Strange Love Update Friday 25 June 2021

Strange Love 25 June 2021: The episode starts with Astha telling Shlok that she came to get a pen. Shlok looks in his laptop. Employee comes and asks him to come for the board meeting. Shlok leaves from his cabin. Shlok gives the presentation. Astha smiles looking at him. Shlok is surprised to see I love you Astha with Astha’s photo on the projector. He gets shocked and asks his employee to go. They smile. Astha tells Shlok that he confesses his feelings infront of everyone. Well done. Shlok gets angry at her. He says, those three words are not important for me. Astha says, it matters to me a lot. When you don’t know these three words then how will you know my feelings. Shlok says, it is waste to talk to you. Astha says, ok don’t tell me anything. She says sorry and leaves.

Astha is walking on the road and thinks to take an auto. She says, he won’t confess his feelings. She is about to take an auto. Shlok comes and takes her in his car. Astha says, I don’t want to go with you. She gets sad thinking he will not say I love you. Shlok looks at her and stops the car. He gets down and Astha follows him. Astha asks him to come. Shlok shouts Astha I love you l…. I love you so much………Astha gets surprised and happy. Shlok smiles. Saiyaave Ab Raasta Dikhade Tu……plays. Astha gets shy. Shlok asks, why are you feeling shy? Astha hugs him happily. Shlok too is happy and smiles. They close their eyes while the hug continues to be everlasting. They are standing on the middle of the road while the song Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon plays………..Anjali is waiting for Astha. She wonders where they might be stuck. Sojal says, Astha don’t care about time. Anjali thinks to call Astha.

Shlok is driving the car and holding Astha’s hand. Astha gets Anjali’s call. She asks him to leave her hand. Shlok says, no. You won’t talk to anybody and switches off the phone. Anjali gets annoyed as she thinks Astha rejected her call. Shlok gets romantic and says I hold your hand for life. Astha gets shy again. Shlol says, you looks cute when you gets shy. Iss Pyaar Ko Plays………… Shlok looks lovingly at her.Astha and Shlok come home. Shlok holds her again and gets romantic. Astha asks him to leave her hand. Shlok says, I didn’t hold your hand to leave you. What is your problem. When I am loving you, you are not liking it. He says, I am loving you infront of everyone. Astha says, not infront of everyone. Shlok asks her to give him a book about the dos and donts.

They come inside. Anjali asks Astha where is your phone. Astha says it was lost. Anjali looks at her phone. Astha says, battery was low. Niranjan asks Anjali to do the rituals first. Anjali asks Astha to do the grah pravesh. Astha looks at Shlok. They enter together while Shlok holding her hand. Anjali makes her wear veil and asks her to be in veil until morning. She says, everyone can see you except Shlok. Shlok gets angry. Anjali asks her to change her saree and wear the given saree. She asks her to stay in the guest room tonight, to be away from Shlok. Astha says ok. She goes inside with Anjali.

Astha gets ready and thinks what is this ritual. Today Shlok confessed his feeling and I have to be away from him. Shlok looks at Astha’s photo in his laptop. He recalls saying I love you Astha. He comes out of his room. Varad stops her. Shlok says, I want to see Astha. Varad says, Aayi said you can’t see her. Shlok says, I will see her anyhow. Varad says, all the best. Astha is in the guest room and is restless. She thinks to send voice message to Shlok. She messages him I miss you Shlok. Anjali comes and asks her to come for the Moon Puja. Shlok thinks how to see Astha’s one glimpse.

Astha looks at moon in the water and do the puja with Anjali and Sojal. Servant comes and informs Anjali that Niranjan is calling her. Anjali goes. Astha is doing the puja and prays for Shlok’s long life. Shlok comes there and says I will see my moon. Astha covers her face under the veil and runs. Shlok runs after her. Astha veil gets removed. Shlok is standing behind her. Astha hugs him and says you can’t see my face. Shlok says, I came to meet you alone. I will see your face at any cost. Astha runs.
Astha lying down on the bed happily plucking the rose petals thinking will Shlok be able to see her or not. Shlok comes to her room and she dons the ghunghat quickly. He laughs seeing her. She asks him to leave. Shlok laughs funnily. She aska are you fine. He comes to her. She says Shlok go. He holds her and says today no one can save you from me. He holds her hand and takes her out. She says leave me, anyone can see, Anjali can see us. Shlok takes her to the terrace and there is a water pool. He sees her reflection in it and sees her face. Sajna ve ……………plays…………… They smile. He says I told you today I will see my moon, your ritual did not break and my wish also got fulfilled.

Its morning, Kalindi makes food and calls Jyoti and Sid. Sid talks to Kalindi. Kalindi asks her to bring Roshni back as Astha left. He says she is fine and having coconut water, I did not trouble her. Kalindi says did she have medicines on time. Sid says yes, why are you worried. Kalindi smiles and ends the call. Sid tells Jyoti lets go, Kalindi feels I kidnapped you, go Roshni you are free from my jail. Jyoti laughs. They leave. She slips and he holds her. Music plays…………. Sid says don’t you think Astha should come there twice a week. She smiles… Anjali tells Astha that its new start of her life and gives her Prasad to have it with Shlok. She says ask Shlok to make you wear this new mangalsutra then he can see your face. Astha says fine. Shlok hears this. He comes to his room and looks for the old black thread. Astha comes to him and tells what Anjali said. Shlok says fine. She gives him the new mangalsutra. Shlok stops her and shows her the black thread sitting on his knees. Astha is shocked to see it and cries. She thinks that he married her in the temple with that black thread and broke it on the wedding night.

He says I know what you are thinking, that I have broken this mangalsutra. He says but I want to start our new relation with this, what I did with you was wrong, I m really sorry for that. He says it was my ego and you have made the old Shlok come out. He says I like this Shlok. He gets up and makes her wear it. She looks at him holding it. He lifts her veil and sees her face. He holds her face and says will you spend your whole life with me, can you be mine forever. She cries. He says you don’t have any option. They smile. He says for me this thread is much important for me, now no one can separate us, I promise, that days are gone, I will not make you cry as I can’t bear your tears.

He smiles and says what did Anjali tell, Prasad? She says yes, and gives him saying we have to eat together, first you eat. He says first you. They argue. She says we will eat together. H/e shows the apple. Khuda……….plays……….Astha gets shy. Iss dil ka ab kya karun…………plays………. They take the bite of the apple together. Shlok signs once again. She stop her and asks her to touch his feet. She hugs him. Sajna ve………….plays…………. They get closer and Anjali calls Astha. Astha runs to her and bumps into Sojal. Sojal asks Astha to do some work which Anjali says and then make khichdi for her. Astha says fine, I will make. Sojal says good girl, go. Sojal gets a call from someone who informs her that her mum met with an accident. Sojal is shocked and starts crying.Astha comes to Anjali. Sojal comes there crying and tells Anjali that her mum met with an accident. She says I m afraid. Anjali says be calm, I will see what to do. Astha says Sojal your mum will be fine, don’t worry. Anjali comes to talk to Niranjan. Niranjan asks a pandit to come at 4pm and make Sojal and Astha do the rituals. Anjali tells Niranjan about Sojal’s mum. He says help them financially. He calls a doctor and tells him about Sojal’s mum who is in govt hospital, he asks him to shift her to his clinic and take care of her.

Anjali says Sojal wants to see her mum once, if she goes now, she will come back till puja. Niranjan says you know it’s a big ritual, you know who are coming, I don’t like repeating, you know how to manage the house. He asks her to decide and take a right decision. Anjali says yes and comes to Sojal. Varad pacifies Sojal. Shlok looks on. Anjali says Sojal will not go, Niranjan has shifted her to clinic, you can go to meet her after the rituals. Sojal says please let me go, I don’t have anyone except her. Anjali says no. Astha says please let her go. Varad also asks Anjali to let Sojal go, whats the problem.Anjali says Sojal will not go anywhere, this is my last decision. Shlok says you are disgusting, can’t you understand her feelings being a mum. He says let her go. Anjali scolds him and this is my house and I know how to manage. She says its an important day today and she is needed here. Shlok says I will talk to Niranjan and leaves. Varad asks Sojal not to cry as nothing will happen to her mum.

Shlok comes to Niranjan and asks him to explain Anjali that she is wrong, she should send Sojal to meet her mum. Niranjan says relax, she is fine now, there is nothing to worry.Shlok says but Anjali should understand Sojal, how do you stay with her. Niranjan says sometimes we have to ignore things, I worry about you, I expect a lot from you, be cool, everything is fine. Shlok leaves. Niranjan says this is not good if Shlok takes interest in house matters.

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