Strings of love Starlife update Sunday 9 June 2024

Strings of love 9 June 2024: Angad tells Seerat that just because Sahiba is at fault, it doesn’t mean Seerat’s sins will be forgiven; Sahiba left home because of Seerat’s silence, he may forgive her for that, but will not forgive her for the troubles Sahiba faced. Seerat says she already apologized him and asks if she shall leave the house.

Angad says she didn’t apologize Sahiba yet and insists her to apologize Sahiba. Jaspal says Angad is right, their problems are because of of Seerat. Jasleen says Seerat should hold Sahiba’s feet and apologizes her if she wants a chance to live in this house again. Seerat says sorry. Angad asks her to be loud and clear. Seerat says sorry again for her mistake. Sahiba says her sorry will not change her life, what will she do with her sorry when Angad doesn’t want to accept her apology just because of Seerat.

Angad feels upset looking at the divorce papers. Japjot says a relationship’s most important thing is trust, but Sahiba didn’t trust Angad a bit. Akaal says he chose Sahiba for Angad as he thought she is trustable and can keep his family united, but she ruined her married life due to her doubt on Angad. Angad angrily throws away divorce papers and feels shoulder pain. Sahiba pleads Angad to forgive her as she realized that she made a mistake of not talking to him and clearing the misunderstanding. Angad stumbles. Sahiba tries to hold him, but Angad stops her and says his shoulder pain is nothing in front of the pain she gave him, he hopes he got more injuries so that pain is more than the pain she gave him. Veer takes Angad to his room.

Seerat tells Sahiba that since childhood and till now, everyone said that Sahiba is better than her; even today Sahiba tried to prove that, but Angad doesn’t trust her anymore and everyone saw that Sahiba is not perfect. Sahiba goes to Angad’s room and doesn’t find him there. She thinks where he must have gone and finds him near pool. Angad says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone and asks her to leave him alone. Sahiba says he didn’t forgive her in front of everyone, she truly accepts her mistake and knows that he asked her to trust him, but she didn’t trust him; she wants to correct her mistake and promises to never doubt him again. Angad says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Sahiba says she will go then. Angad says she will not return to her hostel and will stay in their room as he can’t imagine the horror of risking her life. She asks if he said their room. He says that is what everyone thinks, but they are 2 different individuals from hereon.

After a few days, Angad speaks to Pam over phone and says he needs those rare diamond in their collection at any cost. Pam says they are negotiating the price. Sahiba prepares Angad’s breakfast and asks maid to serve it to him. Maid asks why don’t she tell Angad that she prepares his food. Sahiba says Angad is still angry on him, he has recovered fast with a special diet and looks fit now. Maid serves breakfast to Angad. Angad tastes milkshake and says it’s really nice, new cook is cooking tasty food and should be rewarded with a salary hike. Sahiba walks in and says she came to take her bag as she is going to college after a long time like he is going to work. She asks him to take care of himself and return home if he feels exerted. Angad ignores him. Sahiba walks out. Driver says car is ready. Sahiba says she didn’t ask for a car. Angad walks to them and asks driver to drop Sahiba till college gate and wait until her college gets over and bring her back home. Sahiba leaves for college.

Sahiba’s teachers and students welcome her back after a long time. Hostel warden apologizes Sahiba for not trusting Angad. Teacher informs her that they plan to display her painting as their best painting. Sahiba feels happy and says she will start painting from today itself. Angad’s driver waits outside college for Sahiba. Sahiba gets out of college with her friends. Angad during meeting chats with driver and creates confusion among clients. Driver notices Sahiba missing suddenly and informs him. Angad gets tensed.

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