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Sunday update on Mehek

Roka starts, Jeevan and Mohit are welcoming everyone. Ajay’s family comes there. They greet Sharmas. Ajay says to Nehal that you are looking sexy, she glares at him and leaves. Sheetal says to Pammi that i advised you but you still didnt listen, Pammi says keep your advise to yourself. Mahek comes there dressed beautifully. Ajay drools seeing her, Jeevan asks him to close his mouth. Mahek looks at Ajay and is tensed. Mahek comes on stage. Sheetal says Mahek is looking so gorgeous, lets start ceremony. Pammi says one special guest is remaining to come. She turns and sees Shaurya and Karona coming there, she says they are here.

May teasers for Mehek

All turn to see them entering venue. Mansi says who invited them? Mahek is confused. Pammi says thanks for coming, Pammi says i invited them, they are my inlaws family friends so they are our friends too. Karona says Mahek is looking beautiful. Ajay thanks Shaurya for coming. Shaurya smiles at Mahek. Pammi makes Mahek wear Chunri, Shaurya smiles. Ajay is standing beside Mahek on stage.

Nehal is standing on terrace and says ajay i told you to not marry Mahek but you didnt listen, you will pay price, she drops vase from first floor so it will land on ajay’s head but Mahek moves in Ajay and vase is about to hit her head when Shaurya sees vase coming down, he shouts Mahek.. and runs, he comes on stage and pushes Mahek away, they both fall down on floor, all are stunned. Nehal runs fom terrace. Shaurya and Mahek gets entangled in Mahek’s Chunri, Shaurya takes it off and takes Mahek’s hand to pull her up.

Pd asks Mahek if she is fine? Ajay says darling are you fine? i was so scared for you. Karona asks Shaurya if he is fine? Shaurya says my blazer got stained, i will go wash it, he leaves. Mahek’s chunri gets stained too, Sheetal says this is bad omen, Kanta says this stain is of blood, Mahek did you get hurt? Mahek says no i am fine, i will come, she leaves.

Shaurya’s hand is bleeding, he tries to take off blangle peice that got stuck in his palm, he winces in pain, Mahek comes there and holds his hand, she blows on his hand, Darmiyan song plays, Shaurya says its okay i am not a kid, i will do it, Mahek doesnt listen and tries to tend his wound but Shaurya asks her to leave, all must be waiting for you, Mahek takes his hand again and tries to tend it, he whimpers, mahek’s hair locks are irritating her by falling on her face, Shaurya notices it and tucks it behind her ear, she says i will bring first aid box, she turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand, she looks at him, Shaurya comes closer, Kuch toh Tha ter mere Darmiyan plays.. Shaurya caresses her forehead, Mahek is tensed and leaves from there.

Mahek exchanges rings with Ajay, she sadly looks at Shaurya, Shaurya is not happy too. Karona gifts Mahek, she says you are looking beautiful Mahek. Ajay smirks at Nehal. Balwant gifts Ajay and says this is book on peaceful marriage, do try to read it, Ajay thanks him. Shaurya says to Karona that lets eat food, i cant eat this local oily food so you eat it. Kanta asks Nehal to help Mahek, Nehal leaves.

Mahek says to Kanta that her mood is off, Kanta says dont worry. Pammi says today Mahek didnt cook but i will invite everyone after marriage to have dinner which Mahek will prepare. Ajay holds Mahek’s hand and smirks at Nehal, Shaurya is angry to see it. Ajay rubs Mahek’s hand, he clutches it, Mahek winces and says what are you doing? he says just teasing my would be wife,

Mahek is in pain as Ajay breaks bangle on her hand and her hand starts bleeding. Kanta comes and asks how did this happen? Mahek says nothing, Mansi goes to bring first aid, Shaurya is glaring at Mahek seeing all this.

Shaurya comes to Karona and asks if she ate dinner? she says yes, shaurya says i have work, lets go. Kanta asks Mahek and Ajay to eat dinner, Pammi says they should share plate. Karona congratulates Pammi and Kanta, Kanta says i am really glad that you came, Ajay comes to greet Karona.

Shaurya comes to Mahek and says you cant be Mahek Sharma which i know, she says what? he says the Mahek Sharma i know, would have slapped guy who misbehaved with her, wouldnt lie to save him, i guess you are middle class and has thinking that husband can be abusive but will remain God and you have to bear everything he does, great Mahek Sharma. He glares her and leaves with Karona. Mahek is agitated hearing it.

Karona says to Shaurya that Mahek will get married soon, all were happy but arent you happy? Shaurya says yes i am so happy, Mahek’s dreams are coming true, i am really happy for her.

Mahek comes to her room and says he taunted me about middle class again, why was he giving me lecture? i can do anything.

shaurya says to Karona that i am not giving her lecture, she can do anything, you know arranged marriage is like two unknown people living hell for life.

Mahek says to herself that arranged marriage combines two families but Shaurya wont know this.

Karona says to Shaurya that not all people get love in life, Shaurya says then what is the need to marry? you should not marry then, you can live alone. Karona asks why do you have problem with Mahek marrying? Shaurya says i dont have any problem, i was just saying, he leaves, Karona thinks.

Its morning, Mahek is exercising. Kanta comes and laughs, Mahek says you want me to loose weight and now laughing at me? Kanta says sorry, i would have done this jogging with you too, you want to get slim for marriage? Jeevan calls Kanta, Kanta says this is marriage, husband keep calling you all the time.

Ajay comes to Mahek’s house. He sees Nehal and asks if she woke up because she was using facebook? Nehal rolls her eyes. Mahek comes there and sees Ajay, she covers herself with dupatta, Ajay eyes her and says i came to take permission, actually my friends got to know that i got engaged so they arranged party for me and Mahek.

Kanta says its good that you are involving Mahek in your life but going out before marriage? Ajay says we are no boyfriend girlfriend so we dont know each other but we should get to know each other, Jeevan says take Nehal and Mohit too.

Ajay says Mahek is my would be wife so it will be weird that i take Nehal and Mohit too. Mansi says but you are not married to her so there will should be eyes watching you so Nehal and Mohit should go, Ajay says i thought i got right to take her out, i should get going now.

Balwant says we have broad thinking, Mahek will go with you alone, when this family can send Mahek out of city for competition then you are her would be husband so you can take her out too. Kanta asks Mahek if she wants to go? Mahek thinks and says yes. Ajay thanks her and says should i pick you up at 7pm? she nods, Ajay says good then, he leaves.

Ajay calls Shaurya, Shaurya asks who Ajay? ajay says i am Mahek’s fiance. Shaurya asks whats going? Ajay says i am your friend so everything is fine, i wanted to invite you for party, its in retro club, my friends are giving it for Mahek and Ajay, if you come then it will raise standard of party, Shaurya says i am busy so i cant come, thank for invitation, he ends call. Ajay says arrogant jerk.

Its 7pm, ajay is waiting for Mahek. Mahek comes in lounge dressed decently. Ajay smiles at her. Mansi says you both are good looking couple. Kanta says you both should go now, Ajay and Mahek leaves. Nehal sees t hem leaving.

Ajay is driving car and says baby give your hand, Mahek asks why? he says give it, he holds her hand, Mahek asks what are you doing? Ajay says we will have fun, he asks what are you wearing inside dress? she says what? he says take off your clothes, i know girls bring extra dress to get hot before going to party.

Mahek says i didnt bring anymore dress, Ajay says what? you cant go in party in this shalwar suit, we will buy hot dress and you change before going to party. Mahek says i am comfortable in this only, Ajay says people will laugh in club at you, it will be embarrassing for me, Mahek says i am comfortable in these clothes, if you are embarrassed by them then i should go back home.

Ajay says to Mahek that i was just trying to show off your body but you look hot in all clothing, just please go with me to club, Mahek nods.

Mahek and Ajay enters club, loud music and people dancing there. ajay meets his friends. Ajay side hugs Mahek and says she is my would be wife, he says to Mahek that we will have wine together, it will be more intoxicating with you, Mahek says what are you doing? Ajay says loving my would be wife.

Shaurya comes there, Mahek says what he is doing here? Ajay says he is Shaurya Khanna, he thanks him for coming and takes selfie with him, Ajay asks what he will drink? wine, whiskey? beer? Shaurya says i dont drink, i would like juice, Ajay goes to bring it. shaurya comes to Mahek and says hi, she says hi, you seem to be Ajay’s friend now, you came in Roka and now his party too,

Shaurya says i didnt come for Ajay, Mahek says then you came for juice? he says i came for you, you dont know how cheap this place it, Mahek says i can take care of myself and your lecture was enough yesterday, you dont need to take care of me, Shaurya says yes your Godly husband is here to care of you, if i am right. Ajay brings Shaurya’s juice, Shaurya takes it, he glares Mahek and leaves.

Pammi’s kitty party is going on, one woman asks why Ajay is marrying Mahek? Pammi says we did favor on them, you know how much that girl was insulted but i will teach her everything when she gets married and come here. Nehal comes there and says to Pammi that i wanna talk to you alone, Pammi excuses herself and goes out with Nehal.

Nehal says to Pammi that i know i shouldnt disturb you but its urgent, Pammi asks did Mahek run again? Nehal says its about your son, it started when you came with Mahek’s proposal for first time, she tells him how Ajay liked Nehal and how they got in relationship and were intimate too, how Ajay used to follow her everywhere then how he ditched her and threatened her to leak her intimate photos with him.

Nehal says i cant tell my family this, they wont understand me, you are my only hope, make Ajay understand please, only Roka has happened, stop Ajay before he destroys three lives, i love Ajay and he loves me too, she sits in Pammi’s feet and begs to break this relation, save me please, Pammi says i have to save you now, Nehal says thank you.

In club, Ajay get drunk and forcefully makes Mahek eat vodka, Mahek coughs and throws it away, Ajay says you have any idea how expansive that drink is? Mahek says i dont wanna drink, Ajay drags her to dance floor, Shaurya glares him.

Pammi says to Nehal that i have to save my son from clever fox like you, Nehal says what are you saying? Ajay proposed me, Pammi says i know everything, he didnt kidnap you, you used to go out with him with consent, the guy who rejected your sister, you used to have affair with him? get lost from here, Nehal says you wanna kick me out of here?

i will tell your guests about your son’s deeds, they should know what he is? Pammi says seems like Mahek’s posters were less to insult your family, i made her posters in full clothes but seems like i have to print your nude posters in whole society, one or two family members will kill themselves then you will shut up, Nehal says it means you printed Mahek’s posters? Pammi says yes, i had to teach Kanta lesson, get lost now, Nehal silently leaves.

Ajay dances closely with Mahek and manhandles her, he pulls her closer and tries to get intimate. Ajay says to Mahek that on Tv, you were dancing wildly and drank wine too, baby come here, he tries to open zipper of dress, Shaurya is watching all this, Ajay takes Mahek’s dupatta and throws it away, Mahek is disgusted with Ajay so close to her, Shaurya is unable to see it more, he comes to dance floor, Ajay pushes Mahek away and Mahek falls on Shaurya,

Shaurya puts hand Mahek’s waist and slowly starts dancing with her, Mahek puts hand on his shoulder, they share eyelock, Ajay is seeing all this, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand. ajay is drunk and says Mr. Khanna, this is my party and she is my fiance, he pulls Mahek away from him and says baby you are giving current in full clothes too, he kisses on her cheek, Mahek is disgusted, Shaurya pulls Mahek away from him and punches Ajay, Mahek is shocked, Ajay falls down on floor, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and drags here from there.

Shaurya brings Mahek out of club and pushes her away, Mahek says have you gone mad? why you are behind me? whenever i think you have changed, you do something to prove that i am wrong, how dare you drag me from there like that? how dare you hit Ajay? he is my would be husband, why you create scene everywhere? Shaurya is just staring her,

Mahek says i am talking to you, are you deaf now? Shaurya starts taking off his clothes, Mahek says why you are taking that off? i was drunk that night but i am not today, dont come near me or else i will break wine bottle on your head, Shaurya gives is coat to her and says cover yourself before whole pub makes your video, i dont like to help you, save your honor and dry clean it after wearing it, i dont wear clothes which someone else has worn, Mahek wears his coat, Shaurya leaves from there.

Shaurya says these middle class people go anywhere, foolish girl. Shaurya calls his car and leaves from there. Mahek comes out and sees him leaving, she says there are no rickshaws here. Shaurya comes back, he smirks at Mahek, she is embarrassed, Shaurya gives horn, Mahek doesnt sit, Shaurya says i am waiting for your Miss Sharma, Mahek doesnt look at him,

Shaurya says you are wasting patrol, i will wait till 5seconds, if you dont sit in car ten i will leave, Mahek sits in his car, they leave. Mahek says thank you and sorry, shaurya says you should be sorry to marry guy like him, Mahek says you dont have to taunt me on everything, Shaurya smiles at her,

Mahek tries to wear seat belt, She cant pull it, Mahek says what the hell, Shaurya says you shoudl take anger out on your Godly husband who misbehaved, take it easy on seat belt, Shaurya stops car and comes closer to Mahek, she says what are you doing? he says dont be scared, i wont kidnap you, he takes her hand from seat belt, they are close and share eyelock.

May teasers for Mehek

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