Strange Love update Saturday 27 November 2021

Strange Love 27 November 2021: The Episode starts with Varad coming to Shlok and hugging him. Sojal bring Kavya. Kavya comes and hugs him. Shlok says we have to think practically, I can’t come without Astha, you have to manage business and also Kavya, you guys go, please understand I will come back when I get Astha, I promise. Varad says fine, call me if you need anything. They leave asking Shlok to take care. Indrajeet sees Astha and smiles. She does the puja. He says I m so lucky that I got a life partner like you. She says I m very lucky that I got a husband like you and two lovely kids, is this less luck. She hugs him and smiles.

Strange Love 26 November 2021

She says I will get coffee for you. He says get in my room, I have some work. She says always work, you don’t have time. The kids’ teacher comes and she asks servant to get her inside. She talks to the teacher and the teacher compliments her. Astha talks to her about kids’ summer camp and their interest and the teacher leaves. Sachin shows the envelop to Shlok and asks whats in this. Shlok says you will know it soon.Astha gives tea to Indrajeet. He asks her to spend some time with him, and she says you were busy, so I was going. She says kids are going for summer camp, I need to bring some things. He smiles and says thinks if we went for summer camp meeting in childhood, it would have been fun, and asks her to keep his credit cards. She asks him to think, and he insists to keep it. She goes. He thinks Shlok, she is not your Astha, she is mine now from body and mind, my love has made a wall around her and you can never make her Astha again.

Rekha, Sachin and Shlok paste Astha’s posters of her missing ad, and give Shlok’s contact number. Astha says its good I did all shopping for the kids, now they won’t have any trouble. The driver shows her the missing ad pic, and she is stunned. She says that man would have done this. She calls him and says Shlok. He says Astha, where are you, are you fine, what happened to you, I was scared when you refused to identify me in temple, tell me where are you, I will come.She says message me your address, I will come. She ends call and he messages the address.Sachin asks Shlok why is he smiling. Shlok says Astha is coming to meet me. Sachin calls everyone and tells the good news. Rekha is glad and says we will decorate the chawl and welcome her. They start decorating the chawl. Shlok sits happily. Astha comes and gets down the car. Everyone look at her and smile. Shlok and Astha look at each other. Shlok happily goes to hold her.

She says inspector and he gets shocked seeing the police. The police comes and she says arrest him, he is troubling me.He asks what is she saying, she is his wife, ask everyone here. The inspector says enough drama, are you not married to tease a married man, and asks him to come along. Shlok says I m not teasing her, she is my wife, and asks Astha why is she behaving like strangers, why is she doing this. He asks them to ask the people here. Sachin asks why is she troubling Shlok like this. Astha says please take him, he is saying nonsense. Rekha says swear on Lord, what is she saying, Shlok is her husband, is her love so weak that she forgot her husband.

She says I don’t know him and Shlok asks what is she saying. Shlok gets away and asks what is she doing. The police arrests him and they leave. Rekha and Sachin ask her where is she going, what happened to her. Astha leaves in her car. Indrajeet looks on and smiles. He thinks he can’t express how much peace he is getting seeing Shlok in this state, he and his family have cheated them, they have to pay a price, Astha was Shlok’s love and now she is mine, even if you do anything, you will not get her, a dangerous game is about to begin. Astha thinking Shlok’s eyes had honesty, maybe his wife looked like me and all chawl people also called me Astha, shall I say Indrajeet, not now, why am I thinking so much. The inspector calls Indrajeet and says he did as he told, but Shlok did not do anything so can’t make case on it. Indrajeet says I understand, you will get your money, keep an eye on him. Astha comes to police station and gives a letter for Shlok. Varad talks to someone and says cancel all meetings and mail me if anything is urgent, we will handle all projects later.

Sojal asks what happened. Varad says I want to end Pune work soon, so that we can go back to Shlok, I m his elder brother and he needs me. She says he is saying right. Indrajeet talks to Astha and asks her to close eyes. She says okay and asks what surprise did he get now. He says you will know and makes her wear a ring. She says its beautiful, thanks, what was the need for this. He says most welcome, I don’t need reason to gift you. Rekha and Sachin talk to Shlok, and say she does not look like Astha else why would she talk like this.Shlok says no, she is Astha and my love will remind her everything. Its morning, Shlok comes to the temple and tells Lord that he took Astha’s love test that day and now she will not go back till he meets her, and today he will take his test that he will not leave till he gets his Astha. He rings the temple bells. Astha comes there and people see Shlok ringing bell continuously. Astha waits for Indrajeet and says she will prepare for puja so that it can start when he comes.

Shlok rings the bell and she walks inside the temple. Shlok’s hand bleeds and Astha sees him. He holds her and asks her why is she doing this, she is his wife. She says Indrajeet is my husband and runs to hug him. Shlok is shocked seeing Indrajeet. Astha says I m not your wife, he is my husband Indrajeet Sarkar. She says she hates the name Astha, she said she is not his wife. Astha leaves. Indrajeet and Shlok look at each other.Indrajeet says Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri, big name and big status, you got weak today, why, maybe as your Astha is mine now. He says even her love is mine. Shlok gets angry. Astha comes home and asks driver to go and get Indrajeet soon. He leaves. She thinks don’t know what happened there, its good that man will understand now, he is mad, I will tell Indrajeet to come back and not argue.

Indrajeet says reality my friend, your love is now mine, that woman looks like Astha, now she is Barkha Indrajeet Sarkar from heart and mind, I have snatched your love. Shlok says you can snatch, but can’t get my love, Astha was mine, is and will be always mine. Indrajeet says he is mistaken, as his Astha has become mind in every way. Shlok beats him and says he can do anything to get Astha.Indrajeet asks that’s it, are you done, be a man, beat me more, Astha will worry for me more, you can’t do anything than being angry, being helpless, he got everything and lost everything, I won everything after failing, Astha is mine, the mother of my kids, she will not trust you, Astha and her love are mine, Shlok, I gave your property back, be happy and let me be happy with my love.

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