Strange Love Update Monday 9 August 2021

Strange Love 9 August 2021: The Episode starts with Astha asking what did Shlok do, as she sees her mahendi. He says this is my color, and won’t fade easily. He goes and she smiles seeing his name and devil face on her hand. Varad applies mahendi to Mansi and talks to her. Sojal comes to them and asks Mansi to go to others to have mahendi. She asks Varad to fix the button at her back, as she has mahendi on her hands. Varad goes with her and Mansi looks on. She sees them and is jealous hearing Sojal’s stupid laugh. Shlok dances on the song Dilli wali Girlfriend…………..Riya joins him. Shlok throws money on her and Astha jets angry seeing them.

She comes in between them and the trio continues dancing. Shlok and Astha have an eyelock. They have an eyelock. Music plays…………… Everyone look at them and smile. Varad sees them and looks for Mansi. They go out. Astha goes far and Shlok stops her. Saiyyan ve………… ab raasta dikhade tu……………..plays………..Astha and Shlok have a romantic slow dance. Riya sees them dancing and her mood gets upset. Astha smiles and hugs Shlok. Sajna ve…………………plays……………They suddenly realize and move back.Varad apologizes to Mansi and she understands him. He hugs her smiling. Jaya sees them and thinks Varad is hugging Sojal. Shlok gets a thankyou card on his bed with a rose. He sees it and has a gift with it too. He gets a beautiful broach and gets a note, it will suit your wedding sherwani. He smiles and says this girl is so mad.

Varad tells Sojal that he is going to drop Mansi. Sojal says but she has her car. Varad says I m dropping her till her car. Mansi thanks them and says I will go myself, I will return your jewellery and saree. Sojal says I want this women, why does she get near you, knowing you are my husband. Mansi hears this and feels bad. Varad praises Mansi.Sojal says I know everything. Varad leaves. Sojal is angry as Varad praised Mansi. Jyoti talks to Astha and teases about Shlok. Astha teases her about Sid. Jyoti asks her to show her mahendi. Astha shows and Jyoti laughs.

Khuda…………plays,………. Shlok laughs hearing them.Jyoti blesses Astha and Shlok.The power goes and a man enters the house. Anjali brings candles as Anaya is crying. Anjali asks Astha to take candles in her room and asks Sita to take candles to Niranjan’s study. She asks Varad to check the inverter.Shlok looks for candles and says where did Astha keep candles. Astha comes to him with a candle and bumps into him. Wax falls on her hand and he blows on her hand. She looks at him with love. She says stranger, don’t take any chance in darkness. He takes the candles to put wax on it. She says are you mad, my hand would have burnt. They start their arguments. She sees a lizard and gets scared. She thinks it came on her saree and hugs him, asking him to save her.

She asks him to remove it. He says cool down. He holds her and says this is cheating, would you do this if there was any stranger in my place. He says yes, if she is scared. He laughs seeing her jump and asks can this stranger touch you. She says yes. He says sure. She says yes. She says fast please. He turns and holds her saree pallu. He closes his eyes and she sees him and is stunned by his goodness and brilliant character. He notices there is no lizard on her back and moves his hand on her back. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………………. Plays……………… He gets a pin and shows her that it was it.

She says I m going. He smiles seeing her. She says stranger, you felt you are characterless, but you are not. He smiles. Khuda…………….plays…………… She leaves from his room.Niranjan seeing Pawar and saying you. Pawar says I knew you will fall so low, to hurt me and risk my life, now this mistake will cost a lot to you. Niranjan asks him to do anything, but remember, a tiger keeps hunting till its prey dies. He says you saved in one accident, many can happen. Pawar says he is not afraid of death. I can do anything. Now you see what will I do, first I thought to give all proof to police, but you have control over police, see how I bring your real face infront of your family and lovely son Shlok, then you will try to prove yourself innocent all your life, this time I will make your family against you, I will send just one courier. Niranjan takes his warning light. Pawar leaves.

Astha comes out and faces Pawar. She thinks like saw him before. Astha sees Pawar and thinks why did he come like this, hiding, whats going on, Niranjan does not meet anyone like this at home. Shlok comes smiling to her. He sees Astha lost in thoughts. He comes infront of her. She bumps into her. He asks her what was she thinking. She says why does this matter to you. He calls her kiddish and leaves. Mansi thinks about Sojal’s words and is disturbed. Varad comes to her, and she rests her shoulder on him. He asks her not to think about Sojal’s words. She says I did not feel bad by her words, I felt nice meeting Sojal and Astha, and your mum is so cute. She says its Jyoti’s marriage tomorrow, is it ok if I come, Astha insisted a lot, she will feel bad if I don’t go, she messaged me.

Varad refuses. She asks why, there will be many guests. He says about Sojal, I don’t want her to tell you anything wrong. She says I know her nature, I won’t feel bad. They say I love you to each other. Its morning, Astha gets the pics of the function and laughs seeing her and Shlok’s pics. Shlok comes and sees the funny pic. She asks the man to get it enlarged. Shlok says its so bad, no need. They start arguing. Shlok asks Astha to give him all pics. She says no, and runs fooling him. Shlok says Astha and runs after her. They come to Sojal’s room. He says now where will you run, give me. She says no, after showing everyone. They fall on the bed.

The bed breaks and they laugh. Mahiya…………. Mere mahiya………………..plays…………… They have an eyelock. Shlok says what did you do Astha ji, you broke the bed, what will people say. She says did I break it alone, Sojal will scold seeing this. He says I got what I wanted, this time people will taunt on your character, what a shameless girl to break the bed. She says why do you care, be away from strangers. He says yes, you are right, now I will show, I won’t come after you, but you will come after me. He takes the pics and leaves. She says I think I said a lot, he got annoyed, what to do now. A pic goes far.

Sojal comes and asks what is she doing here, how did my bed break. Astha says I don’t know, I heard the sound so came to see, you check it now. She leaves. Niranjan thinks he has to do something about Pawar soon. Anjali comes to him and asks will he have breakfast. He asks her not to repeat. She says we have to fast today, as we have to do Jyoti’s kanyadaan. He says it happens once, not again and again, I won’t do. She says its a ritual. He says you do it, else make anyone else do it. He leaves.Astha asks Shlok to have breakfast calling him a stranger. Shlok leaves. Astha thinks will he be hungry, what about me. Shlok thinks he will make her say she loves this stranger, else my name is not Shlok Agnihotri. Shlok comes on the dining table. He asks Sojal to serve him breakfast. Sojal looks at Astha and says ok. Niranjan says he is not hungry, I have some work. Anjali says kanyadaan…… Niranjan says yes, Shlok and Astha will do it. Everyone looks on. Varad smiles. Niranjan says its happening because of Astha, so she needs this respect.

Shlok says but how can we. Niranjan says I thought and took this decision. He leaves. Jyoti says I m so lucky Astha, that you and Shlok will do my Kanyadaan.Sojal is angry as she is elder bahu, but she and Varad does not get any good responsibility, its Varad’s mistake, who thinks about himself, not doing any work for Niranjan. Sojal looks under the sofa. She tries to take it.

Varad comes and Sojal asks him is he Niranjan’s real son or not, they don’t give us any rights. Varad sees the pic and is tensed. It has pic of Mansi and him. She asks whose pic is it, show me. He says its bad, why do you want to see, go and get ready, then we will get good pics. She insists and he tears the pic. He leaves.Astha draws a devil face on the mirror. Shlok comes. Astha says Mr Rude, you said I will come after you. Shlok thinks she is mad, to say me my line. Astha says I m warning you as time will show, who will win. Khuda…………….plays…………….. He says sorry wifey, this time I will make you lose.

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