Strange Love Update Monday 2 August 2021

Strange Love 2 August 2021: The Episode starts with Niranjan saying I hope Abhay do as I say, else if he does any mistake again, he won’t save him. Shlok comes and talks to him. Astha comes home and tells Anjali that Shlok tested Abhay, don’t know what he will decide. Shlok says you were right as always Baba, Abhay has really changed and now we can send Jyoti with him. Niranjan says great, I m happy, now you have tested him, so I m sure and relieved now, as I was afraid whether I m right or wrong, its about Jyoti’s life. Anjali says Shlok can’t take wrong decision, I know Niranjan will do something to influence his decision.

Niranjan asks Shlok what happened, Jyoti has to go with Abhay, and your decision is right, Don’t tell anything to Astha now, she is a woman and her heart is soft, when you fill Jyoti’s life with happiness, then they will thank you, so don’t worry. Shlok says we have to keep an eye on Abhay so that he does not trouble Jyoti. Niranjan says yes, we will do. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says good going, Abhay Deshukh and smiles.Jyoti is upset in her room and cries. Anjali sees her and tries to talk. Jyoti scolds her and says no one should get a mum like you. She closes the door and cries. Anjali stands her and understands her pain equally. Jyoti talks to Sid and asks him to come and meet her. Sid is glad and says fine I will surely come as you called me for first time. She asks are you worried. He says no. She says don’t lie me, there is no excitement in your voice, tell me what is it. He says I m coming to meet you, till then take care of yourself and Anaya. Renuka hears this and says you are mad in her love, can’t you see my anger. She scolds him and calls Jyoti shameless to call him in morning.

He says you did not meet her, then how can you say this, she is a good girl, else Astha would have not married in that house. Renuka says Kalindi kept her at her home and you kept meeting her. She says I will call her. Sid tries to stop her. Astha thinks to Shlok what did he decide about Abhay, but Shlok asks him to get ready for office. She says why is Shlok behaving strange. Renuka says why is Kalindi not taking my call. She says they have done this, to get Jyoti stick to you and get praised. Sid says even Ajju accepted Kalindi. Renuka says but Jyoti has a daughter too. She says I will not stay here. Sid asks her to understand him and not leave the house.

Astha tells Anjali that Shlok is taking me office for an important meeting, intentionally as I should not be at home, but you will be here alone, please manage and take care of jyoti. Astha leaves as Shlok calls her to come fast. Renuka comes out on the road and argues with Sid. Sid asks what does she want. She says I want you to leave Jyoti. He says you mean I leave breathing, she is my heart beat, I won’t be able to live without her. She says fine, then leave me. A bike hits Sid and his leg gets hurt.Shlok and Astha come office. He asks her to take her seat. She asks when is the meeting, can’t we sign papers fast so that we go home. He says we just came and you are thinking to go. He thinks I m sorry Astha to lie to you, I did not wish any scene to happen if you stay at home. Anjali asks whats all this. Niranjan says I got all this, 11 sarees, fruits and sweets, you should have done this, I m sending your daughter today. He says Shlok is agreeing to my decision, now go and do the arrangements. Niranjan tells her that he wants to send Jyoti.

Jyoti hears this and asks what is he saying. The lawyer comes and Jyoti asks him to come. He gives her the divorce papers and signs on it. Niranjan looks at Anjali and asks whats this papers. The laywer says divorce papers. He leaves. Niranjan takes the papers from Jyoti and scolds her asking is she mad, what is this joke. She shouts that she can’t be with Abhay now, she has decided she won’t go with Abhay. Kaka and Sojal come there. Niranjan scolds Jyoti. Anjali waits for Astha. Astha asks Shlok is the meeting cancelled, Anand did not come, lets go home. He says its important, we have to wait for trustees.

He gives her the file and she says I signed it, I m not feeling well, I will go home. He asks whats happening, whats the crisis, you can’t go without attending the meeting. She thinks to call home and she does not know whats in Shlok’s mind. She says she will call home and Shlok stops her. Shlok gets a call and leaves. Astha says why is Shlok behaving strange and says I will call home. Jyoti argues with Niranjan. He says its for your good. Abhay comes there with his Bua. He says I came to take you, come with me with Anaya. Niranjan asks Jyoti to go.

Jyoti says no, I won’t go, why don’t you understand, ask Abhay to go from here. Sojal says he is your husband, won’t you agree to Baba, he is giving you so much things too. Astha calls home and hears Jyoti telling Niranjan to understand and crying. She asks Sojal whats going on. Sojal says Abhay came to take Jyoti and Jyoti is refusing going against Niranjan. Astha tells Shlok now I understand why you brought me here, you became a good son, when will you become a good brother, I did not expect this from you, I did not love this Shlok who can see wrong happening. She leaves. He goes after her.

Jyoti says I hate Abhay’s face. Niranjan asks Anjali to explain Jyoti. He says Abhay take her, she is being kiddish. He says I m doing this for your good. Abhay says I know I gave you every reason to hate me, but trust me, I have changed and I promise I will not hurt you, it will be as you say. He says these gifts does not matter to me now, I will earn myself to keep you happy. Jyoti says she won’t go, and Anaya is only her daughter.Abhay dragging Jyoti. Jyoti calls Astha for help. Anjali cries and thinks about Jyoti’s wounds given to her by Abhay. She shouts Abhay and everyone look at her. Anjali says my Jyoti won’t go anywhere. Astha and Shlok come and see this. Everyone is shocked. Kaka smiles. Anjali says if she does not want to go with you, she will not go. She says this is Jyoti’s house and she will stay here. Jyoti smiles being surprised. Anjali says it will happen what she wants. Abhay shouts Sasubai……

Jyoti is my wife and if I m taking her home, its not wrong. Astha says you had the right, not now. Anjali is right, you lost all rights on her. Niranjan looks at Anjali and Astha angrily. Astha says rights are got my love and respect which you did not give her, you tried to kill her and your child.She counts all that he did with her. Astha takes his good class. Shea sks why so much love suddenly. Abhay says great, people regard son in law as Lord and I m requesting you to send my wife and you all are insulting me. Astha says now you will get only insult and nothing else. She says you made a joke of marriage by your bad behavior, that stain won’t go. She scolds Abhay and Niranjan’s head is becoming a valcano seeing this. Astha asks him to leave. Niranjan sees Kaka smiling. Astha says I said get out. Shlok looks on. Abhay leaves with his Bua.

Jyoti hugs Anjali and cries. Astha says lets go to your room Tai. She takes her inside. Niranjan leaves. Shlok goes after him. Kaka sees Anjali crying. She says how did I take such a big decision, my patience broke seeing Jyoti’s pain, don’t know what will Niranjan do now. Renuka cares for Sid. Sid says please agree as you love me a lot. She says no, I won’t accept her. He says she is not a bad girl. She says can’t you see, I m crying for you and you are talking about her. Jyoti comes in her room and cries. Astha consoles her and tells about Anjali supporting her.Jyoti realizes that Anjali helped her today and says I did not thought ever that she will support me, I was shocked when I heard her, now I realized I did so wrong with her and all my mistakes. I have to apologize to her. Astha says not now, later. You be here, I will give water. She asks Jyoti to have water. Shlok is angry in his room and says I will talk to Baba.

Niranjan thinks how can Anjali do this, against me. Shlok comes to him and Niranjan asks him to leave him alone for some time. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says you disobeyed my decision Anjali, you have ruined my name. Astha sees the flowers on the same plant which Niranjan has crushed under his feet and she planted again. The FB scenes shows it. Astha says Baba you can’t change anyone, you and your mentality has to change, your try to ruin this plant failed. You did a mistaken to think women are wrong, a woman is the foundation of the house. Anjali smiles. Astha shows her the flowers and tells her that Niranjan has crushed it. You raised voice, this is the sign of freedom, now you see everyone will love you again. Anjali thanks her for saving Jyoti and says I will put these flowers to Lord, he gave me strength for doing this for my daughter.

She says I did this for my daughter’s safety and prays to Bappa. Abhay is angry and ruins things at his home, he is angry on Jyoti and Anjali. Bua calms him and says Jyoti does not want to come. Abhay says I will take revenge, I will bring her here at any cost. Niranjan is in his room waiting for Anjali. Anjali comes and closes the door. He goes to slap her and stops. He scolds her and says you had the voice, but the strength was not yours. How can you go against me, I know Astha gave you strength and its her mistake. She gives him water. He keeps it and makes her sit.He says what happened today, you have become great. I should do all these petty works, take this water, drink it. Anjali cries. He makes her drink the water and she coughs. He says you are taking my decisions, now I have to do women’s work. She says I did not take step against you, but supported my daughter. He says you went against me, how can you think this, it will happen what I want. My fight is not with you, but with that you became a reason of my insult, I want to be strict on you, but my rule is I punish the one who did the mistake, what I do with Astha now, she will be punished for sure. He says I told you to make Astha like you, I will now make my Shlok like me, Niranjan Agnihotri. Anjali is shocked.

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