Strange Love Update Wednesday 30 June 2021


Strange Love 30 June 2021: The Episode starts with Astha coming to Anjali. She says if we know about Jyoti, we will keep here here right. Anjali says why, no need, why don’t you understand her house is Abhay’s house, when we get her, we will send her with Abhay. Astha says maybe all this is happening because of Abhay. Anjali says a wife should not leave husband for small things. Astha says even if the husband is bad. Anjali says husband is never bad, wife is bad to think so about her husband. Astha asks her why did you pray for her then. Anjali leaves.

Astha says I don’t know about past, but you will not disappoint Jyoti this time. She says you should understand this, Jyoti can’t stay with him, I will make you realize that Jyoti’s life is important than sending her with Abhay. Jyoti calls home and Sojal picks the call. Jyoti does not talk and ends the call. Jyoti tells Avdhoot that Sojal picked the call. He says call again. She calls again and Anjali picks the call. Jyoti cries and says Aai. Anjali says Jyoti. Sojal thinks who is this calling. Anjali gets tears in her eyes and asks where are you, we will come to take you. She says come home soon. You did not think what will result if you run away like this.

Anjali says you did not think about our name, come home and go back with Abhay to your in laws house. Jyoti cries and says I will not come home and not go with Abhay, I m very happy now, I wished to talk to you so I called you. Anjali says you can’t do this, come soon right now. Jyoti says no. Abhay takes the call and asks where is she. Jyoti calls from a PCO. Abhay asks Anjali wahts going on behind his back, is it their plan. He says Jyoti called and she talked to you and ended the call when I took the phone, where is she and what was she saying, you felt I was wrong, its not my mistake, she is doing this to trouble me.

Astha says don’t shout, the truth will not change, you be quiet. She says why did she cut the call when you took the phone, she was talking nicely to Anjali, so are you the reason for all this. Abhay says you always blame me, she is my wife, can’t I be annoyed. Shlok talks on phone. Abhay says Anjali, you are seeing me getting insulted, did you teach these values to your bahu and daughters. Astha says you should be ashamed, you married a good valued girl like Jyoti, and you did not value her. Else she would have not run, maybe she could not bear you anymore.

Astha says last time also, Jyoti said she won’t go with you. Shlok hears the shouts and comes to ask whats going on. Astha says Jyoti called. Shlok asks how is she, is she coming back. Astha says no, she is fine and happy, she will come back, she is waiting for right time. She says don’t worry, why are you sad now, she will come soon. Shlok says if she comes back, I will give you what you ask for, I promise. I love Jyoti a lot. Astha says I will ask you at right time. Shlok says phone came on landline. I will find out from where she called. Bua asks Abhay to find out too. Shlok calls back and comes to know its PCO. He says she came with a man.Abhay and everyone looks on. Shlok says she called from PCO. Abhay says great, so she is with a man, don’t know with whom she is. Shlok gets angry and says enough, if you say another word, I won’t spare you, you are alive as I don’t know Jyoti’s problem, if I know that you are responsible for all this, then you will know what I can do. Abhay gets tensed.

Shlok says your name is first in my circle of doubt. Avdhoot brings Jyoti back home. She says Abhay took the phone when I was talking to Anjali, if they know where I m then, I m scared. He says don’t worry, so we went so far to call, nothing will happen.She says I will call Astha once. She calls Astha and says I called mum today. Astha says thanks, see everything will be fine now, don’t worry she is fine. Jyoti asks will you come to meet me tomorrow. Shlok comes in the room and Astha says yes, sure, and ends the call saying bye mum. Jyoti tells Kalindi that Astha said we did good calling Anjali and then Shlok came so she ended the call. Kalindi says don’ worry, you can talk to Shlok too.

Varad asks Sid to do his work to give the file to detective. Jyoti’s pic falls and Sid picks it and gives him without seeing it. Sid asks whom are you finding. Varad says my sister, ask him to do this work soon, its important, and don’t tell this to anyone. Sid says fine and leaves. Astha thinks what to do, till Anjali gets respect in this family, no one will understand Jyoti’s pain, she is happy at my mum’s place, but she should be here with Anjali, what to do to make her meet Jyoti and accept her that Jyoti can’t be happy with Abhay now. Jyoti tells that she is missing Anjali a lot after talking to her.Sid comes to them. Kalindi says you here. He says yes, I could not wait for morning. He looks tensed and says I need to talk to Roshni. Jyoti asks what, are you fine. Sid says my boss gave me file to give to detective saying his sister is missing, maybe you know her. He shows her photo and Jyoti and everyone are shocked. Jyoti cries. Sid says Varad Agnihotri is my boss.

Jyoti says how could I tell you. Sid asks Kalindi why did she not trust him, Astha is married in Agnihotri family, you knew all this.Even then you have hidden it. Kalindi says we were helpless, you know what Jyoti was facing, should we send her back to that hell, she did to save her daughter, her husband does not want her to give birth. Jyoti says you don’t know my parents, if they knew where I m, they would have send me back to Abhay, you tell me what would I do, I did this to give birth to my daughter, tell me, am I wrong. Sid says you all right, I trusted you and you kept it. He says its ok, we all are with you. Don’t cry, I promise I will not tell my boss.Sid and Jyoti smile. Its morning, Astha gets Jyoti’s message asking her to come. Astha replies yes I m coming. Abhay sees Astha chatting. Astha leaves her phone and goes for some work. Abhay reads the messages in her phone. Astha comes back and takes her phone. She scolds him and leaves with the phone. Abhay says I feel she knows about Jyoti, I have to find out how much she knows and what.

Astha saying its good I took my phone back on right time from Abhay. She talks to Anjali and asks did you feel good talking to Jyoti, I m happy. She gets ready to leave. Anjali asks where are you going. Astha says I m going to meet my mum. Anjali asks why. Astha says no, she caught cold so I m going to meet her. Astha asks shall I go. Anjali does not answer. Astha asks again and says if you permit I will stay there tonight and come tomorrow. Anjali says why tomorrow, come day after tomorrow, your mum has only cold, why are you so worried. Astha says my mum also worries for me a lot, I should meet her, as parents and children care for each other.She says you can understand this better. She says you are great, I will leave. Sojal smiles and thinks Anjali will scold Astha now. Anjali stops Astha and gives some fruits for Kalindi. Astha smiles. Anjali says tell you mum to get well soon. Astha happily hugs her and thanks her.

Astha leaves. Sojal says she did not let me go to meet my mum when she met with an accident, and now Astha’s mum just had cold and Anjali has sent her with fruits, what happened to her now. Astha comes to meet Jyoti and says Anjali sent this fruits for you.Astha says tell me how is your little daughter. Jyoti says she is happy here. Jyoti tells about Anjali’s birthday. Astha feels glad. Jyoti says I wish mum every year but this time…… She asks Astha to gift her and shows the gift, that’s Kanha’s idol. Jyoti says its big day for her, its her 50th birthday and I can’t wish her. Astha keeps the gift and says this time everyone will wish her and celebrate her birthday, don’t worry. She wipes her tears and says Bappa can do anything and make your wish come true, its special day, he will find out come way.

Jyoti says how, she does not celebrate her birthday. Astha says she will celebrate. Jyoti says she will not agree, its not easy, it can be challenging. Astha thinks how to tell you Anjali does not think to make her wishes true ever. She says fine, I accept this challenge, you see we will celebrate it in grand way. I will try to make you wish her. Astha comes home and talks to Kaka. She tells about Anjali’s birthday. Kaka asks how do you know this, only I and Jyoti know it, it means you met Jyoti. Astha gets tensed.

She says yes I met Jyoti, she told me this. He says everyone are worried about her and you know and even then you did not say, it means Abhay was right, Jyoti came to temple with you. She says no, only I know. He says tell me where is she, is she fine. She says yes, she is fine and happy, she asked me not to tell everyone, but I need your help to bring back Jyoti and make everyone value Anjali. She says we will start with her birthday celebrations. Kaka says only men’s birthdays are celebrated in this house. Astha says we have to bring the change.

She says don’t worry about Jyoti, she is fine, help me in my aim, promise me you will help me, Jyoti is helpless so she is not with us, but she will happy with this. Kaka says your plan is good, but not easy, Niranjan will never agree and Shlok………..
Astha says I will convince Shlok and I will send Niranjan far. He asks what do you mean. She says nothing, don’t worry, I know what I m doing. Sid and Ajju talk to Jyoti and ask her to play card games. Jyoti says no, I always lose, I don’t want to play. Sid insists. Sid distributes the cards and make Jyoti win. Jyoti is much happy as she won for first time in cards. Jyoti goes. Ajju holds Sid’s ears and says you made her win right. Sid says yes, I can lose anything for her. Jyoti comes back and hears it. Jyoti says why do you care for me so much. Sid says sometimes someone’s happiness looks mine. Ajju hears this and smiles seeing this.

Astha comes to Shlok and sees his mood off. He asks about Jyoti. She says I have to talk about Anjali. He gets angry and says I told you many times I won’t talk about her. He leaves. She thinks its good, I will talk to him after tackling Niranjan. She thinks. Everyone look at Bua having much food at dinner table. Abhay says don’t know when will Jyoti come, I can’t even have food. Niranjan and everyone looks at him. Astha signs Kaka to see what happens now and smiles. Niranjan gets a call and comes to know about some problem. He says fine, I will come. He tells Anjali that he has to leave. Shlok asks Niranjan what happened. Niranjan says I will know after going there.

Shlok says I will come with you. Niranjan says no, you be here, find Jyoti. Astha and Kaka smile. Kaka comes to Astha and asks what did you do. Astha says I called education department and gave them news about papers leak in Niranjan’s institute. He says great, what about Shlok. Will he agree for this. She says I have a plan to make him agree. He says fine all the best. She says thanks. Kaka leaves. The detective comes home and says Varad has sent me, I brought some info. Sojal says fine, I will give him this file. Astha sees them and makes Sojal busy.

Sojal then comes to see the file. Astha takes the pics from it. Astha says he does not know where Jyoti is staying, thank God. She calls Kalindi and tells about detective, he came home and took Jyoti’s and her pics. Kalindi is tensed. Astha asks her to take care. Astha says don’t take Jyoti anywhere. Kalindi says what will we do now, he will reach our home. Astha says no, he does not know her location, be careful and don’t tell Jyoti, else she will worry. She ends the call. Astha says don’t know Shlok will agree or not. Shlok says Astha. Astha thinks did he hear me talking.

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