Strange Love Update Tuesday 27 April 2021


Strange Love 27 April 2021: starts with Shlok getting out of his room while Astha cries. Astha thinks about her and Shlok’s romantic moments and how they fell in love gradually. Shlok is smiling sitting somewhere in his house while drinking wine. Astha looks at a photo and thinks of the dream Shlok made her realize and how he broke it. Khwaab hai pyaara…. aisa hai tuta….. plays in the background. She cries whereas Shlok is very happy. Shlok smiles cunningly. Astha thinks of how Shlok married her in the mandir. She takes that mangalsutra thread in her hand and looks at it. She hugs it and cries. The next morning, Shlok comes back to his room and sees Astha sleeping near the bed side.

She puts a jug of water on her and wakes her up. Astha looks at him shocked and he says good morning, come on, get ready soon. Everyone are waiting for us, the drama is over. He days no one is going to help you here, I don’t care about your pain. Astha says fine if you don’t care, but tell me one thing, whay are you punishing me. He says don’t you understand, be normal infront of everyone. Astha taunts him calling him a cheater and says I can’t pretend to be normal, I won’t move till you answer me. Shlok holds her and hurts her. Sojal comes knocking the door and is shocked to see Astha’s state. He sees the room shattered and asks Astha are you not ready, come soon to be safe from Anjali. Sojal says the night was long. Shlok says teach her everything so that she can become like you. Sojal says ok. Astha controls her tears. Anjali calls Sojal and she leaves asking Astha to come soon. Sojal thinks the room looks strange, we have to know what happened in here.

Shlok looks at Astha and says get ready fast. Astha says maybe you did not hear what I said, I want my answer else I won’t go anywhere. Shlok says I don’t give explanations to anyone. I will wait for you for five mins, else you face everyone. He says if you want to tell your family about my reality, you can do that, but think about them, how they will feel knowing this. He says don’t do this if you have some sense. He says think about this. Astha cries. Shlok laughs on her and leaves. Everyone are waiting for Astha to come down. Sojal says I told her to come down, she is coming. Sojal says it would have been better if Shlok married my relative. Anjali taunts her. Shlok comes with Astha. Anjali looks at Shlok and Astha.Shlok holds Astha’s hand and hurts her. He takes her along with him. Anjali says this is last time I m explaining, if you come late tomorrow, then…. She asks them to see the Lord in the house’s mandir. Shlok and Astha stand praying to the Lord. Astha prays why is this happening with me. She looks at Shlok and gets water in her eyes. Shlok holds her hand and pulls her. Taai says Astha and Shlok, take everyone’s blessings. Astha is lost. Anjali says Astha, where are you lost. Shlok holds Astha’s hand tight and asks her to take everyone’s blessings.

He pulls her and they take everyone’s blessings. Shlok smiles and takes Astha with her. Taai says Astha, today is the first day in the kitchen, you have to make something sweet, go. Shlok says why not, she will make the whole breakfast for us. He says whatever she does, she does it complete, love as well as hatred. He smiles. He asks Astha to go. Astha looks at everyone and leaves. Astha comes in the kitchen and Sojal comes to her. Sojal gives her vegetables and asks her to hurry up, else she knows it better. Shlok says Astha what are you doing, peel the potato first.
She sees Astha’s upset and says I would have helped you as you are like my younger sister. Sojal asks her how was her suhaagraat. She says it looks like Shlok is dangerous when it comes to love, are you fine, tell me what happened.

Anjali comes and hears Sojal asking Astha. Anjali scolds Sojal and asks her to leave. Anjali asks Astha to work fast as everything should be on time, we don’t like waiting for breakfast. Shlok comes there and Anjali leaves from the kitchen. He sees Astha and says you have to make the breakfast for everyone, what will you do if you cry like this. He hurts her and says you are a woman, you have to learn to tolerate pain, it will be good for you.
Astha says I did not expect your thinking is so cheap, what did I do, tell me Shlok. He says make the breakfast silently and taunts her. He says I will give you many reasons to cry, make the food fast and it should be good. If I get insulted, then you know what will I do. Astha cries. He says be careful. She gets her hand burnt but he is not affected. She thinks of the last time he cared for her burnt hand. She says how can someone change in such a short time, you used to care for me and today….

He says now I feel happy seeing you in pain. He says I don’t like answering anyone. He says happy cooking and leaves. Astha cries. Everyone having breakfast at the dining table. Astha serves food to everyone. Anjali looks on. Shlok smiles seeing Astha. Sojal and jaya smile cunningly expecting Astha to lose out. Everyone tastes the food and Taai says Niranjan, its first day of cooking for Astha, give her shagun. Niranjan likes the food and praises Astha. He gives her the shagun. Astha greets him touching his feet. He blesses her. Bharat calls Astha and gives her a gift as shagun. He says you pray to Bappa, I wish Bappa always blesses you. Astha smiles and hugs the Bappa idol. Astha greets him and Bharat blesses her. jaya tells Sojal see Astha has only idols, but it will come to me after some time. Astha greets Anjali and Anjali asks Sojal to do her duty and teach Astha the rules of the house.


Anjali asks Astha to obey the rules of the house as she feels a woman should be in her limits and know her responsibilities well. She says the faster you get to know the rules, the better it is for you. Astha looks at Shlok while he is having breakfast. Shlok asks Astha where is your mangalsutra. Everyone look at Astha puzzled. He says where is the mangalsutra which I made you wear in the mandir. He says its very valuable for me. Taai says Astha, where is that black thread, if Shlok values it, you should keep it very safe. Astha is silent. Shlok says is it like you don’t value our marriage like Anjali does. Everyone notice Shlok’s taunts on Astha and are puzzled. Shlok asks Astha do you have that black thread or did you lose it anywhere. Astha shows the black thread to everyone. Shlok gets angry looking at her. Everyone looks at Astha. Astha says how can you think Shlok that this thread is a joke for me, its very much valuable to me, its the truth for me. She taunts Ahlok infront of everyone. Bharat smiles. Astha says my mum taught me to keep mangalsutra safe and if it breaks, it should be made proper. She says I believe in making relations, not breaking them. She wears the black thread infront of them.

Shlok stares at her angrily. Astha gives him a cold look. Shlok says what you did right, that you wore this again, sometimes the bride gets bad sight, you need it the most. He tells Niranjan that he has some important work and needs to leave now. Niranjan says fine. Shlok leaves. Astha looks at him till he leaves. jyoti’s mum in law is having food and someone knocks her door. She thinks who is it now at this time. She goes to check who is it. Its Abhay )jyoti’s husband). She is glad to see him. She says its great that you are back. She asks where were you all these days. He says I had some work. He asks about jyoti. She says it was Shlok’s marriage, and even I had to go. She says Shlok could not see jyoti’s tears and warned us saying he will give us to police. She says I apologized to jyoti and then Shlok became calm and did not call the police, else we would have been in jail. Abhay is shocked. He says I have to take things in my hand now, she is a hen which gives golden eggs, we have to do anything and bring her back here. She says yes, we have to make some plan. He says I will think of something.
Its night and Astha is in her hall thinking how her life changed in one night. She is much upset and jyoti comes and asks did you have food. Astha says I m not hungry. jyoti says lets go and see your wedding album, we will see your happy parents and your mood will change. Astha sees the photos and is numb. jyoti senses something and Kavya likes the photos. Sojal says Astha, you are so bright at the time of marriage, what happened now. jyoti looks at her and says see your parents. Astha looks at her parent’s photo and cries. Anjali comes and says why are you all wasting time. She says its getting late, go to sleep now.

jyoti leaves. Anjali asks Astha to wake up early in the morning. Sojal says Astha did not had food. Anjali says why so and taunts Astha. Anjali says I don’t care if she does not eat food, but I m against throwing food. Kavya says my birthday is after two three days. Astha hugs Kavya. Anjali says the party, birthdays are only for boys, Sojal explan it to Kavya. Sojal takes Kavya and leaves from Astha’s room. Anjali comes to Astha and says what is this, the woman should always smile whatever be in their heart, so that when the husband comes home, he should see a happy face. She says is it that you have any complain about this house, tell me about it, your face shows you are hurt. Shlok comes there and asks Anjali what are you doing here in my room, leave from here.

Anjali leaves. Shlok closes the room’s door and sits on the bed. Astha looks at him. He asks Astha to come and remove his shoes. He says no one will come from your house to do this. Astha gives him an angry look and asks why are you doing this with me. He says stop repeating the same thing. He says I noticed your face glow has increased after marriage, maybe because you got a big house and s good husband like me. Astha says I don’t know this Shlok, who are you, the Shlok whom I loved would never do like this, tell me Shlok. Shlok says even my shoes is asking why did you not remove it till now. He says stop staring and do your duty.

Astha says I need an answer from you, I would have died for you if you really loved me. She says I won’t listen to you. Shlok gets angry and gets up. He comes close to her and says it seems your mind got stuck like a stopped watch. She says I want my answer, tell me why I m being punished. He holds her tight and hurts her. He says I won’t tell you, what will you do. She taunts him and says see this thread, think about your promises, how will you face the Lord, tell me. Shlok holds the black threads and hurts her. Astha looks at him. Shlok says sorry, I forgot I married you infront of the Lord, lets do one thing, lets go to the Lord and I will tell you the biggest truth of my life.




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