Strange Love Update Saturday 16 October 2021

Strange Love 16 October 2021: The Episode starts with Niranjan apologizing to Shlok by means of the press interview. Shlok is left stunned seeing Niranjan’s true apology and tears. Anjali cries and sits. Astha pacifies her. Anjali asks Shlok does he still not believe this, Niranjan loves his respect, he has bend infront of the media and world, he is apologizing infront of everyone to get you. Shlok asks Chowksi to get an auto. Chowksi says fine and leaves. Shlok cries. Jyoti comes in high anger to meet Sojal. She calls out Sojal and asks how can you do this with Baba, did you feel burden to take care of Baba, you could have told me, I would have taken him to my home, you fell so low and kicked out Baba to get power, I did not expect this from you and Varad, I regard Varad as idol and he has always been right, but how did he do this time.

She says I can’t believe he did this, tell me why, what will Shlok go through seeing this. Sojal says listen to me. Jyoti says enough, it will be one more lie to hide all lies, how can you do this, you did not think where will Baba do in this age, Aai gave you house to manage it, and you broke it. Sojal says I don’t understand what are you saying. Jyoti says enough, you have shown you are so bad, where will be Baba, its good Varad is not at home, else I would have forgotten all respects. She leaves. Sojal asks Jaya about informing Varad. Jaya says its not good news, when Varad comes, add spice and tell him, so that he ends ties with Jyoti also.

Indrajeet calls Varad and says I m impressed, you might have not seen the news, its qualities of a good business. Varad asks what. He says you have moved your dad from your way for getting your destination, now you will be successful businessman, see you soon. Varad sees the tv and sees Niranjan’s interview and apology for Shlok. He says this won’t be good for me, if Shlok sees this, it can be problem. All the office staff see the news and are shocked. Varad comes and asks them to close tv and get back to work.

Sojal sees the news and is shocked. Varad comes home and she asks did he see the news, Niranjan went Mumbai and even Shlok is there, if they meet then. He says nothing will happen, I used my contacts and found out, Baba is alone and did not get Shlok, even if he gets him, Shlok will call me and once he calls me, I will handle it, don’t worry. Shlok, Astha and Anjali look for Niranjan. Niranjan walks on the road thinking about Shlok. He thinks if his presence hurts Shlok, I promise I won’t come infront of you, I will go so far that you won’t find me even on search, maybe this is my punishment that I go far from my son forever.

Sojal asks Kavya to go and study. Kavya says I saw Niranjan on tv, what was he saying. Jaya says he is big man, he comes on tv now and then. Kavya says no, mum and dad gave him punishment and he was looking sad, you all are bad, I will also do this with you, I will not talk to you. She leaves. Jaya asks Sojal not to worry as she is little child, explain her well. Mala rehearses for love confession to Ankush. She says I will say I love you Ankush. Ankush comes and looks on. He asks what did you say. She says nothing, I was just… She thinks when to say him. He asks her to come in reality, and did she get any new role that she is practicing. Ajju calls him and he leaves.

Ajju says I saw all my fav shows and now I m getting bored, tell me some of your stories for timepass, whatever you call me, I m missing your small mistakes. Ankush says thanks, I have lots of stories. He tells his childhood stories and Ajju laughs. Mala looks on. Ajju asks Mala does she have anything to say Ankush. Mala smiles and sits. Mala says she has to talk to him. He asks what. He moves and she gets hurt. He says sorry. Ajju says romance is increasing in the air and laughs. She says I think Mala has to say something special. Mala asks Ankush to come. Ankush says I will just come.

Shlok finds Niranjan and they come face to face on the road. Niranjan folds hands. Anjali and Astha look on as Niranjan cries. Shlok hugs Niranjan. Anjali smiles. Shlok asks him not to say anything more now. Niranjan bends to Shlok’s feets and Shlok holds him. Niranjan apologizes to him. Shlok sees sores on Niranjan’s hand and asks whats this. Niranjan says I have punished myself as I have hurt Anjali a lot. Shlok says I missed you a lot. Niranjan says you have bear a lot because of me, I m responsible for all this. When Lord opened my eyes, it was much late, I found myself alone, I had no one, neither wife nor son. Shlok says I will never leave you. Niranjan says Varad did the right thing, as I got a lesson from this, it all happened for the good, I understood the value of relations.

Shlok says no, you are elder to us, we don’t have right to make you cry, but I don’t understand why did Varad do this. Niranjan says now I don’t have any complain with him, my son is with me, I don’t want anything else. Niranjan folds hands and apologizes to Astha. Astha cries and asks him not to do this. She touches his feet and takes his blessings. Niranjan apologizes to Anjali and criesNiranjan apologizing to Anjali. She cries and hugs him. Shlok asks Niranjan to come home, and gives his slippers. Niranjan hugs Shlok and wears Shlok’s slippers. Its night, Jyoti cries and says I m fed up. How can this happen in one family, Lord does not have pity on us, everything is shattered. Sid says Varad told me not to tell you, but if you know it, Shlok’s cabin had Indrajeet Sarkar’s nameplate, he said he wants to give surprise to Shlok with new cabin. She says I have to find Baba, Aai, Astha and Shlok. Sid pacifies her and says till we get everyone, we won’t do Riya’s marriage. Renuka hears this and comes to ask him, about delaying Riya’s marriage, as Jyoti’s family drama will never end. She argues with Sid, while he asks her to see Jyoti’s state, she is so worried, Riya’s marriage should be good, we will do it once everything gets fine. She argues and leaves. Sid asks Jyoti not to worry, as he will manage everything.

Its morning, Kalindi prays and thinks everything is going on fine now, Ankush has changed and he might have known about property by now. Ankush comes and greets her. She asks him is he happy. He says yes. She thinks she felt he will be very happy, but he is not like that. She asks him about what she has given. He asks what. Mala thinks she did not tell Ankush about property and gives him his bike keys. Ankush leaves. Kalindi asks Mala did she not give papers to Ankush. Mala says I forgot, he came late, I will give today. Kalindi says fine, give it. She leaves. Mala thinks she has to tell her feelings to Ankush before he gets the property.

Anjali gives tea to Niranjan. She is worried for Shlok. Astha asks her not to worry. Anjali says Shlok went to talk to Varad and get an answer from him. He has never spoken in high tone with Varad, they were friends more than brothers, they have love and respect, I worry that the relation can turn bitter, you know Shlok’s anger, I m afraid something wrong can happen. Niranjan says I told Varad that my son will come to ask answer, but I feel Shlok should have not gone, Varad has changed, he wants power and does not need relations, if he did this to me, he will not leave Shlok, I don’t want anything wrong to happen with Shlok. Astha says Shlok is strong and smart, he did not go to fight with Varad, just explain him that he is wrong.

Niranjan says yes, I told Shlok to control his anger, I m not in need of power and position, I just want my son. Anjali says I can’t believe Varad has fell so low that he wants to insult his own father, I pray to Lord to make Varad realize the result of walking on wrong path is always wrong. Kalindi calls Mala and says you both will go from here soon, I got a good bahu as I thought, I wished to make such bangles or you. She gives it to Mala. Ajju says yes, you both always stay together. Mala wishes this blessing really turns into true.

Varad thanks his clients who came to have lunch. The man says lets sign deal tomorrow at office. They leave. Sojal says I m happy that it happened as you wanted. They are shocked seeing Shlok. Varad hugs Shlok and asks where were you, I have to talk so many things, come inside. Shlok says I have just come to talk about Baba. Varad says I m really sorry, I could not take care of Baba, after you went, he got a big trauma, he left having food and stopped going office, I tried a lot to support him, but he used to sit with your pic. Shlok sees him clearly lying. Varad says he used to behave we are strangers, I did not know where you were, and I could not say, he has left home, I was shocked seeing him on tv, I have sent few people to get him.

Shlok says I m your younger brother and know you since childhood, we know each other very well, like you read my face, even I read your face, so I m telling you, don’t lie. You can never lie, why did you do this with Baba. Varad says fine, if you knew this, I don’t have any reason to hide, yes, I did this, and Baba should not feel bad, as what did Baba do, with Aai, you and me. He says he has never given me right of being his son, he did not think about me, if I m thinking about myself, what am I doing wrong, I will live my life my way, and its good truth came out, as I won’t have to act. Shlok says you thought about others before yourself, how can you be selfish to kick out Baba, how did you think he can’t become part of your life, how did money become imp for you than relations.

He says I can’t erase the line you have made between relations, which you have drawn, you are my elder brother and I respect you, if it was anyone else, he would have been counting his last breath now, but I promise you, when you won’t have this money, you will understand the value of relations, and that day I will do my right of being your younger brother. Sojal tries to say. Shlok asks her not to talk between brothers. Varad says Shlok, don’t forget she is my wife and your Bhabhi, you don’t have right to talk to her like this. Varad asks Shlok to come back with Astha and Aai, he will be happy, but Baba won’t come, as this house is mine. Shlok says I did not think you will change so much, you stay here in your house.Kavya comes and hugs Shlok. She asks him to bring Niranjan, Anjali and Astha, is the bad game finish which kept you away from me. Shlok looks at Varad. Varad asks Sojal to take Kavya. Kavya says I won’t go. Sojal takes her. Shlok says you have shut Kavya’s mouth too, what will you answer her when she grows up, Baba did wrong and wrong happened with him, why are you doing wrong. Varad says enough Shlok, just leave. Shlok says you are not doing right. Varad says go from here and pushes him out of the door. He shuts the door. Shlok looks on.

Mala says she will tell her feelings to Ankush today. She imagines Ankush hugging her and saying he loves her too. Ankush comes home and she says she wants to say something. He says tell fast, leave it, tell me later. He lies to sleep. She removes his slippers. He asks why do you do this for me, no one did this for me in my life. He holds her hand and she smiles. She leaves. Its morning, Varad comes to office and sees Sarkar Educational Trust board. He asks the guard and new guards come. They ask who is he. Varad goes inside and is stopped, asking him to go inside by appointment. Varad says this is my office. He sees Sarkar’s domination in office, and Indrajeet Sarkar’s name plate outside his cabin. Indrajeet’s manager says this office and employees are of Sarkar group, not Agnihotri group. Varad is shocked.

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