Strange Love Update Friday 4 June 2021

Strange Love 4 June 2021: The Episode starts with Aditi and Astha cleaning the stove. Aditi says we will manage on this. Sojal comes to see them. Kaka and Varad are happy to see the stove. Kaka says its great to have food made on it. Kaka asks them not to worry as he will help them in igniting the stove. Varad says Kaka has done it. Astha thanks Kaka. Kaka asks Astha to try now. Anjali comes and sees Astha igniting the stove. Anjali says great Astha, I did not know you can do this, there are many people to help you here.

She asks Kaka and Varad to leave and taunts Kaka indirectly. Kaka makes Varad quiet and leaves. Anjali asks Varad to leave Kavya there. Anjali asks Kavya to watch and learn how Astha makes food on stove, as she has to do this after she grows up. Anjali asks Astha to do on her own. Sojal says Astha did not start yet, do you think she can do it. Anjali asks Sojal to learn also. Sojal thinks everytime Anjali scolds me because of Astha. She leaves.jyoti takes medicines and hide it. She thinks of calling to Anjali. She thinks only Astha can take me out of this hell. She calls on Astha’s phone and Sojal takes the call. Sojal asks what is it. jyoti says tell Astha that I called. jyoti says I was missing Astha. Sojal says then why not me, I m your own brother’s wife, call me sometimes also. Sojal deletes the call entry and says I will give this message to Abhay, not Astha. She calls Abhay and tells him about jyoti calling Astha. Abhay gets angry. Aditi comes to Astha and offers help. Astha says no thanks, please don’t give any idea to Anjali. Aditi says how rude. Aditi gets her dad’s call and she leaves.

Abhay comes home and asks jyoti that you miss others more than me. He says if you say, shall I call Astha here. He says you miss her a lot right. Why did you call her, if you tell or complain about me, I will put you on the Tawa like this roti. He beats her. Abhay’s mum hears her shout and smiles. Astha is cooking and trying to start the stove. Anjali comes to her and Astha says see its not getting much fire. Anjali helps her. Anjali says I will send more kerosene, the food should be ready till 10 o’clock. ADiti stops Shlok and gives him juice. She says I made for everyone, have this. Shlok looks at her and takes it. He drinks it. Aditi smiles. He says thanks and is leaving. She says wow, you know to say thanks, good. He leaves.

Its night, Niranjan says the food was really nice and gives Shagun to Astha for cooking on the stove for the first time. Astha accepts it and greets him. He blesses her. Niranjan says bahus should make food always on stove according to rituals. He likes the food. The men have food while the women stand serving them. Niranjan leaves. Aditi is cleaning the stove at night. She feels someone passing by and is shocked hearing the anklet’s sound. She gets scared. Shlok comes to take water. She sees him and stops him. She says I m feeling scared, be with me for some time. Shlok says I m not the host of comedy show to entertain you. She stops him holding his vest and says sorry.

Shlok holds her hand and looks at her. She says Shlok…… He puts her hand to her face and applies blackness to her face. He says you are looking very good now. AStha washes her face and power goes. Astha sees someone going. She says who is it. Astha sees someone going upstairs and its shadow. She gets afraid and is shocked to see Sojal suddenly. She screams. Sojal also screams. Astha says I saw someone there. Sojal says there is no one, I was coming from there. Sojal leaves. Astha asks who is there and sees Aditi wearing her normal salwar suits. Aditi says I was not feeling sleepy so I came to help you.

Astha says I finished my work. Astha looks around and thinks if I tell Aditi, she will be scared to sleep alone in the guest room. Aditi says good night and leaves. Astha says it might be Sojal. Anjali is take care of Niranjan and praises him for his hard work. Niranjan says you should have given the shagun to Astha, so that she becomes happy and it encourages her to work. Astha comes to her room. She rests. Shlok looks at her. She sleeps. Shlok closes the door. Some shadow is shown at the door. Shlok locking the door. He looks at Astha. A shadow is shown at the door. Its morning, Astha wakes up and sees the blanket. She says I did not use it, then….. She says did Shlok…. and smiles.

Khuda………….plays………….. Shlok opens the door and sees some black marks on it. He thinks Astha did this. Astha tries to clean it. The maid Rani comes and says Niranjan asked her to put everything in as the pest control people are coming.Abhay calls jyoti. His mum says jyoti is outside. Abhay looks out for something. He gets jyoti’s pregnancy report under the bed and also the medicines. He checks the report and is shocked. jyoti comes and sees him. She gets tensed. Abhay looks at her angrily. jyoti thinks I don’t know how will he react knowing this, please help me Bappa.

Abhay smiles and hugs jyoti. He says thanks jyoti, I m so happy. He calls his mum/bua and tells her the good news. He shows her the medicines. Abhay asks is it a boy or girl. They make jyoti rest. Astha covers the furniture and gets some files. She thinks that Anjali said its Niranjan’s important file. She keeps it aside and leaves as Anjali calls her. Anjali and Sojal are in the hall. Sojal wishes Astha also runs from the house by this pest control. Niranjan’s file gets under the furniture by mistake. Aditi asks Shlok to tie the dupatta to her face. Shlok ties it. Astha sees Shlok with her.

Shlok looks at Astha. Aditi leaves. Shlok also walks by. Its night, Astha sprays in the room to avoid the pest control smell. Sojal comes to her and says what are you doing, you are a guest, its not good for you to work. % months have passed. Sojal says only one month remaining now. She says I m very happy, you keep this chart as a gift from me. She keeps it there and leaves. Astha gets a call from Mr. Patel. She says I remember, Shlok and I will come for the dinner.Astha and Shlok get ready for the dinner. Shlok says great, you are looking good by mistake. He says its good, I won’t be scared seeing your face. He says I will go alone, no need for you to come wit me. Niranjan sees Shlok and smiles. He says I spoke to Mr. Patel, he is interested to invest in our new project. He says he will feel good if you take Astha along.

Shlok agrees and goes back to the room. Astha removes her bangles and is upset. Shlok says what are you doing, come on, get ready. She says you said I don’t have to come. He says come on now. Her necklace gets stuck and he helps her. They get closer. Music plays…………….He says what is this…., why do you wear such things. He removes the necklace. Astha says I can’t understand when he gets angry and when he is fine. Shlok says why can’t girls get ready soon. He says I will call Mr. Patel and says I will be late. He gets a sindoor box from his pocket and is shocked seeing it. Aditi comes to him and asks what is this sindoor box doing in your pocket. She picks it up. Shlok says I don’t know. Aditi laughs and says how sweet, you carry sindoor in your pocket. She says you got married, stop thinking about any other girl. Shlok leaves.

He comes to Astha and asks whats this, it was in my pant’s pocket. He asks what do you want to do doing this, you proved that you are totally mad. Astha says you are mad, think why will I do this. Shlok says I don’t trust you. He says come lets go now. He holds her hand and takes her. Astha sees sindoor on her forehead. She sees the sindoor on the floor and is surprised.Its morning again, Astha sees the months chart and Ve Saiyyan………..plays…………. She says its the last month now. Shlok looks at her. He sees the chart and says what the hell, whats this. Remove it from here. Astha says its our fate Shlok, it won’t change. She says its the last month of our relation, after that everything will be over. Shlok throws the chart in anger and looks at her.

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