Strange Love Update Wednesday 4 August 2021

Strange Love 3 August 2021: The Episode starts with Abhay asking Anaya not to cry as he is waiting for Jyoti. He says she will surely come, she can do anything for her daughter, she won’t tell anyone and won’t bring anyone with her, but why did she not come till now. He sees Jyoti coming and smiles. Jyoti sees Anaya and cries. Abhay says stop crying. She brings the money bag and he asks her to keep it. He says I told you when daughter is with me, then why to fear. Shlok comes and hears Abhay. Abhay says I knew you will come and with money, its good, now you see what I do with you.

Shlok holds Abhay from behind as Jyoti takes Anaya. Shlok slaps Abhay and says how dare you do this, you took advantage of my dad’s goodness. Astha comes running to Jyoti, as Abhay and Shlok have a fight. Abhay is about to beat Shlok with a metal rod. Jyoti and Astha see it and shout. Abhay hears police coming and runs. Shlok goes to catch him but Abhay flees.Anjali prays for Anaya. Niranjan asks Varad to Shlok. Shlok comes home with Jyoti, Astha and Anaya. Niranjan is glad and looks at Anjali, as she moves forward. Anjali moves back. Niranjan smiles and moves to Jyoti, but she passes by him and goes to Anjali to give her Anaya. Niranjan fumes but controls with a smile. Anjali smiles hugging Anaya. Niranjan holds Jyoti and says I was making a big mistake, its good Anjali stopped it, else I would have sent you back to hell, if possible forgive me. He folds his hand and Jyoti holds his hand and says no Baba. Niranjan blesses Jyoti and leaves. Shlok goes with the money bag. Varad asks Sojal to take Jyoti to room.

Anjali smiles seeing Astha. Astha hugs her. Niranjan comes to his study and throws the books, as everything is going against his wish. Everyone is doing what they want, I can’t believe my mentality turned away from me. He gets Abhay’s call and scolds him. Abhay is angry too and says Niranjan Agnihotri, you were making a way or you, not me, you are a cheap man, now I will show you how I change things to my side, I will take revenge, you love your respect and now I will ruin it, now you will know you became my enemy.

Niranjan says stop this nonsense, talk to me with respect. Abhay says now you don’t have any option, see how I ruin your family. Niranjan gets angry and ends the call and says you spoke to me in high tone. He says whatever is happening with me, its you behind this Astha.Varad comes to meet Mansi and she arranges the food. He says its amazing, but I have a problem. I promised Kavya that I will take her out to dinner. She says then you must go, but we had a plan which you reminded, else I would have not done this. He says yes I m sorry for not informing you, I have an idea. He says I will half food with you and half food with Kavya. She says fine, but you have to make me eat by your hands. He says done, allow me to serve you. She smiles. They have a sweet time. He likes the food. He says now I have to go. She says be for some time. He says Kavya might be waiting, I will leave. He leaves and she becomes upset.

Shlok is thinking deeply and Astha breaks the silence saying Shlok, its good we have not sent Jyoti with Abhay, I knew he will not change and you were blaming Anjali. Shlok says I agree, but you don’t advertise for Anjali’s goodness, Baba is innocent and did not understand Abhay’s plan. I think its Anjali behind all this. She defends Anjali. He says only Baba is important to us. She says but Baba……. He says enough, I won’t hear a word against Baba. He leaves.Jyoti is scared and shuts all windows. Anjali comes to her and sees her worried hugging Anaya. Jyoti cries and says will he make me away from my daughter again. Anjali no, nothing bad will happen, don’t cry. Jyoti says something bad happens if life is going good. Anjali says your fate will have happiness, but Lord is testing you now, be strong and come out of the past, its time to take her responsibility. Jyoti says yes, I have to live for my daughter and show strength that no one can hurt her. Kavya calls Anjali. Anjali says I will make Kavya sleep, and asks Astha to be with Jyoti. She leaves.

Astha cheers up Jyoti and says you won a big war today and ruined evil, you won your daughter, you should be proud, just start a new life with Sid and we have to tell anyone. Jyoti says no, I will tell them later. Astha says no, we can’t be late in good things. Niranjan talks to himself and says your Astha has failed me today Shlok. He says Astha I will not explain you now, Shlok will explain you in that way that you won’t forget your place. He says my hands won’t be dirty and Shlok will do everything. He says this thing will hurt you a lot, you made me realized that thinking should change with time, and it will change for sure now, to end your new cheap thinking.

Niranjan comes to Shlok and says I apologized to Jyoti, now I have to apologize to you all. Shlok says whats there to apologize, you always wanted my good, you were not wrong, Abhay and his intentions are wrong, you believed he changed. Niranjan says yes, but I m happy you chose Astha as a life partner, Astha proved Abhay wrong, though we all came in Abhay’s plan. I was not seeing Jyoti’s pain, but Astha became her pain reliever, its good she has understood Jyoti more than us, I m proud to have a bahu like Astha.

He says I m very happy for both of you. He leaves. Shlok thinks Baba, your thinking about Astha is always right, but don’t know why Astha thinks you are wrong. Niranjan thinks Astha, from today Shlok will think what I want.Shlok talking on phone wile Varad is shown reading newspaper. Shlok is shocked to see the news about Jyoiti and Sid’s affair. He says what nonsense in this, how dare this Sid do this. Varad reads it and says Tai and Sidddharth? I don’t believe this. Shlok says come with me now. Sojal comes and asks what happened. She reads the news and says what. Abhay calls Niranjan and taunts him. Niranjan warns him to speak well. Abhay tells him to see the newspaper about his defamation. Niranjan is shocked to see the news and asks whats this cheap joke.

Abhay laughs and says don’t shout, you will die if you get a heart attack. Anjali comes and sees Niranjan’s anger. Abhay says calm down, its in all newspaper, you have to be strong to face the world. Abhay says I did this for you, this is my gift you, as we both are lucky to have daughters. Niranjan ends the call. He shows it to Anjali and says see whats Jyoti doing, now I understand why does she does not want to go to her husband, I won’t let her play with my respect.Shlok and Varad come to Sid. Shlok slaps Sid and says how dare you come so close to my Tai. Renuka comes and stops them asking who are they. Shlok says we are Jyoti’s brothers. Sid asks what did I do. Shlok says don’t you read paper, see your pic with Tai, what nonsense is written, stay away from my Tai. Renuka defends Sid and says I should slap you both. She says my son can get any girl, go and talk to your Tai and Astha. Shlok and Varad leave.Astha brings tea for Jyoti. They have a talk. Sojal comes to them with the shocking breaking news and taunts them showing it. Astha and Jyoti are shocked. Sojal says Shlok saw this pic too, pray Sid gets saved, as he was very angry on Sid. Renuka argues with Sid, and says its their sister’s mistake and you got slapped. Astha calls Sid to talk to him, but Renuka takes the call and scolds her. Sojal feels Jyoti is so shameful still thinking about her lover after all this. Astha asks Renuka to make her talk to Sid. Renuka says Shlok has slapped him, its good I came in between. Astha repeats this and Jyoti gets worried.

Shlok comes and takes the phone from Astha’s hand, asking did she knew this before. He says why did you not tell me, you are a bahu of this house and this happened because of you. Jyoti defends Astha and blames herself. She asks how can you slap Sid. Shlok says I m your brother. Varad asks her to read the article. Jyoti says people want to gossip, I don’t care about them. She cries and says I worry only about Siddharth. She says he has saved my life and my daughter, he thought about me, not the society, I love him. The brothers are in a huge shock.

Jyoti says I m here because of him, he has saved me, else that goons would have not left me. Abhay was sending me to Kolhapur to abort this baby too, you all don’t know the whole truth, I thought about my daughter not caring about the society. The man whom you slapped, supported me, he did not know I m Agnihotri’s daughter, today Anaya is alive and breathing, only because of him, he did a lot for me without any hope, why did you do this. They hear the media and go out. Niranjan and everyone go to attend them.

They ask Niranjan is it true about Jyoti’s affair, did he know this before, whats the truth, so is this the reason Jyoti has sent her husband to jail, is this your values which you boast about, the world wants to know, tell us Niranjan ji. Niranjan feels hammered by their questions and says let me answer. He says we did not forget our values, its half truth whats is papers. He says my daughter Jyoti did not leave her husband, she was bearing all tortures by her husband and mum in law. He says then you did not ask her that how are these values, why she is bearing so much pain.

He says she is a human, her patience broke when her third child was being aborted. He says its true that her husband Abhay wanted to kill their third child in her womb. He says now tell me what could she do in this situation, she came to us and we did not let her go back to that devil. He brings Jyoti infront of the media and says we all have accepted her decision. It was the past, can’t she remarry now. Everyone is shocked. Niranjan says her dreams and her daughter’s life is at stake, so we have decided to get her remarried. Everyone is stunned by his sudden statement. Shlok looks puzzled. Niranjan says whats wrong in this, every good value allows us. Jyoti smiles.

Niranjan blesses her and holds her face. He says now I have chosen Siddharth for my daughter. Jyoti is very happy. Everyone can’t believe this. Niranjan says my daughter did not choose him, I chose him. Niranjan smiles gloriously and says soon I will make them get married in grand way. Astha is stunned. The media praises Niranjan for having such broad thinking. They apologize to Niranjan for troubling and says congrats for his new start. Shlok asks Baba all this suddenly. Niranjan says we have to change our thinking.

Niranjan says Astha, did I do right. Your thinking is of new world, this thinking is required. He praises Astha and says if I have to walk with my children, I have to catch their speeds. He says I thought with Astha’s mindset to take this step. Niranjan wipes Jyoti’s tears and asks her to be happy, as his happiness lies in theirs. Anjali thinks Niranjan won’t change so easily, his heart has something else in it, why does Lord not stop him, he wanted to ruin Jyoti’s life and now Astha’s.

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