His mistress child update Monday 21 August 2023

His mistress child 21 August 2023: The Episode starts with Yashoda bringing her jewelery to the jewelery store and tries to sell it to secure Krishna’s future. The jeweler asks why she needs to sell it. Yashoda says we can earn it back, but if the innocent boy’s future is gone, then it can’t return. Arvind practices to ask Lalita to give a boy for adoption. Mahua overhears him and confronts him. He says it is nothing. Mahua says when both brothers don’t have son, then how the wealth will go. She goes to talk to Babu ji. Arvind gives her swear, but she doesn’t listen and goes. Yashoda comes to Ashok and gives him money. He asks for what? She says get him admitted in a good boarding school, so that you can tell Judge about it. Ashok says I told you that we will break the FD. Yashoda says it is of our daughters.

Bablu comes there and reminds Ashok that he is that guy whose case he had fought and got him punished when he was a kid, 10 years ago. Ashok identifies him. Bablu tells his plan to snatch Krishna from them and tells that he was responsible to make him lose the case. Ashok beats him for calling Krishna as orphan. Bablu threatens Ashok that he will cut Krishna’s hands and feet, and will make him beg. Yashoda asks Ashok to file complaint against Bablu. Ashok says it is not easy, and court wants proofs. Manoj tells that Bablu threat has scared them, if they don’t save Krishna, then he will ruin his life. Yashoda says we will secure Krishna’s life with this money. Ashok says Judge will not agree. Manoj says Krishna is in danger.

Babu ji asks Mahua why she is blaming him? Mahua says Amma and you ask about grand son. babu ji says yes, but will not give property to anyone. Mahua says Arvind was talking about step relations.

Yashoda runs to Judge’s cabin. Judge says she can’t approach him for the case which her husband is fighting, asks her to go else she can be arrested.

Amma asks Arvind to tell the truth and twists his ear. She then gives him swear. Arvind says bhaiyya will be trapped this way. Babu ji says you was talking about adopting kid and now when you got caught, you are taking Ashok’s name. He asks what is the matter? Arvind says it was all act, for Krishna.

Yashoda asks Judge not to think her wrong and tells that she had seen worry in a dying mother’s eyes for her son. She says today a helpless woman have come to him, with the request to change his life. Ashok comes there and apologizes to Judge. yashoda says I trust your humanity. Judge says he is helpless, all proves are against Krishna, he has to go to Juvenile. yashoda says he will become criminal if he stays there. Judge tells Ashok that matter might get worse.

Babu ji tells that Krishna is python to have swallowed their happiness. Yashoda asks Judge to punish Krishna, but let him give permission to spend his punishment in her home. Ashok asks what are you saying? Yashoda pleads infront of Judge to send him to her house and cries. Judge looks at her.

In the courtroom, Judge asks Ashok and prosecution lawyer, if they want to say something. They say no. Judge tells that Ashok was not capable to proving krishna’s innocence and that’s why Krishna will be in judicial custody for 6 months. He says Nandu is in hospital, if he gains consciousness and if Ashok can prove Krishna’s innocence then he wil be freed. He says Yashoda is ready to give a chance of betterment to Krishna and applied in court to let him stay in her house. She says this court is permitting Krishna to stay in yashoda’s house as a prisoner, and tells that the case will have hearing after 6 months, and orders Police to keep eye on Nandu’s safety. Bansal hears them and calls Kamini. He says blast will happen and tells everything to Kamini. Kamini gets happy.

yashoda asks Ashok if he will not say anything and asks if he is upset. Ashok says I don’t know what to say. Yashoda says I felt like someone was asking me to handle everything. Ashok says do you know that you have put Krishna and yourself in danger. He asks do you know, how it will feel staying there. Yashoda says she trusts their family, they are not bad.

Babuji telling Amma that he can’t bear that Ashok is involved with Yashoda. Arvind says Bhabhi has not broken any promise made to you. Mahua asks Arvind to be quiet and tells Babu ji that something is black in pulses. Babu ji warns Arvind not to alert Ashok. Yashoda says destiny has connected her life with Krishna and says sorry for dragging him in the matter. Ashok says it is destiny. Yashoda says will you support me. Amma tells babu ji that Yashoda and Ashok will never cross the limits. She says she will ask Yashoda not to have any relation with that boy. Krishna comes out of Juvenile with her bag and says Constable uncle said that I don’t have to stay here. He asks happily, if she is taking with her and praises her to fulfilled her words. Yashoda holds his hand

and is taking him from there. She looks at Ashok. Ashok walks behind them worriedly. Bansal and Kamini come home and gives sweets. They congratulate Babu ji. Kamini tells that Bhai has lost, but Yashoda has won. Bansal tells that yashoda has won and now he understood the intention, that is to bring Krishna in this house. Babu ji asks him to take sweets back and says I know my son and daughter in law, they will never bring that boy here. Amma even believes them. Bansal asks them to see. They see Yashoda and Ashok bringing Krishna there. Amma shouts asking Krishna to stop. Krishna stops from entering home.

Babu ji asks how dare you to bring him here, if you have any shame left or not. He asks them to throw him out. Yashoda says I will tell you everything, but the truth for now is that Krishna will stay here with us. babu ji asks why? Krishna cries. Babu ji says this is house and not any orphanage or Ashram. He asks them to throw him out. Ashok says it is matter of 3-4 days. Yashoda says no, it is matter of 6 months, he will stay here for 6 months. Babu ji says you know me, I don’t let slipper dust come inside and you are bringing this garbage here. He asks Ashok to throw the garbage out and tells that this house is his. Kamini says she don’t make issues and asks Yashoda why she didn’t think about her daughters. Amma sends them inside. Kamini asks Yashoda to say why she brought murder here. Yashoda says Krishna is not a murderer, he is very innocent and good boy. Mahua says you made us fight with each other, for your drama. Yashoda asks what? Kamini tells Amma and Babu ji that Arvind was acting in their play. Bansal says Ashok was writer of the play. Yashoda tells Ashok that he shouldn’t have done this.

Babu ji says throw this boy out. Ashok says we can’t, court has ordered that he will complete his punishment here, else we will be punished. Babu ji refuses and says we will be punished because of this garbage and I can’t bear this. Ashok says if fire is caught then all house will be affected.

Babu ji gets angry on Amma for regarding Yashoda as her daughter. Amma scolds Yashoda for taking advantage of their love and for ruining their respect. Yashoda says your respect will increase if I help someone. She asks what you would have done, if you was on my place. Amma tells that being Indian woman, we shall think about our family. Yashoda says she has promised his mother. Amma says he is accused. She says he can’t stay here, if you wan’t to stay here then throw him out right now. She asks Ashok to make her understand. Ashok says they can’t ignore court orders. Babu ji says nothing can throw garbage in the house. Amma asks Yashoda to either leave the boy, or leave with the boy from the house. Yashoda says when a girl is born, parents ask her to go to her house. She says but girl doesn’t have any home. Babu ji asks her not to lecture them and asks Yashoda to leave with Krishna. Kamini asks if you are not hearing us and pushes Krishna out. yashoda tries to stop her. She holds Krishna’s hand and is about to enter the house, but Amma stops her and asks her to leave if she don’t want to leave Krishna.


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