s Prisoners of Love season two returns in August 6th! Find Air date, cast and more

Hello telemundo lovers, if you’re not excited about the return of Prisoners of Love season Two then you don’t deserve a front row in our Telemundo fan club! Because just like I predicted earlier on this blog, the Centauro and Yolanda quaint love story is returning in August with full force. (Date yet to be announced).

The season one ended in a cliff hanger with Emilio (Centauro’s illegitimate son) driving his father into the ‘Sunset of Freedom’ just after El Centauro had thought he would definitely rot in prison, a promise Gerardo made to him after shooting him on the leg.

Not clear enough, you can quickly go catch up on the episode finale of season one here.

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Yolanda Acosta’s joy would obviously be short lived because her worst fear, Centauro, is definitely coming back to hunt her. And sadly, there’s no such thing as happy ending for her, her daughter Christina, Gato and Lucho. Not with Emilio and El Centauro on the loose two years afters after faking their death to plan and recuperate.

So what are we to expect in Prisoners of Love Season two?

☑ Expect the endless and brutal cycle of revenge.

☑ Drug war and Cartel clash would definitely be playing up in this season.

☑ We should also look forward to the entrance of new characters, most especially Ana Velazco played by Sandra Echeverría from ‘Dangerous Affairs’.

She is out for revenge against El Centauro  for the death of her father and will team up with Gerardo to take him down for good. But of course, there’s bound to be affairs and steaming sex scenes.

☑ Betrayal would also be rampant; very expected for there is no honour among thieves.

☑ There’s going to be lots of death, birth and not too good a happy ending.

☑ Yolanda Acosta will live in perpetual fear, suffering from mental health and always on the run for her life. She will suffer from amnesia and accept to work for El Centauro, even becoming his wife!

In all, Prisoners of Love Season 2 is a must watch  and will be returning to Telemundo Africa on August 6th by 9pm WAT and 10pm CAT. It should be a replacement for Woman of Steel 3 ending that same month.

Check out the casts for Prisoners of love season two and their pictures.

Main casts:

Humberto Zurita as Benedictino Suárez / El Centauro

Humberto Zurita as El

Ludwika Paleta as Yolanda Acosta

Ludwika Paleta

Michel Brown as Gerardo Duarte

Michel Brown

Sandra Echeverría as Ana Velazco

Sandra Echeverría

Also starring

Ricardo Polanco as Rafael Bianchini

Ricardo Polanco

Ricardo Polanco

Mónica Dionne as Leticia Solís

Mónica Dionne

Michel Chauvet as Emilio Cobos

Michel Chauvet

Arantza Ruiz as Cristina Acosta

Arantza Ruiz

Pablo Abitia as Vicente Garrido

Pablo Abitia

Salvador Amaya as Isidro Gómez

Horacio García Rojas as Eduardo Lalo López

Horacio García Rojas

Tizoc Arroyo as Javier Antuna

Tizoc Arroyo

Jaime del Aguila as Luis “Lucho” Rodríguez

Jaime del Aguila

Iñaki Godoy as Amadeo / El Gato

Iñaki Godoy

Others include:

Raúl Villegas as Miguel Fernández

José Ramón Berganza as Román Luna

Alejandro Caso as Julián Lemus

Óscar Toledano as Nicolás Bayón

Albi De Abreu as El Loco

Quetzalli Bulnes as Adriana Bianchini

Mariannela Cataño as Paula Bianchini

Diego Cornejo as Tyson

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