Jhanak Starlife update Thursday 27 June 2024

Jhanak 27 June 2024: The Episode starts with Anirudh confronting Jhanak about Rahul. He wakes up from his dream. He goes out and sees Jhanak. She recalls his words. He says wait, I should have not misbehaved with you, but I had a reason, why are you silent now. She says you said you have a reason.

He says you didn’t give the books list, you aren’t serious about studies, something else is going on your mind. She says I will handle my life, you don’t need to worry, why do you need to know. He says yes, you have planned everything, its all set, right. She asks what did I plan. He says don’t act innocent. She says I didn’t hide anything. He says you cheated me, you used me, I feel everyone was saying right about you and your mum. He taunts her. She says enough. She scolds him. He says all this don’t matter.

They argue. He asks why did you hide about your affair. She asks what. He says don’t act innocent. He scolds her and says your BF has trapped me and fled. She asks what are you saying, about whom. He says I need some peace. She says sorry, you had stopped me. Tanuja comes and asks what’s happening, your voice is coming downstairs. Anirudh says nothing. She scolds Jhanak. She says you are eyeing Anirudh, right. Jhanak cries. Anirudh says Maa… Jhanak says I didn’t know he will come here.

He says she will go to Shrishti’s house soon. Tanuja says you shouldn’t trust such girls, she will find a chance to trap you, law is in their favor these days. She asks Jhanak to get out. Jhanak says time is bad, but person isn’t bad, I have no money, but my heart isn’t poor, I will stay hungry but didn’t have any greed. She defends herself.

She says you can’t give me love, don’t insult me, show some humanity. She goes. Tanuja gets angry. Anirudh calms her down and asks her to go and sleep. Tejas meets the villager. He says I will give you money, don’t worry, I have some work, you said Jhanak has run away with Anirudh, you have to go to Kolkata and find out Jhanak. He pays the man. Tejas helps the man. He says I want Jhanak’s news first. The man says Jhanak will know me. Tejas says yes, meet her, remember, what you have to do. The man says yes, I will inform you about her. Tejas says just do as I say. Tejas leaves.

Jhanak feeds the food to Appu. She recalls Urvashi and tells a story. Chotan comes and asks will you leave in 2 days. Jhanak says yes, I m not scared, I have nothing to lose, I will go there and fight, else I will die. She cries. Appu says you won’t go anywhere. Sarpanch scolds the villager. The man lies to everyone. Sarpanch says we doubt you, we will kill you if this matter comes out. Bipasha and everyone shop for the party and come home. Shubh says you all got all the market. Anirudh says don’t reveal the surprise to Arshi. Tanuja says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Anirudh says I have invited Arshi’s family, she will get a surprise here. He asks Jhanak to handle the work. Jhanak nods. She says I will feed food to Appu. Shubh asks can’t Anjana feed her daughter, is Jhanak Appu’s caretaker. Chotan defends Jhanak. Tanuja says Jhanak will go after 2 days, what will Appu do then, will she stay hungry. Appu says I won’t let Jhanak leave. Anirudh says start packing Jhanak.

Shubh says nothing should go wrong. Jhanak recalls her birthday celebrations. She cries and thinks its my birthday also, mum would have celebrated it if she was there, who will wish me now.

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