Strange Love Update Saturday 1 May 2021

Strange Love 1 May 2021: starts with Ajju talking to Astha. She asks where is Shlok. Astha looks on. Shlok comes there with a smile and greets everyone. Everyone are happy to see him and bless him. Shlok brings gifts for them and shows how much he cares for them. He gives a book to Avdhoot and says I know you love books. He gives him a self help book. Astha is upset. She tries to smile and asks Shlok to leave for office. Ajju saus he came here for the first time, he won’t go before having food. Shlok says no Ajju, I had breakfast, I came to drop Astha. He asks Astha to have breakfast and call him when she has to go back home. Avdhoot says I will go now, I have some important work. Astha asks him to stay with her and go later. Avdhoot agrees. Shlok looks at Astha and leaves.
Astha hugs Avdhoot and says I miss you all a lot and cries. She asks him about his work. Avdhoot is tensed thinking what to reply. He says everything is fine. He gets a call from the lawyer and looks at Kalindi.

He is tensed but smiles infront of Astha. He says I will be coming soon. He tells Astha that he needs to go. She asks where are you going. He says I have some important office work. Astha asks him to stay for some time. He says I will come to your house to meet you. He leaves saying we will meet later. Ajju asks Astha to come and sit with them. Kalindi asks what should I make for you. Astha says I felt you all are hiding anything from me, its holiday today and dad went to office, is everything fine. Ajju says there is nothing like that. Avdhoot calls on the landline and says Kalindi, don’t tell anything to Astha, she will be worried. Astha is puzzled. Kalindi asks whose call is it. Astha looks at her and says dad. Ajju signs Kalindi to be calm. Astha asks Kalindi why was dad saying not to tell me anything, what are you all hiding from me, tell me. Astha says for my sake, tell me the truth. Astha insists. Kalindi starts crying and tells her everything that Avdhoot is caught in false case, his honesty is being blamed. Astha says when did this happen, why did you not tell me. Kalindi says I don’t know, I m worried about him.

Ajju says don’t worry, it might be a mistake. Astha says mum, you don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. Kalindi says we should have not told you about our problems, sit, we will make something for you. Astha says no, I will leave now, Anjali asked me to come back soon. She says I will come to meet you again but now I have to go. Ajju stops her and gives her a sweater which Kalindi made for her. Astha cries seeing it and says its very beautiful, thanks mum. She hugs Kalindi. Astha wipes Kalindi’s tears and asks her not to worry. She says I m there, everything will be fine. She hugs Ajju and leaves. Anjali is waiting for Astha. Kaka sees her and goes to open the door. Anjali looks at him. Kaka says now it will be easier for you to look out, but maybe Astha will take some more time to come. He taunts Anjali saying your bahus and jyoti are not at home today. He says it looks like you have to do the work today. He says I m feeling sad that you are not getting the fun from your bahus. He says you used to cook well, show that magic again. Anjali says Astha might be coming, and she will be making the food. She says let be manage my house as I wish, I don’t need your advice. She leaves.

Astha comes to meet Shlok in his office. She says you did not do this right by framing my dad. She sees Shlok is not in his cabin and looks for the file. Shlok comes and sees her finding the file. He comes to her and looks at her angrily. He holds her hand and says what are you doing, finding the proof. She says how dare you do this with my dad, you should punish me not my dad, take revenge from me. He says I was showing you a sample that I do what I say. He says be angry on ourselves, as this is happening because of you. She says I know you do what you say, but stop doing this, my dad won’t be able to bear this, I request you please remove the stain from my dad’s image. He says really, now you know how I felt when you insulted my dad. She says sorry, I can’t my dad in such pain, please help me. He says fine, but you need to do something for it, don’t worry, its not difficult. You have to become a good wife and obey me and my every wish, like if I say its night when its a day, you have to agree with me with no arguments. He says will you do this, become an ideal wife.. Astha says yes, I will do whatever you say.

She says nothing should happen to my dad. He says fine, go home now and make the arrangements for going on honeymoon with me, I m not stopping you from dreaming, I like breaking dreams of others, stop crying and go home, make food for my dad. She starts leaving. He stops her and asks her to keep the chair correctly. She does and leaves. Shlok smiles.
Anjali is waiting for Astha. She thinks its very late and the dining table is empty, you did not do this right Astha not listening to me. The maid says its 12, Niranjan will be coming to have food, if he comes and the food is not ready then…. Someone stops Astha in the office and congratulates her for the marriage and asks her to join the office again. Astha leaves. Anjali is cooking in the kitchen, tensed that Niranjan would come anytime. She sees the clock and cooks. She says Niranjan will come at 12.30, only ten mins left now.

Kaka comes and says I told you that we will get the food made by you today. He laughs and says give me this, I will help you. She says keep it, its not good to do the woman’s work, behave like a man. Kaka jokes and tastes the chutni. He says its very spicy. He says you should also keep doing such work like a wife and give leave to your bahus. Anjali says whatever I do is the house’s good. Kaka says really? Don’t lie to yourself. Kaka leaves taunting her. Anjali serves food to Niranjan. He asks where is Shlok and Bharat. She says they are in office, I have sent food for them.
Niranjan eats the food and coughs. She gives him water and says i m sorry to put the extra chilly. He throws the water and gets angry saying its too much. Astha comes and sees this.

Niranjan about to slap Anjali as the food got much spicy. Astha sees them and Niranjan looks at her and becomes calm. He says Anjali, you did not learn to cook, what will you teach to your bahus. He leaves. Astha thinks Anjali got scolded because of her as she has come late. Astha comes to Anjali and says sorry. Anjali says he is my husband and can tell me anything, you have done a big mistake by not listening to me, you are the bahu, you have some duties, you have to do this work and I had to do this as you did not come on time. Astha says forgive me thinking its my last mistake, I promise I won’t do this again and I m sorry.
Anjali says fine, don’t go to your mum’s house from today. Astha is shocked. The police comes to Astha’s house and comes to arrest Avdhoot. Kalindi and Avdhoot are shocked. Kalindi says you can’t arrest him, he did not do anything. Avdhoot says listen to me, the police takes him. This was Avdhoot’s dream. He wakes up tensed and Kalindi offers him water. He is worried about his work and the blame on him.

He gets a call from Astha at night and talks to her. Astha asks are you fine. He says yes, but why did you call at this time. Astha says I was missing you all, thinking about my childhood. He says you are always a kid for me. He says don’t worry about me. Astha says I m not so small that I can’t understand your pain. She says everything will be fine like before, when you did not do anything wrong, Bappa won’t let anything happen. Avdhoot blesses her and says yes, nothing will happen. She says its night, you sleep now, bye. He ends the call and smiles. Astha is crying in her room. She sees Shlok sitting infront of her with his phone. Shlok says so you spoke to your dad. He says you made a call, not its my turn, maybe you won’t like it. Astha takes the phone from his hand. He says how dare you take my phone like this. She says I m sorry, I won’t do it again, my dad is much worried, please help me. She says bring him out of this fraud case. Shlok smiles and says he will and asks her to remove his shoes. Astha cries and gives him his phone back. She removes his shoes and he smiles like an evil. He looks at her and likes her tears.

He looks at her angrily. Anjali is making the sleeping arrangements and comes to Niranjan and does his foot massage. Niranjan says why don’t you do anything well. He says you have hold yourself to hold Astha. He says you are not a good wife and not a good mum. He says now you are not even a good saas. He says improve yourself. He scolds her and pushes her. He says if I take everything in my hand, it will be not good for you. Anjali says you don’t worry, I will take care of everything. She says I will explain Astha. The next morning, Astha comes to Anjali. Anjali says did you eat anything, Astha says no. Anjali gives her a saree and asks her to go and wear it and its Nirjal fast for Pati Pujan Vrath. Astha says I did not hear about this before, I won’t keep it.

Anjali tells the importance of the Vrath to Astha. Shlok comes and hears this. Astha says no one keeps it, why should we keep it, I m sorry I won’t keep this Vrath. Shlok says Astha you have to keep it, its our tradition, don’t worry, I will tell you how to keep this Vrath. He smiles. He says you have to pray to your husband as Lord, as I m your Lord, you have to preach me. Astha looks on. Shlok says what happened Astha, did you mum not told you that a husband is a Lord, who is to be preached. He leaves. Anjali says its not about tradition, but about trust, and I won’t let anyone break the trust. Astha tries to change Anjali’s thoughts but Anjali says control your tongue if you want to be happy. She says go and change now. jyoti is with Abhay. He sees his sandals. jyoti says I will clean it. He says go and get ready, we need to go to your house. jyoti is happy. Abhay says I m coming with you and its Pati Pujan today, you have to do it even if you don’t like. He says your dad called us there. jyoti is tensed. jyoti’s mum in law asks her not to wear the jewellery and smiles looking at Abhay.

Astha comes to her room with the saree and says I did not hear about this puja ever. She says I will ask Ajju, she knows everything. Astha calls Ajju and Ajju says we miss you, everything is fine here. Astha says I need to ask something, whats Pati pujan and whats its importance. Ajju says why are you asking. Astha says because we have it today. Ajju says in this you have to pray to your husband and keep the fast for him. She says every house has different trends, if they want you to do it, then do it, its nothing wrong. Astha agrees and thanks her. Shlok comes to her and Astha turns to see him. They look at each other. He sees the saree. She hides her phone. He says you did not change till now. She says no, as I won’t do this puja. He says you can’t say no now, its an old tradition of our house. Astha says I won’t do this, how can someone do this mistake, how can someone equate her husband to Lord. She asks him to become a good human being before becoming Lord. He holds her smiling and says tell ,me whats bad in me, I don’t lie, I do what I say.He gets close to her and says even if you don’t believe, I don’t care. I m your Lord now. Your dad’s fate in in my hands, and I m the Lord. Astha says don’t dare to do anything to my dad. He says sweetheart, keep me happy then it will be good, else I can do anything. Astha looks at him and he says change now and leaves.

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