Strange Love Update Tuesday 3 August 2021

Strange Love 3 August 2021: The Episode starts with Niranjan telling Anjali that he will make Shlok like him, Niranjan Agnihotri now. Anjali is shocked. He says this is tough, but every challenge will be done by telling you. I will make you helpless and make you just stand and watch everything without being able to do anything. He holds her hand and says you held your daughter’s hand. He says now you will lose your bahu. Anjali cries. He says my son Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri. Astha comes to Shlok in their room. She says she is very happy and he gets angry. She asks are you not happy with Tai, its good Anjali stopped Abhay from taking Jyoti, its commendable. Shlok says she did this to insult my Baba, not for Jyoti’s good.

He scolds her for going against Baba. He says do you realize what you told Abhay, and Baba was standing there and no one should have told anything, I m warning you again, next time see him before opening your mouth. He says I can’t tolerate this. She asks about Jyoti and says I think you feel Abhay did right with Jyoti, as Baba thinks so. She says Anjali did right thing for Jyoti, you also know Abhay is not good for Jyoti. Shlok shouts and asks her to stop it. They argue a lot. She says I Astha Shlok Agnihotri, that Abhay did not change even a bit. He says fine, challenge accepted.

Shlok says I will show you are wrong and Baba is right, I don’t know this is your ego or madness. He says once you start saying, you don’t realize you hurt so many people. He leaves. Astha says you don’t see Anjali’s love, all because of Baba. I will expose Baba to you, then you will realize your mistake. Mansi talks to her mum and asks is she coming to meet her. She says we did not meet since one year, this is not done. She says she needs her mum, its ok you call me when you need me. She ends the call and Varad comes. He asks why is she worried. She says no, I m ok. He says you look disturbed. She says relax I m ok. He says I think you spoke to your mum now. She says yes, she does not have time for me.

She says why did she give birth to me, its not my family, it has everything but not time for each other. Varad supports her and asks her to share her feelings with him. He holds her and says I m with you. Sid sees Jyoti’s pic in his phone and smiles thinking about her. Astha calls him and he asks is Jyoti fine. She says you forgot me since you are in love, she is fine, Abhay came to take her, but Anjali sent him back and said it will happen what Jyoti wants. Sid says superb, thanks a lot, I will get good sleep now, I want to meet her, please. Astha says fine, I m taking Jyoti and Anaya to hospital, for her vaccine, you come there. Sid says I will come on time.

Jyoti takes care of the baby and sees Anjali coming. Anjali sees Jyoti is not there and goes to Anaya. Jyoti says Aai…… Jyoti hugs Anjali and they both cry. She says forgive me Aai. Anjali says enough, stop crying. Jyoti says I did not understand your pain being a mum myself. She realizes her mistakes and apologizes. Anjali says you did not give me any pain, we were helpless. Anjali smiles. Anaya stops crying. Jyoti says see, she stopped crying as you came, won’t you take her in your arms. Jyoti gives her Anaya. Anjali happily hugs Anaya. Jyoti smiles seeing her joy.

Jyoti says Aai, even I m here. Anjali hugs her. Niranjan sees this and fumes. Sid comes to Renuka and asks whats all this, you did not cook food, it means you did not have food, its very bad habit, you get angry on me and stay hungry. He tries to make her agree. She is annoyed and leaves. Its morning, Jyoti shows Anjali that Anaya is crying a lot. Anjali takes her and asks them where they are going. Astha says we are going to hospital for her vaccine. Anjali says take her. She asks how will you go, driver is on leave. Astha says we will go by auto. Anjali gives them an umbrella and asks them to be careful. They leave and Abhay is keeping an eye on them standing outside the house.

The vaccine is done. Astha says she is brave girl, did not cry. Jyoti asks Astha about Sid. Astha says he will be late. Sid comes and thanks Astha. Astha says I have to make important call and leaves. Sid sits with Jyoti and plays with Anaya. He holds her hand and says I m very happy today, that Anjali supported you and stopped you from going with Abhay. Abhay takes photos of them. He comes to them and Jyoti is shocked seeing him. Abhay taunts her and says this is the reason you did not wish to come with me, since when is this affair going on, shame on you, you are a mum of a daughter, no one trusted me that day and today you made my doubt confirmed. He says you can do anything, you are characterless.

Astha comes. Abhay is about to slap Jyoti but Sid stops him. Abhay says how dare you cheat me. Jyoti slaps him. Abhay says Jyoti……. How dare you slap me? He says I will remember this, this slap will be very costly for you. He says give me my daughter and have an affair. She says I know why you want this baby, for taking money, I won’t give. Sid comes in between them to protect Jyoti. Astha looks on.Jyoti scolding Abhay. Sid comes in between her and Abhay and protects Jyoti. Abhay looks at him angrily and laughs. He holds Sid and says its true, guys these days are so shameful, you are daring to come in between husband and wife. Astha asks him to leave, else it won’t be good for him. Abhay says yes, nothing will be good now, I will show you place to all of you one by one. He leaves. Sid asks Jyoti not to worry, as he won’t do anything. Astha says yes, we are with you, why to be afraid of him, lets go home. Sid says I will drop you. Jyoti says no Sid, we will go. He says fine, be careful, take care. Sid leaves. Astha asks Jyoti to sit as she will bring water for her.

Varad comes to Mansi and says its raining, so he got hot bhajiyas for her. She gets glad and thanks him. They have it together. She asks him where is his gift, which he told that day. He says I got it, but unfortunately Sojal saw it and she thought I got it for her, and before I could tell her, she wore it, but I promise I will bring it for you. She says I simply asked as you said, these things does not matter to me. He says why did you not meet me before, you are so understanding and perfect. She says enough, I m flattered. He says seriously, I think you are the perfect woman. She thanks him.Niranjan is in his office. Shlok comes to him and asks him why did he come office so early. He says I want your advice on this deal papers. Niranjan looks lost in thoughts. Shlok says Baba, Baba….. Niranjan asks when did you come. Shlok asks are you fine, and tells about the papers. Niranjan says everyone is doing what they want, so how can I stop you, no one needs my advice now. Shlok says why are you saying this. Niranjan says I was worried for my daughter, I thought she will be happy with Abhay, its not like we can remarry her to someone else, she is married to Abhay and now has a daughter, I have to think about that girl’s future, everyone is thinking about present, no one is thinking about future, no one needs me, so I decided I will not interfere in anyone’s life, let my children take their decisions.

Shlok says don’t say this, you are Lord for all of us. Jyoti is afraid of Abhay, we all know her past, you are saying this for her good, she will understand one day, you trust me and give me time, I will explain her. Niranjan says I want to be alone. Shlok says sure and leaves. Niranjan drinks water and says even if my children do as they want, I know how to make them do what I want.Astha and Jyoti stand out. Astha says wait here, I will get an auto. Abhay sees Jyoti and Anaya alone and comes to take Anaya. Jyoti sees him and shouts. She tries stopping him but he pushes Jyoti and flees in a car. She runs after him and calls Astha. Astha shouts Anaya, Abhay Bhauji….. Jyoti cries. Astha calls Shlok and says his phone is switched off. Let’s go to Shlok’s office, its near. Shlok is thinking to talk to Jyoti, as Niranjan is worried for Jyoti. Jyoti and Astha come there. Jyoti cries and tells him that Abhay took my daughter and run. Shlok is shocked and asked how did this happen.

She says we went to hospital for Anaya’s vaccine, he created a scene there and run with the baby. He says how dare he, lets go to his home. Jyoti says no, he won’t be at home. He says we will go police station. She says no, he will kill her, he wants money, not her. He will ask money from us now by blackmailing us. Abhay calls Bua and says I got the baby from Jyoti. Bua is shocked and says what, you know Niranjan will find you out. Abhay says I also want this, now we have this baby, she will get money for us now, you lock the house and come here to this factory, see how I blackmail Niranjan and Jyoti will regret and beg to come back to me. Bua says I mc oming.

Abhay smiles. Shlok takes Jyoti and Astha home. They are on the way. Astha consoles a crying Jyoti. Anjali is worried at home as they did not come till now and calls Astha. Anjali asks where are they, why is Jyoti crying, what happened. Astha tells her everything that Abhay kidnapped Anaya and run. Anjali is shocked. Astha says Shlok is with us, we are coming home, Jyoti said Abhay will contact us, her phone is at home so we are coming. Anjali says that devil….. She ends the call and prays to Lord to protect Anaya. She cries and gets worried thinking what will Abhay do.

Niranjan comes home. Anjali runs to him and he asks what happened. She says Abhay run away with Anaya, you do something, please. Niranjan is shocked and thinks what was the need to do this Abhay. He says he came to ask for his daughter in good way and he got insulted. He says what she said him, so Abhay did this, what wrong did he do. He defends Abhay and says he is a father. Anyone would have done this after you insulted him, its your mistake. Shlok comes and hears Niranjan worrying for Jyoti, acting. Varad comes too. Jyoti cries hugging Anjali.

Niranjan blames Anjali and says you have a father mad, he will do this all because of you, he is mad and took his daughter. Astha says no, he does not want daughter…. Shlok looks at Astha asking her to be quiet. Shlok asks Jyoti to go get her phone. Anjali brings it. Abhay’s call comes. Shlok says put it in speaker. Abhay laughs and says he is not interested in girls, girls are burden on fathers, as you are on your father. Jyoti says I beg you don’t do anything to her, give me back. Abhay says free? No way, and blackmails Jyoti asking her to get Rs 1 crore from Niranjan. Niranjan is shocked, thinking now Shlok will never forgive Abhay. He asks her to bring money to factory and come alone. Give money and take daughter. Niranjan thinks Abhay is a big fool, Abhay you ruined everything.

Abhay says Jyoti if you say anyone, then Anaya will……….Shlok and Varad are shocked knowing Abhay really did not change. Abhay asks her to come soon and ends the call. Niranjan says I can’t believe this, how can a father be like this, its not his mistake, but mine, I did not understand him. He starts his acting again, and says he feels a daughter is a burden, what a cheap man. Shlok says this is good what happened, atleast we now know his reality. He says now I will not leave him. Niranjan says first think about Anaya. Nothing should happen to her, I will arrange the money and don’t want to take any risk. He asks Jyoti to go alone to Abhay with money and get back Anaya. Jyoti hugs Shlok and cries. Shlok looks very angry.

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