Strange Love Update Sunday 10 October 2021


Strange Love 10 October 2021: The Episode starts with Anjali leaving the ashram, and taking everyone’s blessings. She asks her parents to have medicines on time. Her dad asks her to keep some money, and Suman gives few things for Astha. The matron gives her train ticket. Her dad says he is happy to send her today, he used to worry when he sent her to Niranjan as he would have hurt you, and today you are going to your son, and blesses her. Anjali cries and leaves. Niranjan comes to Shlok’s room and opens the window. He sees his and Niranjan’s pic. He gets a call from Anand. Anand says I have always served you and Shlok from my heart, I know you both have given me a lot in return, more respect, but I m sorry….. Niranjan asks what happened, are you fine.

Anand says I m in Chennai, I will reach Pune, I want to tell you something, I m going airport. The network drops. Niranjan says you come home Beta/son, I always need you. Sojal hears this and thinks Niranjan was talking to Shlok, and she has to tell this to Varad. Shlok tells Anjali that he is reaching in 5mins, and its fine if he has to wait. Sojal calls Varad and says Niranjan was talking to Shlok, he was sounding very happy, and says son come home. He was very excited and said this. Varad is shocked. She says I m very worried, if Shlok comes back, then your plan won’t work. Varad asks her to check Niranjan’s phone and tell him from where did the call came. She says fine. Varad says this is impossible, how did Baba get his number, and he won’t call Baba being so adamant, I have to see and end this matter here. I can’t take risk.

Mala comes to Kalindi and applies tilak to herself. She thinks Ankush acted good and won Kalindi’s heart and will get property, but he will ask me to leave from his life. She thinks she will tell Kalindi not to give him property. She says Ankush said he loves to be here with you. Kalindi asks really. Mala says yes, he said he is very happy being here, he does not want property, he got real property being here with you, he does not want money as he realized there is nothing more than family. Kalindi gets very happy, and says the property is his, I was waiting for the day when he changes completely, and the day has come, I will give this property to him, so I can get free of my responsibility. She goes. Mala gets tensed.

Astha waits for Shlok and Anjali, and calls him. Shlok comes home. She asks where is Aai. He says she is not coming, I spoke to her on phone, she said she won’t leave Nana Nani alone. She says you are joking. He says she felt you will change here in Mumbai and fight with her. Astha says you should have told her I did not change, I m waiting for her, and I know she can’t say this. Anjali comes and Astha happily cries seeing her. Astha says Aai I knew you will come. Shlok says don’t stare at me, get Aai inside the house. Astha says yes, wait a min. She does tilak and aarti. She holds Anjali’s hand and says you are welcome in our new life.

Anjali smiles seeing the home and says its very beautiful. Shlok says I know its small house, but give me some time, I will buy a big house. Anjali says its enough for me, you both are with me, I don’t want anything else. Shlok says I know Aai, you will never tell me by yourself, but I did not give you respect, I did not value you or spoke nicely, and I want to do this today, I don’t have anything to give you comfort. I felt you are very bad, I saw you as Baba projected, but you are very nice and you got a mad son like me. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says enough, I said I want just you both, I feel peace seeing you and I m very lucky that you are my son, and the big house and comfort were just suffocation for me, home is where love and happiness is there, this house is palace for me, really…. She cries.

Shlok wipes her tears and hugs her. Astha cries seeing them, and says I m waiting, you are loving just Shlok. She hugs Anjali. Shlok says she is my Aai. Astha says mine too. Anjali says I m Aai of you both. Ankush acts sweet to Kalindi and says he will get all items, and asks her to go home. His friend Rohit meets him on the road, and asks why don’t he meet them. He says we all went to your house after your dad’s death, and who is this with this. Ankush says she is my Kaki. Kalindi is shocked. Rohit greets her and leaves. Ankush asks Kalindi to go home, he will get fruits. Ankush says Kalindi got upset, but how would I tell my friends, I have to make Kalindi back to before state, it won’t be good for me.

Sojal gets coffee for Niranjan and checks his phone. He asks did he ask for coffee. She says no, I felt you will have it, as Aai is not here, and you don’t care of your health, fine, I will take it if you don’t want. Niranjan stops her and takes it thankfully. She leaves. Mala asks Kalindi to show her how to make kheer. Kalindi says Ankush likes chilled kheer. Mala thinks she will impress Ankush by her help. Renuka comes and gives Riya’s invitation card and taunts her about Sid and Jyoti. She tells Ajju that Jyoti came to us by your favor, and asks about Mala. Kalindi says she is Mala, my bahu. Renuka asks you don’t have son, where did you get bahu.

Ankush comes with fruits. Renuka asks is this your son, he looks bad, where did you get him when you got freed from Astha’s marriage. Kalindi defends Ankush. Renuka says where did you adopt him from, you can’t believe road side people, you have old habit to do this, as you did same with me. Ankush scolds her and defends Kalindi. She says no one can be better than my Aai, and now don’t say anything. He says I think your work is done, you can leave now. Renuka taunts Kalindi and leaves. Ajju and Kalindi scold Ankush. Ankush says I can’t see anyone insulting my Aai.

Anjali does puja. Astha says I called ashram to fight with Nana Nani, why did they not come. Anjali says its their house, they feel good there. Shlok says Aai is tired, and asks Astha to make strong coffee for her. Anjali asks how do you know I like strong coffee. Shlok says Astha told me, and asks her to give some time to spend with Aai. Astha says my turn will also come, but Aai will make coffee. Shlok asks why. Astha says Aai will be cooking first in this house, and she is Annapurna. Anjali says you are Annapurna, we both will do puja and light it together. Shlok smiles seeing them, and says when you both are with me, my strength increases.

Astha showing the food truck to Anjali. Anjali sees its named after her and cries. Astha introduces her to Sachin. Sachin greets her and says I m Astha;s best friend. Chowksi and Rekha greet her. He says I got them house here. Rekha touches Anjali’s feet. Anjali says I heard a lot about you. Chowksi tells Anjali about Shlok saving the chawl from Raghu Bhai. They all thank Anjali. Anjali thanks them for supporting Shlok and Astha a lot. Chowksi says we will leave now. They all leave. Anjali likes the ambience, but sees Shlok and Astha serving people, doing small works, and recalls Shlok’s life before, and how he used to be with pride and respect. She prays for Shlok.

Apsara talks to Shanta and is happy seeing Shlok back in the chawl. She says she will get water and goes. Ajju asks Kalindi why is she so happy. Kalindi says nothing like that, when Renuka scolded me, Ankush has stopped her, I liked it, I know he misbehaved but I felt it was right. Mala hears them talking that they have changed Ankush. Ajju says our family is complete now. Mala says he did not change, if they think so, they will give property to him, and I won’t have any place to live. Apsara smiles seeing Anjali and goes to impress her, knowing she is Shlok’s mum. She touches Anjali’s feet and says I stayed with Astha and Shlok in same house.

She acts sweet and says I have supported Shlok always Sasubai. Anjali asks Sasubai? Apsara says you are like my Aai, will you come to have dinner at my home, I will feel good. Anjali says I will come later, I have just come. Apsara thinks if she convinces Anjali, then Shlok will agree. Niranjan has dinner and talks to Varad. He tells about Anand’s call, he wanted to say something, but network has not good. Varad thinks thank God, it was Anand, not Shlok, but did he say anything wrong against me. Niranjan says he was worried, I called him here, he said he is in Chennai, why did you send him to Chennai. Varad says if he os coming here, you ask him, I have sent him in imp project, he did wrong and I have fired him.

Niranjan says he has experience, how can he do wrong. Varad says he has cheated us. Niranjan says you are mistaken, I can’t fail to identity a person, anyways what did he do. Varad says don’t worry, I will handle it. Varad says I will let you know later. He asks Sojal to take care of this matter. She says I m feeling scared. Astha tells Shlok and Astha that its Niranjan’s birthday soon, and he has done so much to scare her and control her. He tells Shlok about Niranjan’s tortures and how he made me do things as he wanted. He tells about Niranjan refusing for Swati and making Anjali take the blame.Shlok apologizes to her, and she says its not your mistake. She says parents happiness lies in children. Shlok gets upset and rests in her lap. Astha and Anjali see Shlok upset. Astha makes a plan for tomorrow. She asks them to sleep. They all sleep. Shlok thinks of Niranjan calling him, as he needs him, and saying save me Shlok. He says Baba and wakes up. He tells Anjali and Astha that I felt that something wrong is going to happen with Baba. Astha gives him water. Anjali thinks maybe he got bad dream as I told him about Niranjan today. She asks him to sleep.

Its morning, Varad scolds Anand on phone and says you are fired. Anand says you are Niranjan’s son and cheating him. He says I have worked in this company, I preach Niranjan and Shlok, I can’t see anything bad happening with them. Anand says I will leave this job, I will tell Niranjan everything, and find Shlok, you will not be able to do anything. Varad gets angry and says I have to be alert and keep an eye on Baba. Varad gets a client’s call and says Niranjan’s is ill and his phone is off, I will wish him on your behalf, don’t disturb him for few days. Kavya hears its Niranjan’s birthday tomorrow.She goes to him and gives a greeting card as its his birthday tomorrow. Niranjan asks how does she remember. She says I came to know from dad, I m first this time, every year Shlok used to wish first. He hugs her and thanks. She asks about the gift. She draws all family members. He sees the drawing. She says I like to be with Anjali, Shlok and Astha, and I want them to come back soon. He says me too and thinks about Shlok and Anjali. He says they will come soon, and we all will stay together. Varad asks Kavya to go and study. He touches Niranjan’s feet and asks what does he want on his birthday.

Niranjan says you know I want my son. Varad says if it was in my hand, there would be no need to ask, I will do what Shlok used to do, we will keep a small party tomorrow. Niranjan gets angry. He asks why should I celebrate, is my son here, my happiness is incomplete without him, when he comes back, then…. You leave me alone now. Varad thinks my existence does not matter to you, then you should not exist here, see what happens now.

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