My desire update Sunday 9 June 2024

My desire 9 June 2024: Kashvi calls Arjun again and again. Arjun thinks of Kashvi’s statement and doesn’t pick her call. Mahima gets happy seeing Arjun ignoring her calls. Kashvi tells the lady that Ambulance is not coming, I will take you to the hospital.

  • My desire 8 June 2024

The goon shows Kashvi’s photo to the other goons and says they have to snatch her purse and then beat her to death. Kashvi sees the goons and asks them to help her take the lady to the hospital. The goon asks if she is Kashvi Bajwa. Kashvi says yes. The goon asks her to give her purse to him. Dadi is telling Katha to everyone about Skand mata.

The goon tries to scare Kashvi and asks her to give purse. Kashvi refuses and hits them with stick. She asks Lady to go to that side for safety. She fights with the goons and asks the goon who has sent him. The other goon keep knife on pregnant lady’s neck, and the main goon asks her to give her purse to him. Mahima shares her plan with Arjun’s employees. Arjun thinks let Kashvi call, I will not pick the call. He sees Kashvi’s missed calls and thinks to call her back, and ask what happened. Kashvi picks the call and asks Arjun to come to the Post Office and say some goons have come here. Just then the goon throws stick on her hand and her phone falls down. Arjun asks what you are doing there and why goons are trying to kill you. He runs out of his office. Mahima gets shocked.

Dadi is telling the katha still. The goon asks Kashvi to give her purse to him. Kashvi thinks she has to do something so that they send Kajal to her. She asks them to send Kajal to her and take her purse. The goon refuses and threatens to kill her. Kashvi says ok, kill her, she is not my relative, I don’t know her name. She says I have purse and will go from here. Kashvi throws purse at the goons, runs and takes the trishul in her hand. The purse falls on Kajal’s head. Kashvi comes infront of kajal and holds the trishul in her hand. She says if you try to touch her, then I will kill you all, and will not hesitate to use it. Kajal holds her hand. Kashvi asks her not to be scared and says until Devi maa is with us, they can’t do anything. The goon asks if she is thinking herself as Devimaa and asks her to handover purse to him. Kashvi thinks Arjun might be on the way and thinks to distract them in talks until he reaches here. The goons laugh that she is fighting with them. Kashvi says when a woman can give birth than can take life too, and says she can become Durga also. The goon says I will kill this lady, show how you will save her. Kashvi asks Kajal not to worry and says I will not let anything happen to you and your baby. The goon her to get ready to die. Kashvi stabs trishul on the goon’s hands. The goon writhes in pain. Kashvi asks Kajal to come with her. The other goons take out trishul from his hands and one of them throw stick on Kashvi’s head.

Dadi ends the katha. Mahima comes home. Romila tries to talk to her. Mahima says she is having headache. Romila asks shall I make tea for you. Mahima asks why you stick to me always and says she has headache. Dadi asks her to behave and scolds her. Nitya says I will go and check her. She goes to her, and asks what happened? Mahima says Arjun made me mad, and says he ran behind Kashvi like always. Nitya asks what do you mean? Mahima tells her that Kashvi was calling him again and again, first he ignored her calls and then called her and ran to the Post office. Nitya thinks she will be exposed infront of Arjun. She thinks I asked goon to kill Kashvi, and says he will know everything now and I might be exposed. The goon makes Kashvi get up and ties her to the pillar, when Arjun comes there and beats them.

He asks how dare you to touch my wife. He frees Kashvi’s hands and tells that he will not let anything happen to her. While they are fighting with the goons, the main goon goes to side and picks the call. Nitya asks did you take the purse? The goon says no, and tells that a guy came and said that he is her husband. He says he will kill that guy. Nitya shouts and says he is my son. She asks him to leave Kashvi, and get her purse. She says you will get money if you get the purse. The goon says ok. Nitya says once I get the key, I will burn the proofs and will make Kashvi go away from my way. The goon comes to Kajal, snatches her purse and runs away. The other goons also run out behind him. Kajal informs her that the goon ran away with her purse. Kashvi runs behind the goon, but he speeds up and leaves on his bike. Arjun comes there and sees the goon running away. Nitya thinks why her goon is not calling her yet and finds his number off. She says don’t know he got the key or not, and gets tensed.

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