Strange Love update Sunday 28 November 2021


Strange Love 28 November 2021: The Episode starts with Indrajeet asking Shlok to forget Astha as he can never get her now. Shlok beats Indrajeet and picks a big stone to hit him. A man informs this to Rekha and asks him to come soon. Indrajeet asks Shlok to stop and does he not wish to know what happened with Astha. Shlok throws the stone. Mala talks to Ankush and asks about Astha, and says Kalindi is worried for her, come soon from office and Kalindi will be glad spending time with you, and we did not get time together, shall I get tiffin here. He ends the call and Mala says I m also worried for Astha, but can’t we spend time together. Ajju looks on and thinks Mala is suffering after her marriage, she needs to talk to Kalindi.

Astha says Indrajeet should come soon. Shantanu and Mishti hug Astha and their teacher comes. She says bus is ready and asks kids to come. Astha says we will come and thinks whats happening there. Shlok gives his hand and make Indrajeet stand. Indrajeet says so you wanted to know what happened, you can never get her now, as I have erased your name from her soul and heart, she knows just my name Indrajeet Sarkar, she is with me as my Barkha.Shlok says Astha will be mine as she is my wife in reality. Indrajeet says in your dreams…. Now she is with me, when you all were following Anjali, I was following my love and took her with me from accident spot. FB shows Indrajeet taking Astha home and getting doctor check her. Indrajeet comes to know that she lost her memory and thinks he also wanted this, and names her Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar, his wife.He says being at the right place at the right time, I did not let her feel she is not my wife, and your Astha became my Barkha easily, I even explained my kids that she is your mum since ever, and now Barkha’s past became Astha’s past and now you can’t do anything, as I made her Barkha legally too, and when she accepted this as truth, I came Mumbai with her. FB shows servants and kids accepting Astha as Barkha, and she sees her pics with Indrajeet and kids.

Indrajeet says I have ended her identity and she is not just Barkha, she can’t anything as she regards me husband my herself and heart. Shlok says he is mistaken. Indrajeet says such confidence even after breaking up, this is my challenge, prove she is Astha. Shlok says I will prove she is my Astha, he is mistaken to think she will be Barkha, the truth will come out, I will leave you alive now to make you see that Astha will come back to me, truth wins at end and you will see our love strength, it’s a challenge Mr Indrajeet Sarkar.Shlok leaves. Indrajeet says you are wrong, I will take Astha away from you, you have seen my anger, I will give so much love to Astha that there will be no place for you in her life, now I got my Barkha back and no one can snatch her from me. Ajju talks to Kalindi and says they did not get find Astha, and talks about Mala. She says no one gets anything before time, everything has a time, I can understand your worry, it does not mean you neglect other children, Ankush and Mala need you, they have right on your love.

Kalindi asks did I make any mistake. Ajju says take care of Ankush and Mala, you said she is not your bahu, but daughter, think about her. Kalindi says did Mala say anything. Ajju says no, she has your values, she will never complain, this does not mean you don’t think about her. Kalindi says we should send them together to spend time. Mala comes to them and says they will find Astha, we just wishes to spend time to Ankush, it does not mean we go out and spend time leaving family. Mala says everything will be fine, I will be with my Aai to strengthen her, and when Astha comes back, we will go together on a long holiday.Shlok calls Varad and says he got Astha. Varad gets glad and asks where. Shlok tells him everything. Varad says what is he saying, I m coming there to handle that Indrajeet Sarkar, I can’t believe he can fall so low. Shlok says, no, its my fight and I will bring Astha there to Pune. He ends call and thinks he won’t go Pune till he gets Astha.

Sojal asking Varad where is Astha. Varad says yes, it was not Shlok’s thinking, I will tell everything later. She says everything will be fine now. She thanks Lord. Astha is restless and servant informs her that Indrajeet is nowhere. She says fine and worries. She says don’t know what happened, he went there because of me. Indrajeet comes home. She asks where was he, how did he get hurt, come sit. She brings first aid. He says I m fine. She says its all because of my mistake. He says relax. She says how to relax, why did I send you there, I will not leave that guy now, she took complaint back. She says he came to meet me in temple. He says you should have told me. She says I thought you will worry.She says I will rectify my mistake and call police now. He says leave it Barkha, he is ruined, his wife has left him and he is lost, I have forgiven him, you also forgive him. She says you are good so you have forgiven him. Shantanu and Mishti ask them to come soon for summer camp. Indrajeet says don’t worry, I will take you tomorrow. Kids thank him and hug. Astha smiles seeing them.

Shlok says he will get Astha by any way. Rekha says yes, everything will be fine. Shlok says I will meet her and explain. Sachin asks but how, if you find her, then whats the use, we should make a plan. Shlok says I can’t plan, I need her address. Sachin says don’t worry, I already did this and gives the address. Shlok thinks. Its morning, Sid and Jyoti take care of their son. Riya comes to congratulate them. She takes the baby and says sorry I came late, you know I went out with Anshul. Jyoti smiles and is glad seeing her happy. Riya says baby will be keeping her busy all the time.Jyoti says mum is somewhat annoyed. Sid says she feels bad of small things, she wants to do baby naming ceremony and we said we will do later with happiness, she is adamant. He asks are we wrong. Riya says no, don’t worry, I will talk to Renuka. Jyoti says be careful, she should not think that we complained, and take food for her, she did not have dinner. Riya says don’t worry, I will manage and gives the baby to her.

Shlok thinks its not like Astha is thinking, Indrajeet is not her husband and the kids are not hers, give me one chance to explain, how did all vows of love end so soon. Rekha comes and asks him to have food, so that he can be strong to find Astha. He says he is going out. Sachin asks is he going to that address, we will come along. Rekha asks Shlok to have Lord idol and says Bappa will unite you both. He says I don’t know how to say thanks. Sachin says be careful, else Astha can be someone else too, lets go. Shlok says no, I will go alone, I know she is my Astha, once I get her, I will teach a lesson to Indrajeet.Riya meets Renuka and says she just came. She brings food and asks her to have it. She says she wants to talk. Renuka asks did anything go wrong with her husband. Riya says no, about baby naming ceremony, its done in three months, why can’t we delay. Renuka says you don’t worry for this house. Riya says this is my house too, and explains her to understand Jyoti’s pain, her family got so many problems, but she still did duties here, you are a woman, why don’t you understand her. Renuka scolds her and says I have sacrificed many happiness because of her, why are you favoring her like Sid.

Indrajeet says now its time to get Astha away from Shlok, as Shlok would have got my address till now, now he will never get Astha, I will never make her identify him, as she is now my Barkha, my life, my love and my everything, and I can’t let anyone take her away from me. Some eunuchs come to Sid and Jyoti’s house and gives blessings. Sid gives them money. Renuka says give blessings to my grandson. Sid asks her why is she giving much money. She says its my money. Sid says no need to pay much. Renuka gives the gifts and money.They say there is no biasing in girl or boy. Renuka says yes, we differentiate between our and other blood. Jyoti feels bad. Shlok walks on the road. He recalls Indrajeet’s home. Sid asks Renuka why did she give so much money, how will this be, whats need to say our and other blood, Anaya is also my daughter, and Jyoti is hurt by her taunts. Renuka says I can’t help if she is hurt by truth. Sid says I don’t care. Renuka says its enough for her that Anaya is staying with us. Sid asks how can she say so bitter things, Anaya is my first child.

Renuka scolds Jyoti and says you spoiled my relation with my son. Jyoti cries. Astha packs her bag. Indrajeet thinks it will be good to keep Shlok away from Astha. He says he is in hurry for kids. She says you take care of everyone. He says you are my Barkha, we can spend time together and hugs her. Shlok looks for the address and asks some people. He comes to Indrajeet’s home and sees them leaving. Indrajeet sees him in the car’s window glass and smiles. Indrajeet and Astha leave with the kids. Shlok looks on. Indrajeet thinks Shlok is doing what I want to make him do, I will see how you prove your love to Astha.

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