Strange Love Update Saturday 5 June 2021

Strange Love 5 June 2021:  The Episode starts with Shlok throwing the months chart. He gets angry. Astha is upset and says you might be happy, you will have to bear me only for few days now, then no one will trouble you. Aditi comes with her special tulsi tea and asks who is going where. She asks Shlok were you troubling Astha, don’t do else she will leave you and go. Shlok holds Astha and says she will not go anywhere, she will be here till her last breath. Aditi keeps the tea and leaves, Sojal comes to Anjali with tea and says I have a list, when are you going to market. Anjali says show me, only those things will come what you need. Sojal names few things. Anjali says this is not necessary and scolds her.

She says you have your husband and food, then why do you need all these things. Aditi tells Anjali that she needs her help, she needs to shop for her friend and dad. Anjali says go for shopping. Aditi says how can I go alone. Sojal smiles. Anjali asks Astha to go. Astha says I have office work, we can go in evening. Sojal says I m free, I will go with Aditi. Anjali says no, then who will do the work at home. Sojal gets angry. Anjali asks her to go and do her work.Varad talks to Kavya. Sojal comes and taunts Varad. She says we can’t even buy a bindi by ourselves, you won’t get permission for sports. Varad tells Sojal to be ashamed of herself before saying this. He says its your responsbility, why can’t you convince Anjali, look at Astha, if you want Kavya’s happiness, think of some way. Sojal is unhappy that Varad compared her to Astha. She says this time I will take Anjali’s permission. Niranjan asks for his important file. Astha is doing her office work. Anjali comes to her and asks for Niranjan’s work.

Astha looks for the file and is tensed for not getting it. She looks around everywhere. Anjali asks Astha to hurry up. Astha asks Bappa’s help.Astha says did it go anywhere when the pest control was going on. jyoti is cooking. Her mum in law takes care of her as she is pregnant. She asks jyoti to go and take rest. She says I will ask Abhay to bring dry fruits for you. Abhay comes and brings his photo and asks jyoti to stare at it all the time. He says I will hang it infront of you so that is affects the baby. The baby will be a son like me. jyoti gets tensed. Anjali scolds Astha for losing the file. Astha says I kept it safe, I don’t know where it went. Anjali scolds her. Sojal smiles. Anjali asks them to search for the file again.

Anjali says if they don’t get the file, don’t know what will happen. Astha looks in her room. Shlok looks at her and asks whats going on, what are you searching. She says dad’s file. He says the one needed in meeting? Are you mad? You are so irresponsible, that file is very important, find it before dad leaves, else…… He leaves.Anjali comes to Niranjan. He asks for the file. She says the file is missing, everyone are finding it. Niranjan says what do you mean, it was your responsibility. He scolds and says we can lose the project today, I want the file in 10 mins else……….

Anjali is tensed. Kavya brings the file and gives it to Astha. She says it was under the table. Astha is glad and thanks her calling her angel. Niranjan asks Shlok to cancel the meeting. He looks at Anjali angrily. Sojal takes the file and brings it to Niranjan. Shlok takes the file and checks the documents. Niranjan says good Sojal. Shlok gets a card in that folder by Swati’s name. He says I will be back and goes to his room.He reads the greeting card and is shocked. The card reminds him of the day when they first met, she asks him to come at the place where they met. Shlok gets much angry. Astha comes to Shlok and says Shlok…. what happened. Shlok asks whats this bad joke. Astha asks which one. He says don’t act innocent, I know you very well, you did this joke. Astha asks what did I do.

Shlok says you had this file, why did you keep the card in it. She says I did not. He shows her the card and tears it. He says I don’t understand what would you get doing this. He says you want to know my past right. She says yes, but not like this. He scolds her and she cries. He warns her to stop all this, else it won’t be good for you. He takes the file and leaves. Ve Saiyyan…………plays……………Aditi stops Shlok and says I know you don’t talk much, but the truth is I came here only for you as I feel my childhood friend is lost. She says sorry, dad will come in few days and I will go back, so I thought to take a gift for you. She gifts him a shirt and says it is perfect. Astha thinks whats in this card that Shlok scolded me, he does not get angry without any reason, I did not do this, who did this.

She joins the pieces of the card and reads the message. Astha thinks which place, I will check in diary. She checks the diary and the music plays…………. She gets the address and says I will go thee for sure, as I want to know the truth, its important for me. Shlok says there was no reason to gift this. Aditi says I m gifting, let me decide. Aditi stops Shlok holding his hand and says thanks a lot. Astha looks at them. Shlok leaves. Aditi smiles. Aditi showing the shirt to Astha saying Shlok liked this, how is it. Astha says its fine. Aditi says keep it in the room, what happened, your mood is off and Shlok also went quietly, what is the matter. Astha is upset that the gifts she brings for Shlok, he does not accept it from her. Astha says I have work and leaves. jyoti’s mum in law says this time I m sure it will be a boy. jyoti is tensed. Abhay comes to her and asks what are you doing, I told you not to work. He takes full care of her and asks her to take rest. He goes to bring fruits for her. jyoti thinks they are showering love because they think its a boy, if its a girl don’t know what they will do. Shlok talks to his assistant.

Shlok thinks Astha did not do this, else she would have not called me outside, it means there is someone else behind this, I have to go there and find out myself, its important.Astha thinks she will go to that address and find out. Aditi stops Astha and says can I come with you, I m getting bored at home. Astha says take rest. Aditi says I m fine, I will come with you. Astha says I m going for office work, you will be bored, I will come back and then we will go. Sojal asks Anjali to give her permission for Kavya sports. Anjali says take this fees but no need to take part in sports. She says girls should not take part in sports and if he gets handicapped, who will marry her. Sojal says yes, I did not think this. Kavya says but I like sports. Sojal says later and leaves with her.

Varad asks Kavya what happened. Kavya says Anjali did not give her permission. Varad asks what did she say. Sojal says Anjali is right, she said if Kavya gets handicapped, no one will marry her. Varad says I m surprised that you agreed with her and not arguing with me. He leaves. Shlok comes to the place where he first met Swati. Music plays…………….. He recalls him and Swati’s old moments. Someone watches Shlok. Shlok asks who is it and runs to see. Astha comes there and says there is no one here. Shlok runs after a girl and stops her. He sees her and says sorry. Astha and Shlok see each other and are shocked.

Shlok thinks its Astha who has written that card. He gets angry and says I knew it that its you who is doing all this, now I m here, tell me what you want to, ask what you want to. She says I m not doing this, I came here to find out, as I know the truth. He asks what truth. She says I thought you won’t come here. He says you are lying, you get fun seeing me sad, but I don’t care about your cheap tactics. He scolds her and says all this is right, I hate you even more. I won’t care even if you go. Astha says please believe me, I can’t hurt you in dream. Ve Saiyyan………………..plays……………… Astha cries.

Shlok leaves. Astha thinks about Shlok’s words. Astha hugs a little boy and cries. Dil se nikle teri aahen……… ve saiyyan…………..plays……………. She leaves. Shlok does shooting and is angry thinking about what Astha did to remind him of Swati. He looks at himself. Aditi gets ready again at night in the bridal dress. AStha is reading a book at night and looks out for Shlok. She sees its going to be 12 and Shlok did not come home. She thinks about his words and thinks of calling him. She calls him but the number is switched off. Astha opens the door and comes out of the room. She is shocked to see someone roaming in the hall. Astha asks who is it.

Astha goes after her and bumps into Anjali. She says she is there, I saw her in bridal dress. Anjali says there is no one. Astha says believe me, I saw her there. Anjali says lets see, show me where did you see her. Astha says I saw her here. Anjali says stop this drama and go to sleep. jyoti wakes up and looks out for Abhay. She hears Abhay talking with her Bua. Abhay says I m taking care of jyoti as she has my baby, after we come to know that its a boy, and after the birth she will be treated back as before. He says we will find out the gender of the baby.

She says we will be happy if its a boy. He says we will find out tomorrow, if its boy its good, if its a girl, take her to Kolapur to do her abortion. jyoti thinks they are so cheap and bad people, she prays that she equals every gender, save her baby. Astha comes back to her room. Shlok comes home. He falls on the bed looking tired and sleeps. Astha removes his shoes. Saiyyan ve as rasta dikhade tu………….. plays………….. She covers him with a quilt and looks at him


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