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Ajay dances closely with Mahek and manhandles her, he pulls her closer and tries to get intimate. Ajay says to Mahek that on Tv, you were dancing wildly and drank wine too, baby come here, he tries to open zipper of dress, Shaurya is watching all this, Ajay takes Mahek’s dupatta and throws it away, Mahek is disgusted with Ajay so close to her, Shaurya is unable to see it more, he comes to dance floor, Ajay pushes Mahek away and Mahek falls on Shaurya,

Shaurya puts hand Mahek’s waist and slowly starts dancing with her, Mahek puts hand on his shoulder, they share eyelock, Ajay is seeing all this, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand. ajay is drunk and says Mr. Khanna, this is my party and she is my fiance, he pulls Mahek away from him and says baby you are giving current in full clothes too, he kisses on her cheek, Mahek is disgusted, Shaurya pulls Mahek away from him and punches Ajay, Mahek is shocked, Ajay falls down on floor, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and drags here from there.

Shaurya brings Mahek out of club and pushes her away, Mahek says have you gone mad? why you are behind me? whenever i think you have changed, you do something to prove that i am wrong, how dare you drag me from there like that? how dare you hit Ajay? he is my would be husband, why you create scene everywhere? Shaurya is just staring her,

Mahek says i am talking to you, are you deaf now? Shaurya starts taking off his clothes, Mahek says why you are taking that off? i was drunk that night but i am not today, dont come near me or else i will break wine bottle on your head, Shaurya gives is coat to her and says cover yourself before whole pub makes your video, i dont like to help you, save your honor and dry clean it after wearing it, i dont wear clothes which someone else has worn, Mahek wears his coat, Shaurya leaves from there.

Shaurya says these middle class people go anywhere, foolish girl. Shaurya calls his car and leaves from there. Mahek comes out and sees him leaving, she says there are no rickshaws here. Shaurya comes back, he smirks at Mahek, she is embarrassed, Shaurya gives horn, Mahek doesnt sit, Shaurya says i am waiting for your Miss Sharma, Mahek doesnt look at him,

Shaurya says you are wasting patrol, i will wait till 5seconds, if you dont sit in car ten i will leave, Mahek sits in his car, they leave. Mahek says thank you and sorry, shaurya says you should be sorry to marry guy like him, Mahek says you dont have to taunt me on everything, Shaurya smiles at her,

Mahek tries to wear seat belt, She cant pull it, Mahek says what the hell, Shaurya says you shoudl take anger out on your Godly husband who misbehaved, take it easy on seat belt, Shaurya stops car and comes closer to Mahek, she says what are you doing? he says dont be scared, i wont kidnap you, he takes her hand from seat belt, they are close and share eyelock.

Ajay is brought home drunk, Ajay tells her how Shaurya punched him and took Mahek away, Pammi says dont, i will teach lesson to Mahek.

Shaurya says to Mahek that i didnt know this night can be more awful. Shaurya says to Mahek that i used to get irritated with your voice but i didnt know your silence would be this much irritating so please say something Mahek Sharma. Mahek says its okay, i dont wanna talk, Shaurya says your home is still far away, so say something.

Shaurya’s car comes to halt suddenly, Mahek glares at him, Shaurya says i didnt do anything, it stopped itself. Shaurya comes out of car and calls mechanic, he comes to Mahek and says my car is out of order, and mechanic is not taking call, Mahek says how will we go home then? Shaurya says i will lift you on shoulder and take you home.

Listen i have handled more difficult situations but i cant handle you please cooperate and get down from car, i am hungry too. Mahek comes out of car, Shaurya opens bonnet of car and is checking problem, Mahek comes there but slips, Shaurya catches her in his arms, they share eyelock, Chitya kaliyan song plays.

Shaurya sees music coming from nearby dhabba and says we should go there, Mahek says at this time? Shaurya says did you forget Ratan’s dhabba you used to work at, you have changed after entering show. Mahek says if this dhabba is safe? Shaurya says they should be worried that Shaurya Khanna is coming to their dhabba, if food is not good then i will file case of health violation on dhabba.

Mahek and Shaurya comes to dhabba. There are drunkards ogling at Mahek. Shaurya asks for menu, waiter tells him all the dishes, Shaurya says bring anything which is cooked fast. Food is brought to them, Shaurya says you must be feeling homely here, did you watch Satte pe satta movie? she says yes, shaurya says i am hungry like that, so lets attack food, they start eating food. Mahek is eating rice with hands and says real taste of rice and pulse comes when you eat with hands, Shaurya drops his spoon and tries to eat with hand, Mahek laughs at his trying, Shaurya finally atleast you smiled, Mahek says good food makes mood right, Shaurya says give some credit to me too sometimes. Shaurya and Mahek starts leaving dhabba after eating, drunkards are following them.

At home, Kanta is waiting for Mahek. Nehal says they wont come soon, Kanta asks why are you awake? Nehal says same reason as you are awake, Kanta says i should have sent you and Mohit with them, dont know which club he took her, Ajay promised that he will bring Mahek back soon, Nehal murmurs that you trusted wrong person, she says to Kanta that they must be enjoying there, dont worry, they will comeback, she leaves. Kanta says time past midnight and prays for Mahek.

Mahek and Shaurya are walking on road, Mahek praises food of dhabba and says the ingredients were same as my grand mother told me, it was so tasty Shaurya.. she stops and says sorry i mean Shaurya sir, it was good right? Shaurya just stares at her. Some truck drivers stop and come out, driver says we should get item like this girl(Mahek) for tonight, it will be good, Shaurya comes and stands infront of Mahek, driver shows dagger to Shaurya, Mahek gets tensed and says Shaurya.. Shaurya comes closer to driver and says its good you people came, you came to take here away?

She was irritating me so much, i have no interest in her, take her, infact i will put her in your truck myself, driver says good let this item come in our truck, he comes to Mahek, Mahek says no, Shaurya lifts Mahek on his shoulders caveman style and put her in truck’s passenger seat, Mahek screams for help, drivers are happy and says should we finish this guy? driver says to Shaurya that you made our work easy, Shaurya says give my return gift that is give your one hand and one leg, he beats both drivers and tries to go to Mahek but driver catches him, Shaurya beats them more, Mahek is stunned, Shaurya beats both drivers and says take your truck from police station tomorrow, you dont know whom you messed with. He comes in truck and drives away with Mahek.

Shaurya is driving truck, he looks at Mahek who is still terrified, Shaurya says i know you are tensed but i saved you like hero too, darmiyan song plays, Mahek looks at him but looks away and is in tears, Shaurya tries to put hand on her shoulder for support but stops himself. He stops truck near Mahek’s house and comes to Mahek’s side, he opens door for her, Mahek comes down. Shaurya says to Mahek that i am so happy today as i saved those drivers from a witch, he laughs at his own joke, Mahek says i am witch? she is in tears and pushes him away saying i am witch? i am witch? she cries, says thanks and hugs him, Shaurya is surprised.

Mahek weeps on his chest, Shaurya tries to hug her but stops himself and doesnt hug her back. Mahek composes herself, she moves away from Shaurya and starts leaving, she turns to look at him, he waves bye at her, she waves back, Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyan plays.

Kanta is waiting for Mahek to return. Jeevan and Mansi comes there too. Kanta says this is all happening because of Balwant. Ajay is not picking call too, i should call Pammi, Mansi says they will think that we dont trust our would be son in law.

Mahek comes there, Kanta says why you didnt take my call? Mansi sees Mahek wearing coat and says is this Ajay’s coat? were you feeling cold? Mahek says yes, should i go to sleep? i am tired, Jeevan says yes, go and sleep, wake up late in morning, Kanta will make breakfast, Mahek leaves. Kanta says she doesnt sleep without daily dose of my scolding, does she want to sleep or hiding something from me?

Mahek comes in her room and takes off Shaurya’s coat. She recalls Ajay forcefully making her drink vodka and misbehaving with her, taking off her dupatta and intimately dancing with her, she gets angry then looks at Shaurya’s coat and smiles slightly, she recalls how he asked her to cover herself and gave her his coat, how he fought with drivers to protect Mahek, how Mahek hugged him being emotional, she smiles. She looks at herself in mirror and recalls Shaurya’s suggestion to not marry anyone in haste, dont take wrong decision, she says arrogant Kumar became gentleman, she smiles.

Nehal is crying and recalls Ajay’s ill words that girls like her are not meant to be married and how he threatened to leak her intimate video, how Pammi insulted me. She says i loved him, i am not characterless, he just used me, she cries.

Its morning, Mahek is sitting in park. Sonal says why did you bring me here this morning? Mahek says i went to pub with Ajay yesterday, she tells Sonal everything what happened, Sonal smiles and says i should get jealous, your would be husband took you to disco and your would be hero saved you, Ajay is cheapo and your arrogant Shaurya is cool dude, Mahek says dont make fun of it, Sonal says you dont want to marry Ajay?

Mahek says i have agreed to marry him because Balwant wants to me but i am not his property, i am not his toy to be played with, the way he behaved with me, i am not okay with it, i denied him but still he held my hand tightly, why? just because we had Roka together? he has right on my everything? he was so drunk that he had no idea of what he was doing. Sonal says will you tell your family? Mahek says i cant hide Ajay’s misdeeds, i have to tell them, she is determined.

Ajay is still sleeping. Pammi brings juice for him and makes taste lemon, he wakes up, she says you are so drunk, drink this lemonade, his father asks what you did last night? Ajay says it was that cheap Mahek’s mistake, she set my mood off with her shalwar suit and her lover beat me, i am her would be husband, father says shut up, Pammi asks him to leave, father leaves.

Pammi says to Ajay that you are fool thats why i want to set your life, Ajay says i would get angry if someone flirts with me, Pammi says you made mistake by getting beaten up by Shaurya, you think that Shaurya would be behind plain Mahek? and if he was interested in her then why would Mahek marry you? i think Mahek will bring around 20lacs, i think Mahek feels something for Shaurya, maybe respect or admiration, if we want to take advantage of it then we have to play well, Ajay says i understood that i have to fake respect for Mahek but what we will get from Shaurya?

Pammi says if you use Mahek to befriend Shaurya then he might make you manager of one of his hotel but this will happen if you use your brain, Pammi looks at her ring and plots something.

Nehal is leaving home, Kanta asks where are you going in morning? Nehal says i am going to meet friend, Mahek and Sonal comes there, Mahek asks Nehal where she is going? Nehal doesnt answer and leaves. Sonal asks Mahek to talk to Kanta now. Mahek comes to Kanta and says i want to talk to you all, Kanta says i want to talk to you too, i didnt ask last night but you didnt call me last night, you could have told me you were fine, i dont know Ajay much but i trust you, he might be your would be husband but he is not your husband, Ajay didnt even take my calls, Mahek says i want to talk about him too. Ravi asks if Ajay misbehaved with you? Mahek says i want to tell that..

Shaurya and Rajiv are on construction site and discussing hotel management. Rajiv says this will be one of best restaurant of Delhi. Shaurya says we will make it best restaurant. Inspector comes there and says those truck drivers are in lock-up, they wont misbehave with any girl, Shaurya thanks him, Inspector says it was my work to catch criminals like them but you did it so i should thank you, Shaurya nods and starts leaving site. Nehal comes to construction site and goes on roof. Shaurya doesnt see her going on roof.

Mahek says to Kanta that I wanted to say that Ajay.. Pammi comes there with Ajay and Pundit and says should we join breakfast? Kanta says come inside, this is your house. She greets Pammi, Ajay greets everyone. Kanta asks Mahek to touch Pammi’s feet, Mahek does, Pammi blesses her. Pammi says to Kanta that I was missing daughter in life but Mahek is coming in our house, I thought why to wait for wedding now so I have brought pundit with me to fix Ajay and Mahek’s wedding date, Mahek panics and says wait, she says to Kanta that I want to talk to you.

Pammi and Ajay get tensed, Pammi says we are not taking you rightnow, we have come to fix date of wedding only, you will get time to talk to Kanta, don’t disturb her now. Mahek says I want to talk to Chachi now. Ajay says I wanted to talk to you Mahek, let them do this but I have to talk to you something important. Mahek says first I will talk to Chachi, Ajay says try to understand, I have to talk to you something important alone, Kanta says go and talk to him, Mahek glares Ajay and goes, Ajay nods at Pammi and goes behid Mahek.

Mahek comes terrace, Ajay comes there too and sits in Mahek’s feet, Mahek says what are you doing? Ajay says baby forgive me, beat me with your boot, I should get punished. Mahek says stand up, he does. Ajay says I cant even look at you that’s why wearing glasses, we met on this terrace first time, you can beat me, he gives her his shoes, she throws it away, Ajay says don’t leave me, I did mistake once but wont happen again, I cant find girl like you on google too, i am sorry for what happened last night, Mahek says i am plain girl wearing shalwar suit so don’t waste time on me, Ajay says don’t say this, my whole life is dedicated to you, Mahek says do you even know what you did with me last night?

Ajay says its wine’s mistake, i will never touch it again, you have to trust me, i can promise to not repeat last night’s mistake again, do what you want but think about our family’s respects, everyone knows about our roka, anything can happen to me but think about your family’s respect, your respect was questioned when poster incident happened and if this wedding breaks too then your family wont be able to bear it. He shows her ring(which Pammi gave him) and says i brought it for you, please wear it, i wont do any mistake again, think about your and my family, what will they think? please wear it, Mahek thinks and looks at ring.

Nehal comes on site’s roof, she comes on edge of roof and recalls Ajay’s words that boys dont marry characterless girls like her, how Pammi insulted her. Shaurya is leaving site but he sees Nehal standing on edge of roof and says oh my God.. she is.. he runs to go on roof.

Nehal recalls how Ajay said that he only have fun with girls like, dont marry them. Shaurya comes roof and says Nahel stop.. but Nehal jumps from high roof, Shaurya is shocked.

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