Strange Love Update Friday 21 May 2021


Strange Love 21 May 2021: starts with Astha travelling in an auto. The auto stops midway. She gets down and thinks how will I reach home now. Sojal brings the saree and the jewellery to Astha’s room. Sojal is annoyed as she is the elder bahu who does much for everyone but no one cares about her. She says Shlok and Anjali does not like her, but today Astha will fall in Niranjan’s sight that he won’t keep her in the house even for six minutes. The party starts. Astha reaches home and faces Shlok at the entrance. He says great, you came on time, did you finish your work in office. She says go and check yourself.

He says don’t forget you are talking to your boss. I feel like firing you from the job but I m not, as I don’t want to leave you so easily. Astha says all the best Mr. Shlok Agnihotri. He smiles and she goes inside. She asks everyone shall we play a game. She announces that we have kept a competition in the party today, you all have to gift pack, the one who does the most will win a prize. Everyone smiles. Astha says lets make teams. Shlok understands Astha’s cleverness. Astha asks Shlok do you want to say anything. Varad and Kaka are happy and are eager to make the team. AStha smiles. Astha shows them how to pack the gifts. Both the team start packing the gifts. Shlok looks on. Astha says you asked me to finish the work, not that how to finish it. She says I have done my work well. She smiles. Shlok holds her hand and she looks at him. She taunts him. She says its my hand, not a pole. He leaves her hand. Astha gives a special prize to Kavya and tells Shlok that your Kavya won, atleast clap for her. Shlok claps and smiles. Astha gives a chocolate to Kavya. The gift packing work is done. Astha says so Mr. Shlok Agnihotri, you can send the gifts before office time tomorrow, now you know what can girls do.

Shlok signs yes and leaves. Anjali asks Astha why is she not ready and to wear the clothes which is there in her room. Astha says yes. Sojal replaces the saree by a gown in Astha’s room and says today you won’t wear Anjali’s saree but the gown which I m giving you. Kavya sees Sojal in Astha’s room and asks whats this. Sojal is tensed. Astha is coming to her room. Sojal sees Astha coming and hides. Sojal leaves from the room. Astha is shocked to see the gown. She says did she keep this for me, how can this happen, I will talk to her.
Astha sees Anjali and asks about clothes. Anjali says you have to wear those clothes, Niranjan called me, I m leaving now, I hope you get ready soon. Sojal asks Astha to get ready. Anjali scolds Sojal and asks should I give you an invitation to get ready. Avdhoot is packing a gift for the party. Kalindi says why are you doing this. He says our daughter is there, we have to do this for her happiness and respect. Kalindi says Anjali won’t be happy even if you gift a diamond, did you see her smile anytime. He jokes. Ajju smiles. Astha sees the gown and says I won’t wear this dress, I will wear a saree. Sojal comes getting ready. Astha says Anjali said a Guru ji is coming. Sojal also wears a modern dress.

She asks Astha to get ready soon and leaves. Astha wears the gown and comes in the party. Sojal is wearing a saree in the party. Astha enters the party and everyone are shocked to see her. Sojal and jaya smile. Astha is shocked to see Sojal in saree. Shlok looks on shocked. He looks at Astha wearing a gown. Astha gets tensed. Varad and Kaka are happy. Shlok’s friend asks Shlok to dance with Astha. Shlok looks at her angrily. Shlok walks to Astha and dances with her. The song Kabhi jo badal barse…………………. plays………………….
They get closer and have a hot dance. Shlok asks what did you wear this. She says Anjali kept this clothes in my room. Shlok says impossible, you are doing this to insult my dad. Sojal says when Niranjan sees Astha in this dress, then it will be a scene to see. Niranjan and Anjali arrive with Joshi Ji. Anjali is shocked to see Astha and Shlok dancing and Astha wearing western dress.

Anjali comes to Astha and asks whats this. Sojal wishes Niranjan sees Astha. Anjali scolds Astha. She takes Astha with her before Niranjan could see her.
Joshi ji meets everyone. Sojal thinks where did Anjali take Astha, but Astha can’t change her clothes, I have thrown her Almirah keys outside, lets see how she gets saved today. Anjali scolds Astha and taunts her parents. Astha says I wore this dress to keep your respect. Anjali says are you mad, will I ask you to wear such clothes, go and change before NiranjaJoshi ji asking for Astha. He says I have to leave early, where is Astha. Anjali says she is coming. Sojal smiles. Astha finds her cupboard locked and looks for the keys. Kavya comes to her. Astha tells her the problem. Kavya says come with me to mum’s room, there are many clothes. Astha goes with her to wear Sojal’s saree.


jaya thinks what if Astha finds a solution. Sojal says I have locked my Almirah too, she won’t go to Anjali’s room, she won’t get any clothes to wear. Astha comes to Sojal’s room and again the cupboards are locked.Astha says I need a saree. Kavya thinks of the saree Sojal kept. Kavya tells her that there is a packet. Astha gets the saree and the jewellery and thinks was Anjali saying about this saree. Astha thanks Kavya and changes her clothes. Everyone are waiting for Astha to come. Shlok asks Sojal to go and bring Astha. Sojal says she might be getting ready. He says I don’t care, bring her soon. Joshi ji is leaving. Niranjan stops him. Shlok thinks I won’t leave you Astha, my dad will be insulted once again today because of you. Anjali thinks where is Astha. Niranjan is happy to see Astha. Sojal and jaya are shocked seeing her.

Niranjan smiles. Anjali and Shlok looks on. Astha dresses like Anjali, she looks Anjali’s shadow and acts like her. Kaka is unhappy seeing this. Astha and Shlok takes Joshi ji’s blessings. Niranjan tells Anjali that he is very happy today as he got his gift, he can see Anjali in Astha. Sojal thinks from where did Astha get this saree. Joshi ji says Astha is like Anjali, from where did you bring this diamond, Niranjan is lucky to get a bahu like Astha. He praises Astha. He says Shlok is lucky to have a wife like Astha and blesses him. Shlok says yes, lucky people get a wife like her. Astha looks on. Kaka stops Anjali and talks to her. He says you might be happy that you have changed Astha, but I have to break your realm, this change is only external, you won’t be able to change Astha as I feel changing clothes does not change heart. Anjali says I won’t stop trying. Kaka smiles and says great, but a person’s heart and mentality can’t change. Astha is a smart girl, she won’t lose easily, you won’t be able to change her. Anjali says its Niranjan’s wish to see me in Astha. She says it won’t be easy for Astha but I will try to make Niranjan happy. She leaves.

Joshi ji says I will leave now. Avdhoot and Kalindi are shocked to see Astha. Niranjan introduces them to Joshi ji and requests him to give company papers to Astha. He announces that Astha will be Shlok’s partner in their new company. Sojal, Shlok, Anjali and everyone are shocked. Astha looks at Niranjan. Joshi ji gives the papers to Astha and she is hesitant to accept it. Varad smiles. Astha says how can I take this. Niranjan asks her to take it. Astha accepts the papers. Joshi ji leaves. Everyone congratulate Astha.
Avdhoot gifts Anjali. Anjali taunts Kalindi. Anjali asks Kalindi to be happy in Astha’s happiness. Niranjan says why did he do this. Anjali praises Niranjan and taunts Avdhoot. Astha smiles. Anjali says see how much happy we have kept Astha. Niranjan asks Avdhoot do you have any complains now, that Astha won’t be happy here, Astha is my daughter, I know I love my sons, but I equate my bahus with my sons. Kalindi looks at Astha. Shlok’s friend praises Astha and says you have made a right decision marrying her, I m happy you forgot Swati. Shlok says I did not forget anything.
Shlok comes to Astha and looks at her angrily. He holds her hand and says congrats, what happened, is it paining, you have to manage a company now, trust me Astha, I will increase your problems, I swear. He kisses her hand and smiles. Astha is quiet. Shlok leaves. Astha looks at him.



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