Strange Love Update Saturday 22 May 2021

Strange Love 22 May 2021: starts with Shlok thinking about Niranjan’s words. He gets angry and shouts. He drives his car. Varad is shocked to see Sojal throwing things. She asks him to die as everything is given to Astha, not him and her. She says you are not more than a peon, and Astha is the owner of the new company. Varad says I m happy with this, I don’t have any complains. She says you can’t see my pain. He argues with her. She stops him and cries. She says enough, I want my right. I want our right, go and ask Niranjan whats our right, whats special in Astha and Shlok that he gives them everything and treats us as slaves. Varad is about to slap her and shouts Sojal. He leaves in anger.

Sojal looks on and says Astha, I hate you so much that I will make it hard for you to stay in this house that you will plead Niranjan to let you go from this house. Astha sees the company papers and says I should talk to Niranjan. She goes to meet Niranjan holding the papers. She sees Shlok going to that closed room and follows him. Shlok opens the lock and goes inside the room. He keeps the door open and sees everything burned in the room. He thinks about Swati and his friend’s words that he has moved on in life forgetting Swati.

Astha sees Shlok standing at the door. Shlok picks up a diary and is angry. He throws it. Astha thinks why does Shlok look so worried. She thinks its his life, I don’t care. Astha’s papers fall and Shlok hears some noise and looks around. Asths leaves till then. Astha comes to Niranjan’s study room. Shlok comes to her and says what are you doing here, this is my dad’s study room. Shlok and Astha have an argument. Shlok taunts her. He asks why did you come here. She says I won’t answer you. He holds her and she tries to get free. Niranjan is on the way to the study room. Astha says leave me Shlok. Shlok hears someone coming and leaves Astha.
Niranjan is shocked to see Shlok and Astha in the room. Shlok leaves. Niranjan asks whats the matter, do you want to say anything. Astha says yes, I don’t want to become the partner of the company. Niranjan says you deserve this, its your right to be my daughter, its night, go and have rest. Astha leaves. Niranjan smiles. Astha sees Anjali sending Astha’s belongings outside. Anjali asks Astha to stay with Shlok and scolds her. She says if you don’t regard Shlok as your husband, by what right are you taking the company papers. She says every relation has a name, and you are getting everything without any relation. She says you know what people call girls like you.

Astha says I don’t want anything. Anjali taunts her and Astha cries. Anjali says you want money and then you don’t believe in making relations, don’ let me speak further else you will be insulted. Astha says all this things are nothing infront of my self esteem, I accepted this partnership to respect Niranjan, if you don’t believe me, keep these papers. Astha says before I leave this house, I will return everything of this house. Anjali says Niranjan never takes back the things he gives. Anjali leaves. Astha cries and thinks Shlok’s love was everything for me, but now its not there, so what for this money and comfort. Shlok sees Astha crying and claps. She wipes her tears. He says great, you are talking with my dad and Anjali but not talking to your husband, thats not fair. He holds her and says you have to hear to everyone being an innocent woman, I will be happy seeing you take care of me like every woman does. He says I will keep reminding you this with much love Mrs. Astha Shlok Agnihotri.
They have an eyelock. Music plays………….. She moves back. Shlok leaves. Sojal talks to jaya about Astha. She says I don’t understand how did Astha get the saree.

jaya says Astha got everything, think how much money she will get. Sojal says I know Astha is very clever. Kavya says Astha is good and you are bad. She asks Sojal why did she go in Astha’s room hiding. Sojal scolds Kavya and says I will not help you now in your homework. Kavya looks on. Astha sleeps in the guest room. Shlok knocks the door and asks her to work for the company and get up early in the morning. She says I know everything. He says your place is that which a woman has. Astha says I m not your maid, go from my room. He holds her hand and looks at her angrily. He folds her finger which she pointed on him. He leaves. Astha brings water in the guest room and thinks of calling the plumber and electrician. But Kaka brings them. She thanks Kaka. Kaka says I wish to see you as you are and not change, try to make relations simple. He leaves. Astha sees Kavya upset. She goes to Kavya and asks what happened. Kavya says I m very much hungry. Astha says I will make your fav Kesar Elaichi milk, I want to thank you for yesterday’s help.

Sojal comes and looks at Astha. She takes Kavya with her. Astha works in the kitchen. She gets a call from office and says I m coming bye. Anjali sees Astha balancing her work. She gives money to Rani and gives her leave for two days.Sojal scolding Kavya for giving the saree to Astha. Kavya says Astha was worried as your cupboard was locked, so I gave that saree to her. She asks why are you scolding me, did I do anything wrong. Sojal says I wil not give you food today, go and ask Astha for food. Kavya is sad. Everyone have lunch together. Shlok asks Astha to serve him by tapping on his plate. Anjali looks at Astha. Astha is so slow and thinks why should I do his work. Shlok gets angry and looks at him. Sojal serves Shlok. Anjali says I want to tell something, its Ganpati after two days, cancel every meeting and Niranjan wants Astha and Shlok to do the puja.

Sojal gets angry hearing this. Anjali cleans the table. Astha asks why are you doing this. Anjali says the maid went for two days leave, you go to office, Sojal will help me. Sojal thinks how will she manage so much work and says I m unwell. Anjali asks her to bear the pain and asks Astha to leave. Astha looks on with office work files in her hand. Sojal is annoyed with Anjali’s decision. Astha asks Anjali to stop cleaning and she will do the work. Anjali says fine. Shlok sees Astha cleaning the table and says if you will do this, who will atttend the important meeting in the office, did you forget you are handling that project. She says I did not forget, I will come office after ending the work, tell me the time of the meeting, if possible, keep it tomorrow. Shlok thinks the meeting will be today and it will be memorable. Shlok leaves. Sojal comes to Kavya and sees that she is sleeping. She cares for her and sits by her side. Sojal says Astha, its because of you Kavya is sleeping being hungry, and I scolded her because of you, I won’t leave you so easily.

Astha cleans the floor. Shlok comes back and walks on the wet floor. Astha asks how come you came so soon. Shlok says its my house, I can come anytime, and you are a woman so you don’t have any right to ask me. Shlok looks at his watch and smiles seeing her. Some people from office come for the meeting Shlok kept at home. They are shocked to see Astha cleaning the floor. Shlok says Astha, I thought if you can’t come to office, we can keep the meeting at home, as you are 50% partner in the company and your opinion matters. Shlok is happy. Astha says good morning, we have Ganpati puja at home, so I thought to clean the house. She asks them to sit. She smiles looking at Shlok. Shlok thinks I don’t understand how can girls be so clever. Astha brings tea for everyone. Everyone congratulate her for 50% partnership. Shlok asks Astha to sign the documents without reading. Astha says I should know whats written on them. Astha deals with them well and they leave praising Astha. Shlok hears it and is angry. Anjali asks Astha to make a pearl garland for the Ganpati puja. Astha says you are the foundation of the house, I want you to do it. Anjali says Niranjan wants you to do it. Astha says I will make it till morning and leaves taking the pearls with her. Anjali looks on.

Shlok sees Astha with the pearls and laughs. He rests by her side. She is shocked to see him beside her and he says hello, what are you doing, have rest. Shlok says I want you to stay awake all night and make the garland. She gets up and looks at him. He throws the pearls. She asks what did you do Shlok. He says make it over night. They try to stand and their balance goes on the pearls. They fall and get closer. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon……………… plays…………………. They have an eyelock.
Shlok leaves. Its night, Kavya comes to see Sojal asking for milk. She sees a hot vessel and is about to touch it. Astha stops her. Kavya says I m hungry. Astha says have cake. Kavya smiles. Astha says you are really sweet Kavya. Astha and Kavya have a talk. Astha says you are like an angel. Kavya asks her to tell her a story about angels. Astha says about a princess. Shlok hears them. Astha tells the story about herself and Shlok. Kavya sleeps hugging Astha. Astha sees that Kavya slept and stops the story. Shlok comes to Astha and says kids will sleep if you tell such boring story. He takes Kavya and leaves.


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