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A perfect lie November 2020 teasers

Starlife A perfect lie November teasers 2020. Sunday 1 November 2020 Episode 163 Rajnath believes Dev had attacked Raima, but Suchitra defends Dev. Meanwhile, police find a...

A perfect lie starlife October 2020 teasers

A perfect lie returns October 2020 on Starlife, here are the catch-up teasers for where the series stopped and new teasers for fresh episodes. ...

A perfect lie March teasers 2020 starlife

A perfect lie March teasers: Shaurya is paralyzed before his wedding! Meanwhile Dev is getting closer to the truth. A perfect lie February teasers ...

A perfect lie starlife February teasers 2020

Dev is the new target and Durga suspects Shaurya meanwhile she continues with her plan. A perfect lie starlife full story A perfect lie February...

A Perfect lie January 2020 teasers Starlife

  Divya and Sakshi battle it out to protect their secrets. Who is coming out on top? Prev: A perfect lie December teasers 2019 A perfect lie...

A Perfect lie December teasers 2019 Starlife

  Durga Begins her mission of exposing Shaurya and the Goenkas for their crime against her and Shaurya is falling to her bait. A perfect lie...