Strange Love update Thursday 4 November 2021

Strange Love 4 November 2021: The Episode starts with Indrajeet staring at Astha and turns as she looks at him. She says sorry and does her work. Niranjan discusses the tender work with Varad, how Avdhoot helped them in land matter, and says I know no one can make a better presentation than Shlok, we should talk to him. Varad calls Shlok and ask did he get time to make presentation. Shlok says yes, I made a good one, we will get the tender and says he will meet Baba and give the USB having the presentation. He ends the call and thinks he can’t let Baba fail this time, they have to get the tender. He works in kids room on a laptop. Poornima comes there drunk and falls on Shlok, while he was asleep.

She asks him what is he doing with the laptop, she will tell this to Indrajeet. He says I was making kids presentation, and if he tells Indrajeet or Ahilya about her drunken state, what will she say. She says I won’t leave you and leaves. He says thank God she did not see anything. Mala tells everyone that she does not want to force Ankush to accept her, he has started living less at their place after Astha came to know about him, I don’t want to trouble him by me. Avdhoot says give him some time, he will realize his life is incomplete without her. She thanks him and says I did not see my dad, but I m sure he could not have been more good than you. She hugs him. Ajju says I will complete happy family pic and hugs everyone.

Shlok comes and hugs Astha as she comes after having a bath. He gets tea for her. She says I feel bad that you need to do all these works. He says its matter of few days, then you do all this for me, and I will have coffee, not tea, I promise, everything will be fine. He hugs her. Shontu comes and says sorry to disturb, I came here to clean the room, I will leave. Astha smiles and tells Shlok that she will tell the tender amount when she comes to know from Indrajeet. He says whatever happens, Baba should get the tender. Shontu thinks Ballu is very smart that he has bowled over Sapna in few days, he should teach him too.A man comes to meet Indrajeet and Shontu says he is in study, come with me. Avdhoot meets Niranjan and Varad and gives a file, saying about the plot. Niranjan thanks him and says I have always pressurized you for wrong work, I m really ashamed, whatever we do will be ethical and we will do being in our limits. Avdhoot says forget the past, we have to get together and make the future good.

Niranjan says relations are best known in trouble, we are lucky to get you. Avdhoot thanks them and leaves.Indrajeet thinks there is no way Niranjan gets the tender this time, we will get it. Astha comes and greets him, while he signs on papers. She keeps the coffee and her wet hair water drops fall on his sign. He says Sapna and stops her from cleaning it. He holds her hand and looks at her. He leaves her hand and says I will clean it. Shontu comes and gets the man. Indrajeet talks to him. The man says I made the papers ready about doing Niranjan’s property named on someone else. Astha thinks on whose name and why.Indrajeet gets the papers and says thanks. The man says get the sign on the papers. Ahilya says sure, you made the papers, we will do the rest. She asks Sapna to go out and Astha leaves. Ahilya says I m sure you did the work as we told. The man says yes, all of Niranjan’s property is named. Ahilya says I m glad.

Astha hears her name Ahilya and thinks to talk to Niranjan, maybe he knows her and why she hates him. Ahilya asks Indrajeet to clear his payment as he did good work. Indrajeet says you will get your cheque today.Astha thinks whats the reason of hatred and on whose name did they name property. She comes to Shlok and he gives her tea. She says Thakur Maa’s name is Ahilya, ask Baba does he know her, they are transferring property to someone else and asks about presentation. He says fine, I made it at night, and recalls he left his email id open on laptop, and rushes. Astha wishes they don’t fall in any problem. Poornima comes there in the kids room and hears music. She switches on the laptop and Shlok comes there.

He moves her away and she falls on bed, with Shlok falling over her. She pushes him and scolds him asking what was he doing, did he see his face.He says he was saving her life, he did not have any option, and switches off the laptop. He says the way you were moving, I thought you got electrocuted, you were drunk yesterday. She says illiterate, I was hearing music and warns him. She leaves. Indrajeet talks to Astha and says he will meet the officer who will forward the plot matter, I heard he is a honest man. He leaves. Astha thinks she will see once about whom is he saying and then I will tell Shlok.

Poornima scolds Shontu saying she has to go out, why did he give car for servicing. Shontu reminds her words that she asked him to give the car. She scolds him and raises her hand. Shlok looks on with the kids, and holds her hand to stop her. Shlok answering Poornima. She leaves annoyed. Shontu thanks Ballu for saving him from her scolding and says he can do anything. Shlok thinks Niranjan will meet him near school and he will give the USB to him there, which has the presentation. Astha asks Indrajeet why did we come here. Indrajeet says we came to meet an land revenue officer and shows Avdhoot. Astha is shocked and signs her dad. Avdhoot understands. Indrajeet greets him and introduces himself as Indrajeet Sarkar, and says he has come to ask about the land plots.

Avdhoot and Indrajeet have a discussion, and Avdhoot asks him to fill the form and put the quotation for the land. Astha gets tensed seeing her pic with Avdhoot, and signs him. Astha coughs and makes the pic frama fall to take water. Avdhoot says its ok, just family pic, no issues. Indrajeet says I know you are relative of Niranjan Agnihotri and gives the filled form.

Ahilya asks Shontu to call Ballu. Shontu says he went to drop kids to school. She says I know, but he would have come till now. She says give me phone. Shlok talks to Niranjan while they are on the way in auto. He says I made good presentation and we will get the tender. Ahilya calls him and asks where is he. Shlok says he stayed at school as Mishti has exam, and he is here as she insisted. She says many works are stopped here. He says sorry. Niranjan says he feels sad that he is lying and apologizing to them. Shlok says everything will be fine in few days.Avdhoot says it looks you found well about me and thinks he wants to know about Niranjan. He asks how does he know that he has cut off his ties with Niranjan, they have hurt my daughter a lot, and she faced many problems in their house, don’t know what is she doing to survive in Mumbai, its my values that he is not taking help from us.

Astha smiles and thinks Baba is acting well, he learnt to lie being in my company, and lie for good cause is forgiven by Bappa. Indrajeet says I m sorry to know this.Avdhoot says this decision is not in my hand and I don’t do any illegal thing. Indrajeet says its fine, we will meet later. Avdhoot’s colleague comes and asks Astha how is she. Astha gets tensed and thinks Joshi uncle should not call me Astha. Shlok and Niranjan talk about the tender and then they will erase Indrajeet’s name. They also come to the same office. Astha makes something fall and Avdhoot sends Joshi to call anyone to clean it. Astha asks Indrajeet to come. Avdhoot takes choc from his bag and gives Astha. She smiles and waves bye to him.

Pradeep brings Rashmi to Patil’s office and Varad fools him as Patil. Pradeep says I told him to teach me how to win in betting, and see no one can stop us from becoming rich. Varad and Sojal do the puja and ask them to sit, talking sweetly. Rashmi asks why so small office, if you win so much. Sojal clarifies and say this office is lucky for us, as it gave us everything. Rashmi asks how did you earn. Sojal says by gambling, he earns crores and invests in big companies. Rashmi asks Sojal to teach her too, as she wants to come out from this troubled life, and nephew is rich but he does not help us.

Pradeep says if Patil teaches us, we will also get rich. Rashmi says we can get independent if you teach us business and compliments her. Sojal says our heart is very big, and we will not let you go empty hand. Varad says I called you my friend, I will help you, I will give you a factory and Rashmi is shocked. She asks how can he give factory when they don’t know them. Varad says we called you friends. Sojal says we believe in friendship more than relations and tells about Indrajeet and capturing Agnihotris property.Varad stops her and asks what is she saying, they will feel bad. Rashmi asks how do you know. Varad says we saw this in paper and tv. Pradeep says our nephew is not so bad, he just obeys Thakur Maa. Rashmi asks Patil/Varad to teach winning lottery to Pradeep and Varad agrees. Niranjan and Shlok reach the office. Indrajeet tells Astha that Avdhoot is honest and he feels he will get the plot. Astha says yes and thinks Agnihotris will get the plot. They stand outside and talk. Niranjan and Shlok come there and see them. Astha is shocked seeing Shlok and Niranjan, while Indrajeet turns to the other side and talks to her. He gets a call and attends. She makes her purse fall and asks Shlok to go, while Niranjan stares angrily at Indrajeet. Shlok asks Niranjan to come, and takes him away. Indrajeet turns and does not see anyone. Astha says lets go Sir and they leave. She asks driver to drive fast and start AC. Indrajeet sees Shlok. Astha is shocked.

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