Strings of love Starlife update Friday 12 July 2024

Strings of love 12 July 2024: Jasleen and Yash’s engagement ceremony starts. Japjot says Jasleen always complains that she is treated like a DIL and DILs are treated like daughters, so she will end her complain by gifting their family necklace to Jasleen. Yash says Jasleen is special and deserves attention of the whole world, but he will pay her more attention from hereon. Manveer jokes if they will be tension-free if Yash pays attention to Jasleen. Hansraj says she means their tension/Jasleen will be gone. Japjot asks if he born with his bad wit or learnt it. Prabjot says let us start ring exchange ceremony. Gurleen says let us wait till Angad and Sahiba return.

Sahiba takes Angad to Garry’s hotel room and finds no one there. Angad asks if she is sure this is the room. She shows him a board where all his photos were fixed. Hotel staff clean the room and ask if they have a room booked. Sahiba asks they came to meet this room’s guests. Staff says they checked out around 30 minutes ago. Angad and Sahiba walk to reception and ask receptionist to give them room #113’s guest details. Receptionist refuses and says it’s against their company policy. Sahiba threatens them to call the police and inform how she was attacked in their hotel with security lapse and shut their hotel. Receptionist gets afraid and gives them details. She notice that Garry stayed in this hotel for over a month and payment is made via Oval Group account and credit card. Angad sends details to Pam and asks her to find out via Shameen who Oval group’s owner is.

Veer hosts a play between Jasleen and Yash till Angad and Sahiba return. Keerat walks in and greets Brars. Gurleen asks who invited her here. Veer holds Keerat’s hand and says Angad invited her here. Yash says let’s not create any drama on his good day. Jaspal tells Gurleen that Yash is right. Game continues. Angad and Sahiba return home and think Jasleen and Yash would be shocked to learn that their son is alive and what he has done. Yash notices them and asks them join in his happiness.

Veer sings a romantic song. Couples dance. Manveer gets jealous seeing Angad and Sahiba’s dance. Angad gets Pam’s call who informs that she sent him the info. Angad and Sahiba stand shocked seeing Oval group’s owner’s name. Yash is about to fix ring in Jasleen’s finger when Agad stops him and asks why he is in a hurry. Yash asks if any special guest is coming. Angad says yes, a very special guest.

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