Strange Love Update Thursday 24 June 2021


Strange Love 24 June 2021: The Episode starts with Astha asking Shlok to make her have food. He says I have brought it, you decide whether you want to eat or not. She shows her hands. Sajna ve………plays….. Shlok makes her eat. Astha smiles. Chupke se ahista……….plays…… Astha tastes the food which she made and does not like it. She smiles unable to eat it. Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon.. saiyyan ve ab raasta dikhaade tu…..plays……….He makes her drink water. Astha is very happy seeing his love. He teases her by making his hand move away. They have an eyelock. Kaka and Varad have a laugh. Kaka says I will make a coffee. Varad says you can’t enter the kitchen. Kaka asks what do you mean. Varad shows him and says Shlok did this, he took food for Astha. Kaka says let him come back, we will take his class.

Shlok asks Astha are you happy. Astha says come here. He asks what. She wipes her face with his shirt. He says chee….. She laughs and says you should have even said I love you, thanks for making me eat food with so much love. Shlok looks at her and leaves.Kaka and Varad catch Shlok coming downstairs with the plate. Varad says I think you were hungry all day, you took so much food. Kaka says no Varad, he might have taken for Astha. Shlok says why will I take for Astha, I was hungry. Kaka asks this lemon pickle too? Shlok says yes. Varad says I don’t believe you ate the lemon pickle, show us by eating it. Shlok tastes it and says its so bitter. Varad says you would have not known, Astha ate the food.

Shlok says so stupid, why did she not tell me, how did she eat it, so what, even I had her spicy food, why does Astha love me so much, even I….. no, this can’t happen.Astha wakes up in morning and is happy seeing the dark mahendi. She wakes up Shlok and says look at my mahendi, its so dark, it means you love me. He says are you mad. She says tell me do you love me. He holds her angrily and looks in her eyes. Kavya comes in their room and shows her mahendi. Shlok says very nice, its better than Astha’s. Kavya says it means you love me more than Astha. Shlok says yes. Astha jumps and says it means you love me. Shlok sends Kavya. Astha follows him and asks do you love me. Shlok leaves. Astha says you will tell it very soon.

Shlok sees some files and says what the hell, I have to check all the files, where is the assistant which Astha was sending. A fat lady comes and says Astha has sent me. Shlok thinks how can Astha keep her. He gets angry and calls Astha. Astha smiles and says I was waiting for you call, how did you like your new secretary. Shlok says let me speak, who is this aunty, how will she become my assistant. Astha says she is very experienced. He says she works on typewriter, we use computers. Astha says we will teach her. She says keep that girl whose pic you have. He says she can’t come here. She says I love you, tell something. Shlok says bye. She smiles. Shlok also smiles.

The aunty comes back again and he says stay outside, I will do my work. Shlok checks the files. Khuda………………plays……………… He thinks of Astha’s I love you and smiles. Jyoti sees Astha and Shlok’s wedding album with Kalindi and cries seeing Anjali. Kalindi pacifies her and asks her not to cry. She says this is bad time which will pass soon and good time will come soon, I know your family will understand you. Jyoti says Astha and Shlok will surely understand me. Sid comes and asks who is Shlok. Kalindi says Shlok is Astha’s husband, meet me when he comes. Sid says I will keep coming and looks at Jyoti smiling. He says I will check if you are taking good care of Roshni.

Anjali scolds Kavya and asks her to be like a girl. Kavya cries. Astha hears this and comes to Kavya. Astha asks not to cry and brings her to her room for playing. Astha says we will play a game, I will close your eyes with this and you have find me and give me a sweet kiss. They start playing. Kavya smiles and catches Astha. Astha says now its my turn. Kavya runs and Shlok comes. Kavya does not let Shlok speak and they sit on the bed watching. Astha holds Kavya and says you are very naughty, now I will kiss you. Kavya moves and Astha kisses Shlok. She removes the cloth and sees Shlok. She says I was with Kavya and runs being shy. Shlok smiles.

Anjali calls a pandit. He tells her that Astha has to go to her mum’s house, she has to spend the night there. Anjali says fine, Shlok will go and take her tomorrow. Anjali asks Astha to get ready and she will inform Kalindi that she is coming. Anjali calls Kalindi. Jyoti and Kalindi are talking. Kalindi says your every wish should be fulfilled. The phone rings. Jyoti says I will see. Jyoti picks the phone and is shocked to hear Anjali. Kalindi takes the phone and talks to Anjali. Anjali asks who picked the phone. Kalindi says I had. Anjali says Astha is coming to you for one day but send her tomorrow, Shlok will pick her. Kalindi is tensed and tells Avdhoot that Astha is coming.

Avdhoot looks at Jyoti. Kalindi says we should call Sid, Astha should not know about this. She calls him and he does not pick the call. Astha packs her bag. Shlok comes and asks what are you doing. She teases him and says you did not tell me I love you, so I m going home. He says you won’t go anywhere. She says if you want to stop me, so tell me, else tell me at my home tomorrow. She leaves the room. Varad asks Astha where are you going smiling, did Shlok tell you I love you. Astha says no, he did not tell but he will tell soon, he does not know I m going for rasam, he thinks I m annoyed with him and won’t come back till he tells me. Shlok hears this and stops her.

He says you are such a big liar, I will not come to take you, and what you want to hear, I will not say. She says I will how you won’t say, I know I have made a place in your heart, you are not accepting it. He says I won’t come to take you and I will never tell that. He says get lost. Astha says fine, I m going, bye. She leaves. Shlok looks on.Jyoti saying Sid is not taking the call but he said he will come today. Astha is on the way. She scolds the auto driver. Sid comes home. Kalindi says you have to take Roshni home for one day. Sid says fine, but why. Kalindi says Astha is coming home. Jyoti says I don’t want to meet her in this state.

Sid says fine, come. Jyoti leaves with Sid. Astha walks and does not see Sid and Jyoti leaving. Ajju asks Kalindi where is Astha. Kalindi says there. Avdhoot sits to have food.Astha sits looking at the phone. Ajju asks her did Shlok say I love you. Astha says he is so rude, he ate the food and liked it, but he did not tell I love you, he fought with me and did not call me. Shlok thinks how can she go. Shlok calls Astha. Ajju says talk to him and leaves. Astha smiles seeing his call and says I will not take the call. Shlok calls again and she laughs ignoring his calls. Astha says I want to see what you do now. Shlok calls many times and she smiles. Shlok says how dare you cut my call, now see Astha what I do.

Avdhoot asks Kalindi to call Astha. Kalindi calls Astha to have food. Astha comes and says I am not hungry. I will eat later. She goes to rest. Avdhoot tells Kalindi that Astha has changed. Her heart is with Shlok. She is missing him and looking lost. Kalindi says yes. Astha recalls Shlok and her romantic moments under the shower. She finds Shlok standing and starts laughing. She thinks it is her imagination, but Shlok is actually standing there. Astha gets surprised and pinches herself. Shlok says, I am standing infront of you. Astha asks him to leave else anyone can see him. She smiles and asks did you miss me? Came here to say I love you. Shlok holds her and asks how dare you disconnect my call? I can call you at any time. Astha asks him to say I love you.

Shlok says, I won’t say. I am stubborn too. I came to inform you about the meeting in the office. I will come to take you. Astha says, I am stubborn too. I will make you say I love you. Shlok says, lets see. Shlok goes through the window. Astha determines to make him confesses his feelings.Jyoti and Sid are having dinner at his home. Jyoti tells him that he mess up the house. Sid says, you left naa. He gives her soft slipper so that she can wear in her pregnancy. He looks at her legs and says it is not heavy. Jyoti laughs and says it was just saying. She gets emotional and says I never visited the city before. She thanks him for making her feel special. Sid says, you are special.

Kalindi makes Astha gets ready. Ajju calls Kalindi and tells her that Shlok is waiting. Kalindi blesses Astha and asks her to be happy always. Astha comes and asks Shlok, how am I looking? Shlok looks at her. He says, we are getting late. Kalindi does her tilak. Astha asks her to come on time. Kalindi says ok. Shlok and Astha leave. Kalindi hopes for Astha’s happiness remains forever.Anjali tells Sojal to do the arrangements of the rituals. She calls Astha and asks her to reach before 6 pm. Astha says, I will come before time, don’t worry. Shlok and Astha are in the car. Astha thinks Shlok is not praising her. She tells Shlok that she is angry. Shlok asks, so what? Astha asks him to make my mood good. Shlok says, it is not my problem. She asks him to say I love you. Shlok says, not again. He asks her to use her brain in business. He tells her about the important meeting. Astha says, I know.

Anjali informs Niranjan about the puja and says she invited the guests. Niranjan says, I want all the rituals to be completed without any hurdles. Anjali assures that it will be done well. Shlok and Astha come to the office. Astha asks Shlok to praise and compliment her. Shlok asks, are you done? Astha gets angry. She looks at the files and says someone left so much work for me. Shlok looks at her. He gets a call and leaves from the cabin. Astha do something in Shlok’s laptop. Shlok asks, what are you doing? He asks what are you hiding? Astha says, I was seeing the presentation.

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