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True love October 2020 teasers Glow Tv

True love October teasers 2020: Everyone is devastated after learning about Meethi’s miscarriage. Mukta is devastated after learning from the doctor that Vishnu’s condition...

True Love July 2020 teasers Glowtv

  True Love July teasers 2020: A heartbroken Mukta breaks her relationship with Meethi. Meethi questions Sumitra regarding her lies. Wednesday 1 July 2020 Mukta and Meethi...

Glow Tv: True Love teasers for February 2019

  Veer misses Ichcha and regrets believing in Tapasya.... Damini calls Veer. Will she tell him about Ichcha’s pregnancy? Read February teasers for True love showing on...

Glow TV: True Love Teasers for December 2018

  Monday 3 December 2018 Episode 578 Tapasya checks the name of the tablet strip thrown away by Ichcha, on the internet. Will she find out the...