A perfect lie November 2020 teasers

Starlife A perfect lie November teasers 2020.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Episode 163

Rajnath believes Dev had attacked Raima, but Suchitra defends Dev. Meanwhile, police find a gun in Dev’s car and arrest him. Dr. Dayal assures Suchitra that he will prove Dev’s innocence. Sakshi pretends to be innocent and decides to stay back in the hospital.

Episode 164

Rajnath stops Dr. Dayal from slapping Shaurya, who continues to misbehave with Durga. Later, a furious Dr. Dayal decides to cancel the hospital project. Meanwhile, Durga vows to help Dev. At the hospital, Sakshi tries to kill Raima again, but is not successful.

Monday 2 November 2020

Episode 165

Rajnath recalls how Sakshi had blackmailed him to marry her. Raima’s condition worsens, and Rajnath panics after she slips into coma. Meanwhile, Durga and Dr. Dayal strive for Dev’s release. How will Dev prove his innocence?

Episode 166

Sakshi is elated to learn that Raima has gone into a coma. In a bid to move Raima’s case to a fast track court, Rajnath meets a politician, Mr. Basu. Durga informs Sakshi that she will get Dev released within a week. Will she succeed?

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Episode 167

Inspector Mandal provokes Dev to assault him. Dev, who believes that Shaurya and his friends raped Payal, challenges Rajnath that he will bring them to justice.

Episode 168

Durga asks Raima’s maid to tell the truth and save Dev from conviction, but in vain. Later, in the court, Rajnath and Sakshi testify against Dev. However, they learn that Raima wanted to inform Dev about Payal.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Episode 169

Dr. Dayal and Durga thank Raima’s maid for not testifying against Dev in court. A curious Shaurya suspects Sakshi’s involvement in the attack on Raima.

Episode 170

Sakshi recalls an incident she experienced while living in the orphanage. She visits the orphanage to check whether the tape containing Rajnath’s secret is safe.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Episode 171

Rajnath tries to mend his relationship with Suchitra, but in vain. Later, Rajnath directs Navin Mathur to kill Dev. Navin informs Dev about Rajnath’s affair with Raima and fights with him. He learns that Dev hates Rajnath, Sakshi and Shaurya.

Episode 172

Sakshi instructs Shaurya to cooperate with his new physiotherapist, Sanjukta. Meanwhile, Dr. Dayal transfers the cancer project to Arnab Goenka Foundation, headed by Dev. Durga receives 10 per cent share of the foundation. Later, she asks Sakshi to resign.

Friday 6 November 2020

Episode 173

Sakshi, who signs her resignation letter, continues to keep Raima in a coma by giving her the wrong medication. Rajnath, who is upset with Sakshi for getting Durga and Dev married, bribes a jailer to kill Dev. Few prisoners attack Dev. Will he survive the attack?

Episode 174

Navin Mathur encourages another prisoner Raghav to fight and defeat Dev. However, he tries to stop Raghav from stabbing Dev and Dev rescues Navin Mathur in return when Raghav turns on him. Moved by his actions, Navin provides Dev with crucial information regarding Payal’s rape involving Shaurya.

Saturday 7 November 2020

Episode 175

Sanjukta challenges Shaurya to sit in the wheelchair on his own. Navin Mathur narrates the course of events that occurred after Payal’s rape to Dev and promises to testify against the Goenka family if Dev helps him get out of jail.

Episode 176

Dev is worried about Durga’s relationship with Nitya. Durga briefs the media about the attack on Dev and the cancer research project. Mr. Basu suggests Rajnath get Raima killed. He extends the duration of Dev’s custody.

Sunday 8 November 2020

Episode 177

Kangana informs Rajnath about her affair with Karan. Sanjukta decides to take Shaurya to a rehabilitation centre for his treatment. Durga informs Suchitra that Raima has regained consciousness.

Episode 178

A nurse mistakes Durga for Raima and removes her oxygen mask but the security guards get there just in time. The doctor then informs the Goenka family that the nurse was giving wrong medicines to Raima.

Monday 9 November 2020

Episode 179

Sakshi succeeds in her plan as she helps the nurse in escaping from the hospital. On learning that Durga has installed the spy camera in Raima’s ward to prove Dev’s innoncence, Suchitra apologises to her for her misbehaviour.

Episode 180

Jatin tells Rajnath the truth about Sakshi. Rajnath is dumbfounded when he discovers that Sakshi was aware of his extra-marital affair with Raima. He returns home, and points a gun at Sakshi. Dr. Dayal and Durga plan to bail out Dev with the help of the evidence.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Episode 181

Dev assures Mr. Mathur that he will help him, if he reveals the secret he knows. Suchitra prays to god for Dev’s well-being. Rajnath pretends to care for Suchitra and apologises to her for his mistakes.

Episode 182

Durga shows video evidence of Dev’s innocence to the court and Dev gets acquitted. Later, Shaurya and Karan are shattered to learn that Dev was released from jail. Rajnath gets furious and vows to ruin Sakshi’s life.

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Episode 183

Durga asks Dr Dayal to keep her identity concealed from Dev. Sakshi moves Shaurya to Dr Sanjukta’s physio center. Dev is released and Suchitra is elated.

Episode 184

Rajnath asks Kangana to stay away from Karan. Dev informs Suchitra that he met Mr. Mathur in jail, who told to him about Rajnath, Sakshi and Shauryas misdeeds. He tells Suchitra that he intends to gather evidence against them.

Thursday 12 November 2020

Episode 185

Durga informs Suchitra that she too, transferred her share of the Goenka Industries shares to Dev. Dev informs Rajnath that he will lead the Goenka industries as he holds the majority of the shares now.

Episode 186

Sakshi learns of Shaurya’s accident and meets him but Shaurya humiliates her. Sakshi gets suspicious of Akram, while Rajnath pretends to be Akram and blackmails Sakshi. Dev is depressed after learning that Nitya is dead.

Friday 13 November 2020

Episode 187

Divya vows to ruin Shaurya’s life. Meanwhile, Rajnath pretends to be Akram, and threatens Sakshi. He warns Sakshi that he will submit evidence against Shaurya to the police, if she refuses to give him the evidence against him. How will Sakshi respond to Rajnath’s threats?

Episode 188

An infuriated Dev asks Dr Dayal about Nitya. Dr Dayal tells to Dev that Nitya is alive. Dev informs Durga that he is aware of her identity, and professes his love to her. Meanwhile, Rajnath decides to get Kangana married to Karan.

Saturday 14 November 2020

Episode 189

Dev decides that he should not tell Durga that he is aware of her identity. He asks Rajnath to make Durga their board member. Sakshi refuses, stating that Durga does not hold shares of the company.

Episode 190

Rajnath decides to acquire the video evidence against him from Sakshi. He informs Basu about Karans proposed marriage with Kangana and asks Basu to announce it to the media.

Sunday 15 November 2020

Episode 191

An infuriated Sakshi confronts Rajnath for informing the media about Kangana’s proposed marriage to Karan. Rajnath then reveals his plan against Basu to her.

Episode 192

Durga becomes a member of the board of directors of the Goenka Group of Industries, while Dev wins the vote of confidence and becomes the chairman. Durga formally requests Rajnath to resign as chairman.

Monday 16 November 2020

Episode 193

Dev asks Rajnath to break Kangana’s engagement with Karan. An infuriated Rajnath asks Dev to leave his office. Dr. Dayal informs Divya about his plan against Karan, Tarun and Rishi. Karan informs Tarun that he has witnessed Divya’s spirit.

Episode 194

Sakshi agrees to give the evidence against Rajnath to Akram. Durga eavesdrops on Sakshi’s telephonic conversation. She informs Dev that Kangana is calling off her engagement with Karan.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Episode 195

Durga insists Kangana meet Payal. Mr. Basu informs Anuradha about Karans proposed marriage with Kangana and asks her to return to the house. An infuriated Anuradha refuses to attend Karans marriage.

Episode 196

Shaurya asks Dr. Dayal the whereabouts of Nitya. He reveals his ploy about Dev and Durga. Dev informs Durga that they will be meeting Dr. Dayal. Later, Shaurya shoots Dr. Dayal.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Episode 197

Dev and Durga admit Dr. Dayal in a hospital. However, a critically injured Dr. Dayal succumbs to his injuries in the hospital. Sakshi informs Rajnath about Dr. Dayal’s death. She suspects Shaurya hand behind Dr. Dayal’s death.

Episode 198

An infuriated Durga refuses to accept Rajnath and Sakshi’s help to find Dr. Dayal’s murderers. Aakash informs Durga that he will help her to ruin the Goenkas. A bank manager informs Sakshi that Dr. Dayal has asked him to give the locker key to Durga.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Episode 199

Sakshi is suspicious of Durga after reading Dr. Dayal’s letter and insists on a DNA test for Dr. Dayal’s dead body. Meanwhile, Durga vows to find evidence against Dr. Dayal’s murderer.

Episode 200

Sakshi gives Durgas hair for the DNA test. A dejected Dev and Durga carry out Dr. Dayals funeral. Later, the bank manager, Shabir, informs Durga about Dr. Dayals locker in their bank.

Friday 20 November 2020

Episode 201

Dr. Sanjukta is taken aback when Shaurya manages to stand comfortably. Shaurya then returns home. Meanwhile, Aakash and Durga search Raima’s house for evidence against Rajnath.

Episode 202

An infuriated Durga scolds Shaurya for his lewd behaviour with her. Later, Durga makes Mrs. Basu realise her mistake and Mrs. Basu agrees to help Durga.

Saturday 21 November 2020

Episode 203

An infuriated Sakshi confronts Rajnath for his misdeed against her and Shaurya, while Aakash and Durga eavesdrop on their conversation. Rajnath pretends to be sad and apologises to Sakshi for his mistake.

Episode 204

Aakash and Durga follow Sakshi to an orphanage. They learn that the video evidence against Rajnath is in the orphanage. Meanwhile, Dev decides to meet Mr. Mohanti in order to uncover the truth of Dr. Dayal’s murder.

Sunday 22 November 2020

Episode 205

Dev discovers that Mr. Mohanti and Shaurya are involved in Dr. Dayal’s murder. He also learns that Rajnath killed his father. Later, Durga stops Dev from confronting Rajnath. Dev then vows to help Durga in her fight against the Goenkas.

Episode 206

Dev learns that Rajnath killed his father and seeks revenge on Rajnath and Sakshi. Meanwhile, Rajnath and Sakshi are shocked to witness Shaurya standing on his own.

Monday 23 November 2020

Episode 207

Sakshi and Durga are taken aback when they learn that Payal is missing from the hospital. Durga confronts Sakshi on the pretext that she kidnapped Payal.

Episode 208

Shaurya wants to find Payal’s abductor. Durga informs Dev it was Sakshi who abducted Payal. Later, Shaurya manages to mislead Dev and decides to kill him.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Episode 209

Sakshi becomes suspicious about Shaurya’s absence in the house and asks Rajnath to find him. Meanwhile, Shaurya shoots Dev, but Durga gets injured trying to save him. Later, Dev tends to Durga’s injury.

Episode 210

Dev suspects that Shaurya was involved in Dr. Dayal’s murder. Meanwhile, Durga warns Shaurya to confess to his misdeeds within three days. Sakshi informs Shaurya that Durga is not Dr. Dayal’s daughter.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Episode 211

An enraged Kangana slaps Karan and refuses to marry him. Kangana confronts Rajnath for trying to get her married to Karan for the sake of his business. Later, an infuriated Dev asks Rajnath to get Shaurya punished in exchange for the evidence against him. Will Rajnath agree to the deal?

Episode 212

Suchitra is dejected about Rajnath murdering Arnab. Durga apologises to Suchitra for hiding the truth. Dev informs Suchitra of having video evidence against Rajnath. Meanwhile Sakshi is shattered to learn about Shaurya’s death.

Thursday 26 November 2020

Episode 213

An infuriated Sakshi blames Rajnath, Dev, Durga and Suchitra for Shaurya’s death. Dev informs Aakash about Shaurya and Tarun’s deaths. Sakshi pretends to be sad and performs Shaurya’s last rites.

Episode 214

Shaurya lies to Sakshi about reaching the airport. Instead, he follows Durgas car to discover Payals whereabouts. Later, Shaurya learns about Rishi helping Payal in escaping from their captivity. Shaurya shoots Aakash and Rishi and informs Payal they are dead.

Friday 27 November 2020

Episode 215

Payal is frightened on seeing Shaurya who informs her that he killed Dayal and Aakash. Rajnath informs Sakshi and Shaurya about the police having an arrest warrant against them. Later, Shaurya is baffled to discover that Aakash and Rishi are alive. Will the vicious trio be brought to justice?

Episode 216
Final episode

The police arrest Rajnath, Sakshi, Shaurya, Basu and Karan. Mathur confesses to have helped Sakshi and Rajnath in destroying the evidence against Shaurya. The judge convicts Shaurya and Karan.


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