Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 23 June 2021


Sacred Relationship 23 June 2021: The Episode starts with Abir seeing Mishti’s pic. He calls someone and says I want the number of all the mob in Rajkot, thanks I got the link. He checks and says I have to find out if there was any dead body in those mobs, there is no such info. Mishti sees the red dress and recalls Abir’s words. Kuhu says milkshake, I have used brown sugar. Mishti asks do you want to tell something. Kuhu says I have used dark chocolate, yes, I m sorry. Mishti asks are you saying sorry to me. Kuhu says yes, I m going mad, I m missing Kunal a lot, I have become an angry young woman, why are staring at me. Mishti says nothing. Meenakshi looks on.

Kuhu says I miss Kunal a lot, he left three months back, his work isn’t ending, flights are delayed because of corona, what shall I do. Mishti says sorry, I didn’t know you are so worried. Kuhu says I really miss him, can I come to you to talk. Mishti says of course. Kuhu asks why do you look so ill these days, what’s the matter, something is wrong, right, tell me. Varun shouts on the servant. He says this watch is so precious. His mum asks what happened. Varun laughs and asks the servant why did he get shocked, when he knows him well. Maa says poor guy got scared. Varun says you also got scared, sorry, life did a joke by snatching Karan from me, since then I m joking with everyone. Maa says its strange that we are keeping the marriage in just 3 months of Karan’s leaving. He says yes.

She shows the social media. She says our family has shattered. He says they are still together, they are lucky. She says we will also get a chance to celebrate soon. Abir gets some details. He says internet is down, I will make a call.The wind blows. He goes to see outside. He says Mishti can’t see me like this. Kuhu says ask Abir to have friendship with me again. Mishti says sure. Kuhu says I m sure you are upset on me, sorry for maha shivratri. Mishti says its not that. Kuhu asks what’s the matter. Mishti worries. Varun comes and stumbles. The red colour falls over Mishti. She sees Varun and recalls that guy. She screams no… and runs upstairs. Meenakshi says what happened to her. Kuhu says sorry, I will see. Varun says I got the colour to tease Kuhu, Mishti got scared, I m really sorry. Abir comes. Varun says the colour fell on Mishti by mistake, she got upset and went. Abir runs. Meenakshi says its okay, Abir worries a lot for Mishti, Ketki show him the washroom. Ketki takes Varun.

Kuhu asks Mishti to open the door. Abir asks her to move. Kuhu says she was fine, she saw Varun and the red colour, she has run. Abir says maybe the colour went in her eyes. He asks Mishti to come, else Kuhu will say she did a drama again. Kuhu says I told her sorry, I m sorry to you also, what happened to her. He says you should know. He asks Mishti to come out, Kuhu planned against her. Kuhu asks what did I do. He says you will get punishment by what she says. Mishti opens the door. Kuhu asks her to say, he is blaming her, she has told sorry. Abir says leave us alone for some time. Kuhu goes. Abir sits with Mishti. She says I spoiled everything again, sorry. Meenakshi says I don’t want water, I want to know what’s happening. Kuhu comes and says I will come later. Meenakshi says stop, did you ask Mishti. Parul asks Meenakshi to have water. Meenakshi says Nidhi wasn’t there, else what would have happened.

Kuhu asks why did she run away, I have told sorry to her, she can’t blame me today, matter is something else. Meenakshi says yes, she has a problem with our family, not you. Kuhu says yes, you are right, if Mishti wanted, then she would have stayed with us and also in Ketki’s engagement, she didn’t stay even today, she doesn’t want this, since she came back, when she sees us together, she runs away, Abir covers up by giving excuses, Mishti wants to stay separated, maybe she has discussed this with Abir. Parul says no, Abir will never agree to this, he can never leave the house.

Meenakshi says he can’t leave the house, because I won’t let him leave the house, he will just listen to me, once Ketki’s marriage happens well, just keep an eye on them, especially Mishti. Kuhu says done.Abir says why are you doing this Lord, we will keep trying, you have given her such parents, she didn’t know that someone may love her, I loved her and promised to always be with her, I married her, I can’t stay without her, if you make her away, then I will break our partnership. Mishti looks on and asks why are you acting tough. She gives him the string of hope. She says if I have tears in eyes, then you will lose, if I get troubled, then you will lose, if I get away, then we will lose, I will not let us lose, Rajshri and I used to cry after watching emotional movies, then we used to have cold coffee with icecream, now Rajshri isn’t here, will you have it. He nods. He says she won’t let us lose. Kuhu comes.

Mishti makes the cold coffee. Kuhu says I didn’t put the charcoal face mask, why are you giving such a reaction. Mishti says I m sorry, I have troubled you all a lot. Kuhu says sorry to be rude, we have always acted to be BFF and shared the room, I know you, since you came back, you look worried. Mishti says I was worried, but not now. Kuhu says I m tired of fighting with you, I won’t fight. Mishti asks are we friends. Kuhu says we are not guys to become friends so soon, girls become friends when they share their secrets, tell me, why do you stay so off, I m really worried for you, I know you feel I m selfish, but I m asking your problem to solve it, you are avoiding me. Mishti says Kuhu… door bell rings. Mishti goes to see.

Parul says Abir, Ketki told me what happened, is Mishti fine. Abir says sorry, Mishti got scared seeing Varun, I will apologize to Varun, don’t worry. Parul says fine, this letter came for you. Abir reads..I know your secret, Mishti. Abir says who has sent this letter, it means someone had come to give it, there was someone else with that guy, who knows it. He asks who has come to give this letter. Parul says don’t know, it was in the letter box, what’s the matter, you both look worried, are you happy to return home. He asks is this your question or mum’s. She asks why, can’t I ask. He says sorry. She says just tell the truth, why does Mishti stay unwell. Abir says there was much work, Mishti and I couldn’t talk to each other, Kuhu and Mishti had a fight, their relation is such, Mishti and I want to stay here.

Parul says I m relieved, I will feed food to Mishti by my hands and make her fine. Varun comes home. Mishti asks him to come. Nidhi asks how did you come suddenly. Mishti says I have called him. Abir says you didn’t tell me. Mishti says our family has much love and some problems, funny thing is problems happen because of me. Abir says Mishti can’t get best bahu award. Mishti says yes, that award is of Kuhu. Varun jokes. Kuhu says I use organic colours even on holi. Varun says sorry, I didn’t know you have a problem with red colour. Abir says its not like that.


Meenakshi says if Abir is saying, then there is no problem, he knows her well, he may not get best son’s award, but he will get best husband’s award. Abir looks at her. Mishti thinks does mum think that Abir is getting away because of me.Varun inviting Ketki and everyone for lunch. Mishti says he wants to spend time with Ketki, she is busy, we will come. Abir says no, we will come with Ketki. He jokes. Mishti says I will bring the cold coffee. Kuhu says I know Mishti is trying to act normal. She says sorry, I can’t come, I m the wedding planner, I have much work, Mishti wants me to come, but I m busy, this work is easy for me. Abir says Kuhu gets the award for best party organizer. Nidhi asks Mishti did she make the coffee, did Kuhu make it, maybe she adds some medicine in it. Abir says Nidhi gets the award to say wrong thing at wrong time and make everything feel bad. Mishti asks Abir to get ready.

She asks Abir does he like Parul’s given earrings. Abir says yes, its beautiful, did you call Varun here. Mishti says yes, I behaved bad in front of him. He says you are recovering from trauma. She says yes, but he doesn’t know it, so I apologized. He says fine, but you shouldn’t behave that everything is normal, don’t hide your problems from me.She says I called Varun for my sake, not for you, I m trying, I know nothing will get fine. He says you try. She says I know you are with me, did you find that family. He says no, I will keep trying. She says I m not stressed, you are going to get husband of the year award. Varun welcomes them. Mishti says your house is really beautiful. Abir asks are you okay. Varun says we didn’t invite anyone since my brother’s death, mum wanted me to invite you all. He laughs and says its a joke, sorry, you all are family, you can come home anytime.

Abir says yes, we had come, but we won’t have anything here, we can’t eat food in Ketki’s Sasural, did you forget, that I can also joke, we will come and have food, this way Ketki can know you. Varun says I also want this, my parents went for shopping. Ketki says house is beautiful. Varun says you like it, its yours from today. Abir says I will make a call to NGO and come. Mishti says person breaks down when such incident happens, you all are handling it well and stay happy, its really amazing.

Varun says my brother always wanted us to be happy. Ketki says you and your brother were best friends like Abir and Kunal. Varun says we were best friends. Abir calls Jugnu and says don’t say its my call. Nidhi sees Jugnu and asks him to come to work. She goes. Abir says go to my room, check the cctv footage on my laptop. Jugnu asks what if I do some mistake. Abir says just go, I will tell you, come on, you can do this for me, you lied to Meenakshi. Jugnu says fine, I will go. Ketki says sorry Varun, I wish that accident never happened. Mishti says Rajshri tells that we have to forget old memories if we want to make new memories, tell me, what did you see in Ketki and liked her. Varun says Ketki taught me to stay happy. Abir says I don’t want to know the pain of losing a brother, Kunal and I will always be with you. Varun says thanks, sorry I got emotional. Abir says lets cook something. Ketki asks did your brother like dhokla, I learnt it today.

Mishti says tell he didn’t like it. Varun says my brother liked cake. Abir says Mishti is champion in making the cake. Jugnu checks cctv footage. Kuhu makes phone calls. Meenakshi says I have given you a work. Kuhu says I m finding out Mishti’s secret. Meenakshi asks why didn’t you go to Varun’s house. Kuhu says I thought to search their room. Meenakshi asks her to go. Jugnu sees Meenakshi near the letter box. He sees some shadow in the footage. Kuhu comes. Jugnu deletes the file by mistake. He hides. Kuhu checks Abir’s laptop and reads the messages. She thinks what is Abir doing. She shuts the laptop and goes. Jugnu calls Abir.

Mishti bakes the cup cake. Varun says so sweet guys. Abir says our family is filmi. Varun says twists come in films, friends like you and Mishti become villains in the end, its a joke. Ketki says Abir and Mishti can never do wrong even by mistake, they are perfect. Varun says time will show it, Mishti has to feed me the cake and then we will know how is it. Mishti asks him to have it. Ketki says its Mishti’s secret recipe. Varun says she has many secrets, I mean secret recipes, I m special for her, I will thank her for this cake. Mishti says no need, I hope you always have this memory, if we have problems, then we have family with us. Varun says like you all are with me, right. She sees his watch and recalls the guy. She says I will just come. Abir says I will also come. He asks what happened. Mishti says that guy’s watch broke because of me, Varun had the same watch with the same crack. Abir says its a common thing, its coincidence.

Mishti says of course, I remembered that night and came here, I will get freshen up and come. Abir says take your time, I will wait. She goes. He gets shocked seeing Varun and his brother’s pic. He recalls the dead buy. He recalls putting Mishti in the car. Inspector says its a case of overdose, he is too drunk, maybe he fall down and got hurt by the stone, I don’t know his identity, I will find out. Abir says this guy attacked Mishti, any girl would have taken this move to save herself. He goes to Mishti and says I will be with you, you didn’t do anything wrong. Abir thinks Mishti’s attacker was Varun’s elder brother. Mishti comes. Abir says we will go home. Mishti says no, I m feeling fine. Abir says we can go home. She says I m fine, we can have lunch. He insists. She says sorry, you are worried for me, you should talk to Varun, move on, I m fine. Abir thinks you don’t know you are in that guy’s house. Varun comes and asks is everything fine. Mishti says I have migraine problem. Varun says Karan has same problem, I will give you the medicine. He goes to get medicine.Abir worries. Kuhu notes down the number and calls on it. Ketki answers the call on Varun’s landline. Varun gets the medicines.

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