Strange Love update Monday 29 November 2021


Strange Love 29 November 2021: The Episode starts with Mala taking good care of everyone, and saying she will make tiffin for Avdhoot, and no one will trouble Kalindi for work. He says its wrong, how can she leave his team and go to Kalindi. Mala says I m in both teams, and he leaves. Shlok comes to Indrajeet’s home and sees Indrajeet and Astha’s pic with the kids. He says I could not think you are such a fallen man. He throws the pic. He says Astha has to know the truth, she is my wife. He gets her IDs and passport by Barkha’s name. Astha says its looking good Indrajeet, that we bare going somewhere. He says yes, I planned a world trip, I want to be a perfect father and husband. She holds his hand and says you are already that. She gets glad.

He gets a call from a man who informs Shlok went inside his house by window, what to do now. Indrajeet says do as I say. Shlok gets all documents by Barkha’s name and even checks pics. He thinks Indrajeet made Astha’s identity as Barkha everywhere. Mala takes care of Kalindi. She says sorry, I disturbed you from sleep, I was justy applying oil to your feet. Kalindi says she sees Astha in her. Mala asks her not to feel bad and cry. Kalindi says she does not know where is Astha since 6 months, if I knew where is she, I would have managed myself.

Mala says I m sure she is very happy, she trusts Bappa and he can’t wrong with her. She says she can come and say bahu does not care for her and you got lean, smile now. Indrajeet thinks Shlok will never get her, he has just Astha in his memories, he has done what he wanted, he wanted him to come inside the house, so he gave leave to his servants, I wanted to see my life so that you see the truth and you get sure that Astha is now Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar, you will be convinced that now its impossible to convince Astha that she is Astha, not Barkha.

Avdhoot comes home and smiles seeing Mala playing game with Kalindi and Ajju. He asks them to play and he will make ginger tea for them. They ask not to make. Mala says she will make. He also plays with them. A servant sees Shlok and says now drama begins. He asks who is he, he will call police. Shlok asks him where is Indrajeet. The man scolds him. Shlok asks him and the man tells the address of the summer camp. Shlok leaves. The man says work is done.Mala asks Avdhoot to have pakodas she made for him. He thanks her. She asks why, oh for making pakodas. He says yes and also for making Kalindi happy. I did not say but you work a lot. She says everyone do anything for family, don’t thank me, maybe you regard me your daughter.

He says no, don’t say this, you are ours, you are like Kalindi to keep everyone united, and forget own happiness, I m proud of you. She smiles and hugs him.Indrajeet and Astha have a talk. He says he left kids for a reason, he wanted her to calm down and he can spend time with her. He gets close and she goes to her room. He says I know she is worried as Shlok came, I will make this true. He calls servant and asks about Shlok. The man says yes, he came and was angry, I told the address and he went, he will come there soon. He says fine and smiles. He says Shlok, you are getting trapped in my plan.

Avdhoot comes to Kalindi and apologizes to her as he failed to find Astha till now. She says I trust you will bring her to me soon. He says I promise that I will find her soon. Astha cries in her room and says she should have not behaved like this with Indrajeet, he got me here to change my mood and who is this man who is affecting me so much. She sees Shlok outside and runs to Indrajeet. Indrajeet smiles and says he has come, time for some action now. Astha tells him that she has seen Shlok. He says its not possible, we did this planning and nobody knows.

She says but I have seen him. He says relax and she holds her. He pacifies her and Shlok looks on. Indrajeet says she is looking beautiful in the night light, and he wishes to just see her. Shlok gets angry seeing him kiss Astha’s hand. Indrajeet says I love you Barkha. Shlok looks on angrily.Indrjaeet and Astha being in their room. Shlok comes and gets in between them. He asks how dare he touch his Astha.Astha scolds him and says she will call police, she is Barkha. He says you are my Astha. She says I have two kids, husband, are you not ashamed to trouble me, I hate you. She asks Indrajeet to call police. She says I will kill myself if this goes on. Indrajeet takes her and pacifies her, asking her not to cry. He says sit here, I will get luggage. She says come soon, I m feeling scared. He says I will lock car, don’t be afraid. He leaves.


Astha thinks why is Shlok not understanding I m not his Astha, why does he not leave me alone. Shlok recalls her words and is sad. Indrajeet comes to him and taunts him. Jyoti gets sad and recalls Anjali. She cries and thinks Anjali and Astha, she did not imagine they will leave her like this. She sees her baby and says Aai could not hug him, why did she go like this, she wishes to talk to talk today.Indrajeet and Astha are on the way. Astha recalls Shlok saying I really love you Astha and falling. She opens her eyes and says Shlok, forwarding her hand. Indrajeet asks what happened Barkha. She sweats and says yes, I have seen Shlok, don’t know why I felt I know him. He gets tensed and says I thought this should be not told. She asks what. He says she is most imp for him and says they will change the city, he is ready to do anything for her. She says I m sorry to be upset for a strange, I have hurt you, we will not go anywhere. He says its okay, you feeling better now. She nods. He starts driving and thinks.

Sid talks to Riya. Riya says she will go with Jyoti and mum will take care of kids. Renuka leaves annoyed. Jyoti says I don’t want to trouble mum, we will take Anaya. Riya asks we are going for baby’s checkup, whom will you manage, we should give some time to them, mum will like her. Indrajeet and Astha come home. She asks where are all photo frames. The servant says its broken, I went to have food, a man came and broke all frames and beaten me. He says he was shouting taking Astha’s name. She is stunned.

Astha worries and Indrajeet tells her to rest, he will make sure Shlok does not come here again. She goes. He gives money to the servant. He gets happy and says well done Indrajeet Sarkar. Renuka talks to her friend, and Anaya plays. Anaya goes and Renuka busy talking, being angry on Jyoti. Jyoti and Riya come home and ask for Anaya. Renuka says she might be here and there, where will she go. Jyoti sees Anaya sleeping on the bed and gets shocked seeing her unconscious. She asks what happened to her, why is she not opening eyes.She says why did I leave her alone. Renuka says so you should have taken her. Riya says she will call doctor. The doctor comes and says she had something, thank Lord it was not toxic. Riya asks Renuka why did she not take care of Anaya. Renuka says I can’t run after her wherever she goes. Jyoti says I will talk to her. Indrajeet sees the pics, and says photoshop can change pics and anyone’s face easily. Astha comes and asks whose face. He sees her and smiles. He asks her to come and shows her whose face changed.

He says your face changed, see it was such smiling face and now don’t know where your smile went, I sat to see this, it does not look our marriage happened 10 years ago, I remember your marriage look and happiness, I still remember all details, I love you a lot Barkha and can’t live without you, promise me you will never leave me. She says don’t know why, I feel someone told me this before. He says I have told you this, you don’t remember, I told this 1000 times in all these years, I will keep saying, I don’t want to lose you.He asks about kids. She says yes I forgot, they will come home and make food for them and you. She asks him to end work and goes. He says you have filled many colors in my discolored life, I started living and loving, thanks.

Shalom says I don’t know what happened to Astha, she does not remember anything. Sachin says I told you she is not our Astha. Shlok says she is Astha, its not her mistake if she forgot everything, we have to tell her what game Indrajeet is playing. Rekha says I know your love is true, and Lord will make something happen that Astha gets her memory back and you can get some proof. Shlok asks for a laptop and internet connection, and then he will say Astyha that I know her and also show Indrajeet.Astha makes Indrajeet’s fav food and he likes it. She thinks on saying Marathi. He says you are all rounder, you have habit to learn many languages and tells about a Marathi maid. She says so I was thinking how do I know Marathi. She asks him to have food and goes. He thinks if Astha remembers her past, then her memory can come back, I have to stop this and do something that she fears to look at her past.

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