Strange Love Update Monday 26 April 2021


Strange Love 26 April 2021: starts with Astha getting ready and thinking about Shlok. She looks at the necklace which Shlok gifted her and wears it. Astha wears the bangles and music plays…. She smiles while getting ready. She thinks of Shlok’s words when he called her ultra beautiful. He told her that she looks beautiful when she smiles. She smiles and wears a kamarbandh on her waist. At Astha’s house, Kalindi is thinking what problem does Anjali have with this, what would happen if we attended the puja. Avdhoot says don’t care about it, we are lucky to get a son in law like Shlok, he called us there for the puja only for Astha’s happiness. Kalindi agrees with him and says Shlok can do anything for Astha.

jyoti comes to Astha and says you are looking very pretty today. Astha smiles. jyoti says I will be back. She brings a necklace and bumps into Anjali. She tells Anjali I thought to give this to Astha as its Astha’s suhaagraat today. Anjali scolds her and says think about yourself, did you call Aryaman and ask him when will he come and take you or do you want to stay with us forever.Anjali says before Astha and Sojal starts taunting you, you go to your house. jyoti cries. Anjali says don’t cry, learn from your bhabhis. jyoti says I m not happy there, I won’t go there. Anjali says be ashamed of this, you are a woman and you don’t have any right, you have to go there. jyoti says I won’t go, I can’t bear it anymore. Anjali does not listen to her and says see jyoti, I’m also someone’s wife, you have to serve your husband, you have to agree to him in whatever he says, only then you will be happy. She says you have to show everyone that you are happy. Anjali gets sad seeing jyoti cry. She leaves. jyoti says I won’t let my pain come infront of Shlok and Astha. She wipes her tears.

Shlok comes to Astha. Astha says you, what are you doing here, jyoti might be coming here. He says I told her, now she won’t come. He holds her hand and she looks at him. He sees her bangles and the mahendi and smiles. He kisses her forehead. Astha says I got you and my life changed for the good, I started living now in the true sense. He says 3months, 20days, 6 hours and 51 mins since I saw you first. I m counting every moment since that time. She hugs him and music plays…..
She cries with happiness and says I love you Shlok. She says you and your love has made me, tell me what to name your love. He smiles cunningly and says don’t ask this again after this night for my love and for our relation. He says you will get many names. She says Shlok and is shy. He says don’t be shy, this night is the most special night of our life. She looks at him.
Shlok says I have waited for this night. She says now you won’t have to wait as I have come to you forever as only yours. He says some patience. She says yes, go from here, anyone will come. He smiles looking at her and puts a nose ring on her. He stops and looks at her smiling and leaves. Astha looks at him and smiles. She is shy and keeps her hands on her face. Anjali calls Sojal and scolds her. She says take this to Shlok’s room. jyoti comes to Astha and says shall we go now, or do you want to stay with me tonight. Astha smiles. jyoti says lets go.

She takes Astha with her. Anjali scolds Sojal and asks her to open the door. Anjali sees the room well decorated. She looks around and Sojal says the room is beautifully decorated. Anjali says I can’t believe I did this for Astha, I m doing all this rituals for her as she is part of this family now. jyoti brings Astha. Anjali says I have kept an idol inside, pray to it that it gives you some sense and you always serve your husband well and you get a son soon. Everyone looks at Astha. Astha greets Anjali but she moves backwards.
Anjali says only a son, not a girl. Astha greets Sojal and Anjali asks Sojal to come with her. jyoti tells Astha don’t feel bad of Anjali’s words. jyoti says live every moment of this night, congrats and all the best, now go. She closes the door. Astha looks at the room and the bed and smiles. She sees a teddy bear there on the bed. jaya is packing her bag that has all the items she has stolen. Sojal is angry after seeing Astha’s room and says Anjali did not do the same at my time. jaya shows her a snake. Sojal screams. jaya says its fake. Sojal says whats this, I m upset seeing Astha’s room and now you are scaring me.

Shlok comes to his room. Bharat stops him and says come and sit with me, we have to talk to him something important. jyoti and Bharat makes Shlok busy. Bharat says we should work something out in media industry. Shlok says you have to talk about this tonight. Shlok says we will talk tomorrow. jyoti says stay with us, can’t you give us some time. Shlok gets up. Bharat and jyoti makes him sit. jyoti asks him nek. Shlok gives her money. She says I don’t want money, I want a promise from you. Bharat and jyoti laugh. jyoti says promise me that you will always keep Astha well and happy, and won’t hurt her as she is a nice girl. Shlok looks on.

Astha being in Shlok’s room. Shlok enters the room and smiles looking at her. Shlok comes to her while she is sitting on the bed. Astha gets nervous and he comes and sits next to her. He stares at her and holds her chin. She looks at him and he kisses her forehead. Astha closes her eyes. She then looks at her. He holds her hand and looks at her bangles. He takes out her bangles while she looks at him. Music plays…… They get closer and he touches her face. Mann ki munder pe…. baitha hai gher ke….. plays…… He takes her her ornaments one by one and she shakes with suppressed excitement. Iss pyaar ko….. plays….. He then removes her kamarbandh and Astha gets super nervous while he stares at her. Iss dil ka ab kya karun…… plays….. He holds her face and removes the nose pin. She looks at him and …….
Shlok holds her hand and looks at her mahendi. He kisses her hand and looks at her. They have an eyelock. He says finally, today you and me got united. He says you are my wife, how are you feeling now, tell me. She looks at him and hugs him. She says I can’t express Shlok how much happy I m today, if I could have hold this night, I would have spend my whole life in your arms. Shlok touches her face and Sajna Ve….. plays…. He then holds the mangalsutra thread and pulls it off. It breaks.


Astha who was with eyes closed opens her eyes and is shocked. She says what did you do Shlok. Shlok makes a devilish face. He opens the pendant and takes out Astha’s photo from it and throws it. She says what did you do, this is that thread which will always make us united.
Shlok shows his real face and says what relation, this is all a cheat, a lie, like its a life of you being in my life, this relation is a lie, did you get it Mrs. Astha Agnihotri. Astha cries. He says Astha Kirloskar and laughs like a devil. Astha is shocked. She does not know how to accept this. He says did you forget when I told you, today I will bring out you out of your dreams, because you have seen which I wanted to show you, but today I, Shlok Agnihotri will remove the dreams from your eyes. Astha cries. Shlok removes the decorations of the room and throws the family photo. He gets angry and ruins the room. Astha says Shlok, what happened to you, what are you doing. He throws her on the bed and she moves backwards. She stops him from going out and says did I do any mistake, tell me what mistake I did. Astha says tell me. Shlok says move. Astha stops him and says don’t do this, answer me what happened to you. He says I m Shlok Agnihotri, I m not anyone’s slave to obey you. She says you are not my slave, but my husband, I m your wife, you promised me and accepted me infront of everyone, I know you are joking.

He says this is not a joke, this is the truth of your life. Astha says how can you change so suddenly. Shlok says I have hated you and still hate you and will always hate you. He says I have given this relation the name of hatred. She says I know you love me. She says stop this joke. Shlok laughs and says your dreams did not become true and your dreams have shattered today. Astha says why are you doing this and cries hugging him. He pushes her and says …..

She says you can’t leave like this without answering my questions. She says was this marriage, our love and my feelings a joke for me, why are you killing me every moment like this. She says I loved you and you cared for my every happiness, we saw the dreams together, how can you ruin my dreams, why are you hurting me like this. Shlok laughs and looks angrily at her. She says so you hate me, what did I do that you hate me.

Shlok says think about it, you have your whole life. Astha cries miserably. He comes to her and says you have everything that a married woman has, look at you, you are looking so helpless. He laughs and she moves away from him. He says you don’t have a husband with you. He pulls her to him and taunts her. Astha cannot stop crying. He says you will be infront of everyone being my wife, you don’t have any identity of your own. He scolds her badly and says I feel sad for you. He leaves her hands and says what? What are you looking, you think I will show pity on you seeing your state, forget it, no ways. He laughs and says I m very happy to see you like this, I m getting peace after so many days, I will sleep peacefully today. He says the credit goes to you. He laughs and Astha is crying. He says look at yourself, come on, stand up. He says if you break so soon, how will you manage in future. He says then you won’t be able to live, take care. He pushes her on the bed and leaves from the room. Astha cries loudly with much pain. She looks at her family photo and says you were right mum, I should have heard what you said. She says why did I not listen to you. She realizes her mistake and cries. Shlok is drinking wine sitting somewhere. He laughs cunningly as he won over Astha.

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