Strings of love starlife update Thursday 30 May 2024

Angad searches for Sahiba in a jungle and calls her. Sahiba hears him and even she searches for him. They wander around each other but don’t notice each other. Laut Aave Mahi.. song plays in the background. Rumi catches Sahiba and ties her down again saying she can’t escape from him, her husband can’t reach him and has come here to die.

Angad asks Sahiba if she can hear him, is Rumi around. Rumi pointgs gun at Angad. Sahiba pushes him and tries to escape, but Rumi catches her again and threatens her. Angad catches Rumi, lifts him up in air, and throws him down angrily.

Angad then asks Sahiba if she is fine. They both hug each other emotionally. Sahiba says learnt about his arrest and tried hard to reach him and tell the world that she is alive, she never thought he would reach her. Rumi warns Angad to dare not touch Natasha as she is his wife and will be his forever after pheras. He tries to attack Angad. Angad holds his neck and lifts him in air and says Sahiba is his wife, they have taken oath to be together for life, last time he spared Rumi on Sahiba’s request and this time he will not spare him. He throws Rumi on the floor. Rumi laughs and says he is a player and will kill him for sure. Angad angrily lifts a hammer and tries to kill Rumi when Sahiba stops him and asks him to not take law in his hands and handover Rumi to police.

Police reaches there. Rumi pushes Angad away and runs. Sahiba runs behind Rumi. Angad asks him not to run behind Rumi. Police catches Angad. Angad pleads them to let him save Sahiba, but inspector Gagan refuses to trust him. Angad pleads to let him save Sahiba from Rumi first and then surrender himself. Gagan says he has gone mad and should be sent to mental assylum. Sahiba follows Rumi warning him to stop. Rumi reaches wrecked plane and says she can’t do anything. Sahiba says she is Angad’s wife and Rumi should understand that. Rumi threatens to kill her if she can’t be his.

Angad reaches there with police and warns Rumi. Police are shocked to see Sahiba alive and Rumi with him. Rumi and Angad’s verbal tussle continues. Sahiba asks police to free Angad as he is innocent. Gagan says they need to follow protocol. Rumi snatches Balwant’s gun and says if she Sahiba can’t be his, he will kill her. He shoots at her. Angad pushes her away and bears a bullet on himself. Sahiba rushes to Angad. Rumi says now he killed Sahiba and will meet her upside. Sahiba pleads police to save Angad.

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