Strange Love update Sunday 5 December 2021

Strange Love 5 December 2021: The Episode starts with Renuka doing the baby’s Naam karan/naming ceremony. Jyoti comes and sits between the guests. Sid finds Jyoti sad. Renuka keeps the name Deep, to make her family name light. The guests like the name, as its simple and nice. They leave. Renuka scolds Jyoti for keeping the function so simple, and blames her for filling Sid’s ears. She leaves. Sid holds Jyoti’s hand and pacifies her. He asks her not to worry, as everything will be fine. Astha thinks she was talking in Marathi. Indrajeet comes and asks her did she meet Shlok outside, why did she not tell him. She says she did not say, as she did not wish to trouble him, he has just seen him, he did not meet, as he is stranger. He asks why did she fight.

She says I lost my purse and he returned it. She thinks why did she lie to him. He says that’s why I ask you not to go out alone, why don’t you agree. She says I m sorry, I promise I won’t go alone. She says she spoke in Marathi again. He says he said earlier she learnt Marathi from a maid. She says that’s what I was thinking. He worries.Sid talks to Sojal and says Jyoti misses them a lot. He asks did Astha get her memory and asks her to trust Bappa.Surbhi comes to Shlok and says I did not think you can love Astha or anyone so much. He says she brought many changes in my life, I can’t say how much I love Astha. She says I know it, I feel it would be good if you made me meet formally to Astha in old style. She says life is so strange, it creates situations and don’t know where anyone meet at anytime.

He says he wants to create situations to meet Astha, to remind her everything without harming her. Sid talks to Ananya and asks Jyoti to come. They start leaving and he gets a call. He says what, I m coming, I will cover the news. He tells her that flood came in nearby village and my team is going there, its big news, I have to go, sorry. She says Renuka is with her, work is important, you go. Sid asks where is Renuka. She says she went to meet someone. Sid asks will she manage. She says yes, but I was scared knowing the news, they need you more, please help them and take care. He says fine. Renuka comes and asks where is he going. He tells about flood incident. Renuka stops him.

Renuka says she will not let him to risk his life. Sid says people are in trouble and need help, I have to go, I know you love me, but how can you be selfish. She says she is not selfish, and wants his safety. Jyoti says if he can help them, its better to let him go. Renuka scolds her and says Sid won’t go. Sid says I will go. Renuka says as Jyoti is supporting you. Sid says I know Jyoti will not stop me, and asks her to pack her bag. Renuka prays for Sid to get sense and cries for his life risk.Astha asks Indrajeet to have breakfast. He says not now, I have much workload, I have to go for meeting too, can you help me, its urgent. She says I don’t understand. He says you did it before, I trust your efficiency. She says fine, I don’t have any problem, I will do.

She sits working. He thinks he will make her so busy that Shlok can never meet her, she can’t go out now. Apsara comes and says she prepared the puja plate. Indrajeet says I did not know you had to go temple, its fine, we will go together.Astha says its fine, I will not go today. He asks are you sure. She says yes, we have temple at home too, I will do puja at home. He says fine and leaves. Apsara thinks Shlok might have gone to temple, how to convince Astha to go to temple. Sid thanks Jyoti and says he is proud that she understands him. He holds her hand and asks her to take care and not feel bad of Renuka’s words. She says I know she does not like me, and I know she is not bad at heart, I will try to win her heart.

She says she learnt a lot from Astha, how to react in tough situations. Sid thanks her and says he is very lucky to get her as wife, and says its not good to be so good. She says if she was not good, she would have not got him, she is lucky to have him. She says Lord is great and we should have belief. Sid says he will take her to Mumbai when he returns, and hopes Astha gets her memory and everything gets fine.Shlok tells Sojal that he is going to temple. Kavya says give her my message that I miss her a lot. He says sure. Sojal asks him to have breakfast. He says I will get late, I can’t miss chance to meet her. He leaves. Sojal prays that they unite. Sid asks Jyoti to take care and sees Renuka crying. Renuka makes her have curd and sugar, and says mum is mum, Jyoti did not remember this. Sid takes her blessings. She asks him to go and come back safe. He leaves.

Apsara asks Astha to go temple and come back soon, as she believes in Lord so much. Astha says yes Kamla, but Lord will understand if I don’t go, work is also worship, I will worship at home, Indrajeet has so much work, I have to help home. Apsara thinks what to do as Shlok might have reached temple by now. Jyoti getting blank calls. She gets angry and says she will threaten that person now. Renuka takes the call and talks. She asks Jyoti to go and work. Renuka says I will come. Jyoti thinks why did the person not talk to me, who is it who wants to talk to Renuka. She asks Renuka not to do anything, that they all come in problem. Renuka asks her not to teach her, don’t show love and acting of care. Shlok waits for Astha at the temple and says why did she not come till now.

Apsara calls her and says sorry, I gave wrong news, Astha will not come today, Indrajeet has made her busy at home and did not allow her to go, now he will be always around her, how will you both meet me. He says don’t worry, I will manage something. Shlok thinks Indrajeet stopped her one day, but he can’t stop them from uniting.Astha sleeps after the work. Apsara brings water and smiles seeing her. Indrajeet asks did she go out, she is sleeping. Apsara says no, she worked in room and got tired, shall I wake up. He says no, get tea for me. Apsara thinks to add poison in it, being angry, but Shlok will get Astha by his way, then I will see how this villain will smile. Renuka is leaving and Jyoti asks her where is she going. Renuka scolds her and leaves. Shlok marks on map. Sojal comes and asks whats he doing by marking on map. He says relax, wait and watch, you will understand. Indrajeet smiles seeing Astha sleep on the couch. He holds her and she wakes up. She says you.. He says what happened, I just touched you, I m your husband and you are reacting such. She says she will arrange food.

The kids come and Indrajeet talks to them. Astha says you should play outdoor games. He says he will activate their club membership. Astha receives their principal’s call, and the lady says she tried to call them in day time, but could not connect, so she called now. She says she organized outing for kids, and will she send them. Astha says I m doubtful, I will not send. The kids insists and Astha asks Indrajeet about kids’ camping trip. He agrees and smiles.Astha says fine, you write their names in list. They hug Indrajeet. Astha smiles and asks them to come for dinner. He says let me just finish this work, I will come. He thinks he has to talk about school camp, Shlok can plan something, I have to be careful. Shlok sits recalling Astha. Sojal brings food. He says he is going to see Astha, he is not hungry. She says at this time, she is already scared, if she sees you at night, she will be scared. He says he will be careful and goes. She hopes nothing wrong happens.

Jyoti sees the news of the flood and natural disasters. She prays for everyone’s safety and thinks why did Sid not call till now. She calls Sid and can’t connect. She prays for him. Riya comes and hugs her. She asks why is she tensed. Jyoti tells everything. Riya pacifies her and says don’t worry, did you find about Astha. Jyoti says yes, but her memory is lost, we wish everyone becomes fine. Riya says it will be good, and asks where is mum, its so peaceful. Jyoti says she went out. Riya says at this time, where did she go. Jyoti says don’t know, she got new friend, she is innocent and get in anyone’s words. Riya says she will talk to mum. Jyoti asks her to come and have dinner. Riya says yes, I m very hungry and they go.

Shlok comes inside Astha’s room and sits looking at her. He smiles seeing her sleeping peacefully. Sajna ve…………….plays……….. She recalls Shlok and says Shlok…. In her sleep. He gets glad and smiles. She opens her eyes and he hides quickly. She looks around and says why am I thinking about him in sleep, whats this feeling that make me think about him always. Shlok stands outside the window and smiles. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…………….plays…………….. he thinks it’s a sign of our lost love, I m very happy knowing this that you are recalling the old moments. Khuda……………plays…………….Its morning, Indrajeet meets the principal and says I m meeting in urgent, as I m protective about kids and want to know who is going alone kids. The principal says class teachers will be going, and camps will have outdoor facility, also a doctor and security guards will go. He says I m glad that you well prepared, thanks. She says school bus will leave at 12pm, send your kids ID card with them. He says thanks and leaves. She says you are most welcome, and turns to see Shlok.

Shlok thanks her and says she organized the camp for all kids, on his saying. She says she is thankful to his father for funding the school, it will be honor if we help him, I know Astha is your wife, Niranjan has sent me the invitation card, you told me everything, but don’t do anything that affects the school’s reputation. He says no, just one thing. He thinks when they do good with others, the goodness also comes to use later on and is thankful. He comes home and makes plan with Chowksi.He asks him to meet where they decided, he will go now and asks Sojal, Rekha and Chowksi to reach there. Sojal stops them and asks Shlok to have curd and sugar. She says best of luck and he goes. Chowksi says we will also leave now. Indrajeet calls Astha and asks her to keep ID card in kids bags and do all packing. She asks can she go to drop kids. He says come office if you want. She says no, I know why you are asking me to come office, don’t worry, I won’t go out. He says alright, bye. Astha asks Kamla to pack kids bag. Apsara’s phone rings and the ringtone Anarkali disco chali…… plays………. Which was Astha’s ringtone earlier. Astha smiles.

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