Strange Love Update Sunday 8 August 2021

Strange Love 8 August 2021: The Episode starts with Shlok talking to Riya, did Astha tell you I m liker her brother in law and even her husband’s name is also Shlok. Shlok sees Astha and thinks her lie will be costly to her. Astha thinks Shlok is looking so handsome, wish to kiss him. He asks Riya what else did Astha say. Riya says that you are bachelor and family is finding a girl like you. Astha comes and gets worried as Shlok makes her jealous. He calls her Vahini and Astha says Vahini? He says yes, you are, so I m giving you respect. Astha says see Riya, he is so naughty. Shlok asks where is her husband. Astha says he is so lazy. Shlok says its your fault too, you always control him. Astha says I regret marrying him. Shlok says then leave him, you are today’s woman.

Astha says how, I have committed to him. He says you both will kill each other one day, my brother can get any girl. Astha says come, we have to go to market. Shlok asks Riya to come alone. Astha says what. Shlok says Vahini ji, please sit back, I will sit infront with Riya. Riya smiles.Anjali sees Niranjan getting dressed and asks where is he going. Niranjan tells Anjali that he did a mistake, please forgive me, I should have taken permission from you before going. She says I did not mean that, its sangeet. He says I m happy that I will get rid of Jyoti, I m spending money to bid bye to Jyoti, such sangeet and dance, I m not interested in it. Jyoti comes and hears them talking. She asks Niranjan is he angry on you. He says what are you saying. She says forgive me. He says no need to say this, you are my daughter and leaves. Jyoti hugs Anjali smiling.

Sid looks at the ring and says this is be my first gift after our marriage. Renuka says we have to go for sangeet to Agnihotri house. She sees the ring and likes it, asking is it for her. He says no, I got this for Jyoti. She says its good you became smart now, even I had this gift for her, but you did not feel to buy anything for your mum till now. She leaves. Astha sees Shlok and Riya smiling seeing each other. Shlok notices Astha fuming and smiles. Astha thinks she knows Shlok is doing this to make me jealous.

Astha asks Riya to go as her home came. Shlok holds Riya’s hand and stops her. Astha gets angry. Shlok asks Riya are you coming in sangeet in evening. Riya says ofcourse I will come. He says I like purple color on girls, so get well dressed and come. She says sure and leaves smiling. Astha looks on and goes in the front seat. She scolds him and he smiles asking her she have any problem. Music plays…………….. Khuda……………She says stop the car here. She says so Mr stranger, wait for me here, I will just come. He looks at her. She says did you forget I m your Vahini. She leaves.

He says she thinks she is very smart, now lets see how this so called Vahini comes home. He leaves from there and goes home. Astha bumps into someone and her mangalsutra drops. She sees some sarees and likes few. She notices her mangalsutra gone and looks in the shop, asking aunties to find it. Mansi comes with it and says I got it outside. Astha thanks her and says you are Varad’s client. Mansi says you are Astha right, we met in restaurant, why did you panic, even if this was lost, you could have bought new one. Astha says it has feelings associated with it.

Mansi says she does not understand this. Astha says I love my husband a lot, and this pearls are a symbol of our marriage. Astha wears it. Astha gets her shopping bags and leaves. She sees Shlok has gone and says where did he go. Mansi asks what happened, is everything ok. Astha says actually my husband….. and calls Shlok. Shlok is having apple in his room and takes her call. She asks where are you. He says at home, why will I wait for any stranger. She says I have gold, clothes and much more, its auto bus strike. He says go and come your way.Astha says my husband is angry and went, we keep pulling each other’s leg, and it increases love. Mansi offers her lift and Astha thanks her. Sojal likes the necklace and Varad’s choice.

He asks her to come and asks why did she wear it again. She says you brought for me, so why should I not wear it. He says this irritates me. Jaya comes asking for her saree and Varad leaves. Anjali waits for Astha and asks Shlok where is Astha. He says I don’t know, if you are worried, call and ask her, don’t try to talk to me. Anjali says I m your mum, talk with respect.Astha brings Mansi and introduces her to Anjali. She says my mangalsutra got lost and she got it. She gave me lift too. Anjali thanks Mansi. Sojal slips and Varad holds her. Mansi looks on. Varad sees her at home and is shocked. Astha asks what happened, are you surprised? She says someone got selfish to leave me on way.

Shlok smiles. Astha says Lord sent Mansi to help me. She says I can ask her to stay here for sangeet and mahendi. Mansi says sure. Anjali says tell me if you need anything. She asks Astha is the shopping over. Astha says yes.Shlok thinks now Astha will fight with me but Astha leaves. Anjali asks Sojal to take care of Mansi and leaves. Sojal asks did we meet before. Mansi says yes. Sojal says yes, you are Varad’s client. They have a talk. Sojal says Varad also surprises me, see this necklace, he got it for me and did not say. Mansi says yes, very nice. Anjali calls Sojal and she goes. Mansi looks at Varad and he is a little bit tensed. Niranjan throws money on Pawar and asks him not to show his face again. Pawar says now I know my value and how much to charge for any work. Niranjan says don’t forget who I m. Pawar says I don’t care. Niranjan says I m not afraid of threatening.

Pawar says I know you love your respect a lot. Niranjan slaps him and says whatever you know is very less, I can’t bear if anyone sees in his eyes and talk, look down. Pawar says this slap will prove to be costly for you and leaves. Niranjan says it will be costly when……… He calls someone and says make Pawar free from this world.Varad talking to Mansi and asking why did she come here. She says Astha forced me to come. He says if anyone knows, then what. She says I came to meet you, They are shocked seeing Sojal looking at them. Anjali makes Jyoti ready and Jyoti asks her the reason of this change, why did she try to bail Abhay, and she always supported Abhay, why did she not take this step before. Astha says she was tied before.

Jyoti asks what. Anjali says I saw your pain all these years and could not bear it anymore. Jyoti says about her brothers. Astha jokes on Shlok. Jyoti asks them to always love her. As she does not want anything else than love. Anaya cries and Jyoti goes to see her.Astha asks Anjali why she did she stop her. Anjali says it’s a good day for Jyoti, she feels her dad is very good, so let her think this. Sojal comes to Varad and asks what happened, why did you stop talking. Mansi says I was just about to leave, and he saw me leaving. We have a relation because of business and he got upset that I was going. He says yes, Astha called her with love. Sojal thinks its good chance to impress Varad if I take her of her client. She asks sweet and asks Mansi to be a part of this marriage. She says I will give her a good saree. Varad says let it be, I m sure she is comfortable.

Sojal says please come and be with all ladies, as it looks bad to be with men talking like this. She takes Mansi. Varad says why is Sojal after Mansi.Jyoti smiles and Astha teases her by Sid’s name. Astha says she will make Anaya ready. Jyoti takes Anaya and asks Astha to get ready. Astha says what should I wear now, always Shlok decided. Sita brings a gift for Astha and says it was with Kavya. Astha asks Kavya and Kavya says Shlok gave it to you, but I won’t say it. Astha says very smart, you did not tell anyone, go. Astha smiles seeing the card with the gift and reads it. She sees the beautiful saree of Shlok’s choice and likes it.

Anjali welcomes Sid and his family in the engagement function. She thanks Kalindi for everything, like giving a good bahu and giving a second life to Jyoti. Astha comes and hugs them. Kalindi asks what happened to Anjali, she talked with love and praised you. Astha asks is she jealous and teases. Kalindi says she is very happy that she won heart with her love. Astha says what to do, I do such miracles. Avdhoot smiles and apologizes to Kalindi, as he was selfish for Astha’s happiness, and ruined Jyoti’s happiness and scolded Sid, but he is happy seeing all this. She says its good our both daughters are happy.

Mansi comes wearing Sojal’s fav saree and jewellery. Varad sees her. Sojal tells Varad that she gave her fav saree and imitation jewellery to Mansi. He asks why did she do this. She says why are you saying, if she does not have any problem. Mansi smiles seeing Varad. Sid’s father asks Anjali about Niranjan. She says he might be coming anytime. Riya sees Shlok come and smiles. She shows her purple dress and smiles. She really looks cute. Astha brings Jyoti there. Sid stares at Jyoti and smiles. Everyone smile seeing Jyoti. Shlok looks at Astha and smiles.

She looks at him and acts like ignoring. Sojal asks Shlok to give the ring. Jyoti and Sid exchange rings and everyone claps. Astha says we will have mahendi function now, and will have chit system, the guy who gets the girl’s name will apply her mahendi. She says Sid will be default apply mahendi to Jyoti. Shlok gets his name’s chit and hides it. Sid takes the bowl and gives another chit to Astha. Astha says where did my chit go. Astha says Vinayak Kaka. Sojal says Sid’s dad. Shlok gives his name chit to Riya and she smiles. The men apply mahendi according to the chits. Varad applies mahendi to Mansi and Sojal looks on. Shlok writes Astha on Riya’s name and she asks him why did he write his Vahini’s name. She says I will go and wash it.

He says no, get any good design on this. She says ok. Shlok looks at Astha and Kaka leaves. Khuda……………..plays……………… Shlok sits to apply her mahendi and asks can he. She says fine and she is giving hand for mahendi, not to hold his hand forever. Shlok laughs. Anjali looks at them. Shlok says he loves her a lot and his love is very intense. This saree is suiting you. She says some stranger gave me. He says oh that means, his choice is very good. She says yes, but I look good whatever I wear. He says fine, lets see, how this mahendi looks in beautiful hands. He makes a devil face and writes Shlok on her hands.

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