Strange Love Update Monday 11 October 2021


Strange Love 11 October 2021: The Episode starts with Anjali telling Astha that she wants to do a puja for Niranjan, aas its his birthday today, though we are apart, but we are still linked. Shlok hears this and leaves. Anjali says Shlok used to do a lot every year, but not this time, as he has hatred for him. Astha says we can’t forget relations, I will make tea for you. Apsara comes and says I got the tea. She tells Anjali that Astha and Shlok love the tea she makes, and asks about Shlok. Astha says Shlok is not here, we will have the tea you made by love. They like the tea. Apsara says I will come early tomorrow, as Shlok likes the tea a lot. Apsara leaves. Anjali says she is so good. Astha says she likes Shlok, I was thinking how did she change, maybe her heart really change.

Kalindi and Ajju have a talk. Ajju says see his property will papers of Ankush. Kalindi says she will sign. Ajju says its his property, we were just safeguarding it. Mala hears this and thinks to do something, so that Ankush does not get the property. She brings tea and makes it fall on the papers. Ajju asks her to be careful. Mala says sorry. Kalindi says we will make another papers. Astha and Anjali are at the food truck. Shlok comes and gets some items. She sees different vegs and asks why did he bring it. Shlok gets angry and asks her to make list or accompany him from next time.

He leaves annoyed. Anjali says its Niranjan’s fav vegs, I used to cook this on his birthday. Shlok used to prepare for his birthday one month prior it, his anger also has love for Niranjan, and Niranjan hates Shlok. Astha asks did Niranjan say anything. Anjali says I went to meet Kavya, and saw Niranjan throwing the milkshake. Astha says maybe it will change with time. Astha says she will call on landline. Kavya and Niranjan takes the call. Astha talks like kid. Sita says Niranjan that someone came to meet him, he keeps the call and leaves. Anand comes to meet him.Sojal meets Anand. He says he came to meet Niranjan. Sojal says he is not well, you can’t meet him. He asks her to call him. She calls watchman and asks Anand to leave. Anand says I spoke to him, let him talk to him. Niranjan says stop. Sojal gets worried.

Astha talks to Kavya and says she missed her. Kavya says I missed you too, when will you come back. Astha says I will come soon, promise. She gives phone to Anjali. Anjali talks to Kavya and asks how is she. Kavya says I m fine, come home, else I will come to take you. Anjali says I will come soon. Kavya says mum is working in kitchen, Papa went to office, and Nani speaks against everyone in your absence. Anjali smiles.Anjali asks her to take care and ends the call. Niranjan sends the guards and says I did not expect this from you Anand, Varad told me about how you cheated us. Anand says you are cheated Sir, I did not cheat, it’s a big plan against you. Niranjan thinks Anand is acting to save himself, I thought you are like family member. Anand says I was sent Chennai and then fired, I will not work here, but I want to say you are cheated, you come to office and see what did Varad do. Save this company from ruining, else everything will be finished. Niranjan asks what is he saying, how can he blame his son to hide his lie, I did not expect this from you.

Anand says I will leave, but truth won’t change, you and Shlok are not in office, and Varad can controlled the office, if you don’t trust me, come there and see.Niranjan says you are crossing your limit. Anand says limit is crosses, now ruining is remaining. Shlok make the business stand on his own, and Varad is bringing new partners, the company may go in someone’s hands, don’t let this happen. Sojal calls watchman to take Anand. She says that’s why I told you Baba not to talk to Anand. Anand says go to office once, atleast for Shlok. Anand is taken away by guards. Sojal says he is blaming Varad to hide his mistake, don’t think anything, I will bring breakfast. She thinks to inform Varad soon.

Varad gives the file of Niranjan’s sign to manager. Sojal calls Varad and he is busy talking to Indrajeet’s manager. He asks Varad to sign on the papers. Varad signs on the papers. The man asks how can you sign without reading. Varad says its big project and he trusts them. Varad switches off the phone. He tells his staff not to let any phone calls disturb him. Niranjan gets ready to go to office. He thinks about Anand’s words and thinks why is he Anand doing this, I have to find whats true and what is lie.Astha says Shlok will get happy seeing this pic, and even Anjali. Shlok sees the pic and smikes. He shuts the door and hugs her. He says his mood is good. He says you have kept Anjali happy, we children could not understand her, but you did, thanks. She hugs him and says now I understand why you are loving me. He says I have much love, shall I. They have an eyelock and smile. Khuda………………plays………………..He goes to kiss her, and Anjali comes. Astha moves back and her mangalsutra stucks in Shlok’s shirt.

Astha says my mangalsutra was stuck, I was taking it. Anjali understands and leaves. Shlok asks why was she overacting, so much explanation. She says sorry. Shlok says I love you for this things. She says I love you so much and hugs him. Sojal asks Niranjan is he going somewhere. Niranjan says don’t stop from behind, when anyone leaves. She says sorry, you did not had breakfast. Niranjan says I m going office. She asks him to rest. He leaves. She says I have to inform Varad and tries calling again. She calls reception but can’t connect. Niranjan comes office and looks for Varad. He stops and sees Indrajeet Sarkar’s name board on Shlok’s cabin.

Varad signing the deal and talking to Indrajeet’s manager. The man leaves. Varad says why was Sojal calling again and again, and calls her. Niranjan comes to office and asks about Varad. He comes to know Varad is in his cabin. Sojal tells Varad that Anand came and he told everything to Baba. Niranjan stops and sees Indrajeet Sarkar’s name board outside Shlok’s cabin. He gets it down and sees Varad’s name board outside his cabin. He removes it too. Sojal says Anand has told everything to him, he has gone in much anger and may have reached there till now. Niranjan throws the boards and shouts Vard. He slaps Varad and the office staff looks on. Niranjan asks who is this indrajeet Sarkar, how dare you remove Shlok’s name from his cabin and out anyone’s name plate.

He says Anand was right, you are my son and was cheating me, who is this man, whom you have given my Shlok’s place so easily, no one has status to take my Shlok’s place, and you don’t have that status to sit in my place, I did not give this right to you, answer me. Varad looks on angrily. Varad makes his hair right and cleans his specs. He says relax, its better if you talk to me in low tone, this office is not yours, now this office is mine. Niranjan is shocked. Varad says this cabin is mine, and if anyone misbehaves with me in my cabin, I won’t bear it, if you come next time to my office, take permission and knock. Niranjan says I don’t need to take anyone’s permission to come to my cabin, you get the treatment as you forgot to talk to your dad.Varad says you are getting treatment, this is my office, you can leave. Niranjan says all my business, you should have asked me and I would have given you happily, you are my elder son, but you planed to get all this, its not right, I feel strange that your veins have my blood, you are a sleeve’s snake to get jealous to your brother, and removed him to get hold of everything, you should be ashamed. You are taking your brother’s rights. Varad shouts I did not snatch anyone’s rights. I m your elder son and the right a elder son should get, which you did not give me, I have got it, the world goes like this, a son handles dad’s business, go home, take rest and let me do my work.

Niranjan says I can’t believe you can fall so low to get power. He says everything would have been yours, I thought at home that my elder son is managing everything so well, and you have let me down, you fell so low in money greed. Varad says I m still respecting you, and don’t want to insult you, it will be good if you go from here now. Niranjan says you have become your fate’s enemy, just wait and watch what I do with you, till I m alive no one can take my Shlok’s right, this empire is made by me and Shlok by our hardwork, and it should have our rights.He says now I understand why did Shlok not come home till now, he is my son and can’t be away from me, it means you have not made it possible for Shlok to return, and you know where is he and you have let him go. He says you have made me fool by making me sit at home. Niranjan leaves angrily. Mala thinks about Ankush and she has ruined property papers, and now she will get some time. Anksuh comes and asks why is she so happy. He says he is bored of acting good, he feels he can really change into good. He asks her to show property papers. She says Kalindi did not sign, don’t worry, she will sign, and whats hurry, you like to be here. He says no, I don’t like staying here, but you are liking it. He says this is not my house, so I will not stay here, once I get property, bye bye. She gets tensed. Jaya comes from shopping and shows Sojal. Sojal tells her Niranjan went to office, and he came to know what Varad did.

Jaya says if you feel tables are changing, you fall in his feet and apologize. Niranjan comes home and is very angry. Sojal says Baba… He looks at her and goes to his room. Sojal says I don’t understand whats going on in his mind. Mala says I have to leave away from Ankush if he gets property papers, but how, I feel so good to be with him, I love him, and if he loves me or not, I don’t know, I want him to get all happiness and property, but if he goes away from me, so its good he does not get papers and I get some time. Anjali serves food to Shlok and Astha, and they have food together. Shlok coughs. Astha gives him water. Shlok says I don’t want to eat. Astha says someone is remembering you. Shlok says I have you both here. Anjali thinks Shlok is worried as its Niranjan’s birthday tomorrow. Astha says I feel he change and he does not like the food I made.

They find Shlok upset. Shlok thinks why does he miss Niranjan when he don’t want to think about him. Niranjan talks to lawyer and says he wants to make new will, he gave power of attorney to Varad, he cheated me and took my sign, my old will was on my three children, but I want to exclude Varad now and file case on him, new will has to be made on Shlok and Jyoti. Sojal and Jaya hears them. Varad comes and says new will can’t be made. He says no need to make new will, as Baba has already made it, he is unwell and he does not remember he has named all property to me. He shows the papers and sits showing shoes towards Niranjan. Niranjan looks on.The lawyer says Niranjan has signs on this and it states he names his property to Varad. Varad says I told you Baba in unwell and does not remember anything, I m sorry he called you here and wasted your time. He apologizes to him and asks him to leave. The lawyer leaves. Sojal and Jaya smile. Niranjan starts leaving. Varad says Baba, you gave me power of attorney as I m handling everything, which Shlok left without thinking anything, I deserve this after my hardwork.

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