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Strange Love 6 December 2021: The Episode starts with Jyoti watching news and worrying for Sid. She calls his friend Vikas and asks about Siddharth. She asks is everything fine there, whats this sound, whats going on there. The call ends and she worries. She calls Renuka and she disconnects. Jyoti thinks what to do now. Riya comes and asks her to have fruits, as she did not have breakfast. Jyoti says she is scared for Sid’s safety, and where did mum go. Riya asks her not to worry.Astha gets a call from Indrajeet and says kids left, bus was on time, I kept their ID card, don’t worry. Apsara comes and keeps the ID cards back in cupboard. She thinks she took the ID cards and now she has to go out. Astha says I will not go out and ends call. Astha gets teacher’s call and says no, I have sent ID, fine I will look at home and bring it. She asks Kamla to find ID.

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Apsara shows the ID cards and gives her. Astha says but I kept in the bag. Kamla says maybe she forgot. Astha says I don’t have time, I will go and give this to kids, you manage home. She leaves. Apsara smiles and calls Shlok to tell him that Astha left, his ID card idea worked.Indrajeet is busy in his meeting in office. He gets Astha’s message and she says she is going to give ID cards to kids, don’t know how it were left at home. Indrajeet thinks Astha should not face Shlok again, Shlok will meet Astha by trying again and again, and he will try not to let them meet. Astha asks driver to drive fast. The driver says the way is lonely, don’t know till where the bus went. She asks him to find some other way.

Their car stops and the driver says there is diversion ahead. She asks him to drive ahead. He says there will be jungle on the way. She says fine, I will ask teacher the address of campaign. She does not get network. The car breaks down by the nails put on the ground by Shlok. The driver checks and says the tyres are punctured. He says I don’t know how nails came, I need to call someone, sit in car, I will just come. He goes. Astha stands alone and sees a car coming.Shlok stops the car and gets down. He sees his tyre punctured. She is shocked seeing him and blames him for all this. He says why will he plan this, why will he puncture his car, and asks her not to act innocent. He blames her to puncture his car to get company and help. She says she does not need help, her driver went to get help. He says I will not help you. They start arguing. She says she hates him. He says even I don’t love her. She says I m going to my kids. He laughs and says there will be tiger. She says I know the way, a shortcut. She goes. He says as your wish and looks at her.

He thinks its happening what he wanted, he will make her recall their love. Renuka comes to get some bank policy and does not receive Jyoti’s call. She wants to take policy on Deep’s name and talks to the agent. She thinks she will take the policy as Deep will be not dependent on anyone and smiles. Chowksi talks to driver and makes him busy. He makes him drink and asks Anil not to let him go, and make him drink more.Jyoti worries for Sid. Renuka comes home. Jyoti hugs her and says she could not talk to Sid. Renuka says don’t worry, he spoke to me, he is fine, he called in morning, when you went to have bath. Riya asks Jyoti not to worry. She asks Renuka where did she go, she is worried. Renuka says she did not wish to talk to Jyoti. Riya asks why did she not tell Jyoti, see her state. Renuka asks her not to come to defend Jyoti. Riya says Jyoti worries for her, why does she not like her.

Jyoti says whom does she meet, why is she not being at home. Renuka scolds her. Jyoti says I m sorry. Renuka goes. Astha thinks where did she get stuck, and hears animal’s sounds. She gets scared. Shlok comes to her and moves a fly. She asks whats he doing. He says its fly, I will not wish to touch you. She says she knows Karate. He says he will see what she can do, and asks her to show her Judo Karate. He says she does not anything that can make him do anything wrong, no beauty, no height, no books. She says how rude. He says it can be tiger, cheetah, anything here. She says I m going.He says she lies so much, where did she go. She sees prohibited place board and thinks which way not to go, left or right. Shlok looks for her.


Astha running in the jungle and being scared. Shlok looks for her. Ajju is glad to see some guest. The lady says she missed them, but now got busy with children, and she started meeting all relatives. Mala brings the water. Ajju says she is Mala, this house’s bahu. Ajju says she will say the long story later, and talks to her. The lady says she is glad to see her after many years and asks about Kalindi.Kalindi comes and hugs her. The lady asks why does she look upset, is she unwell. She asks Ajju is everything fine. Kalindi says she is fine. The lady says I know Astha did not come home since many days, so you are worried. Kalindi does not answer and leaves. Ajju asks Pratibha to sit and asks Mala to get tea.

Renuka is annoyed with Jyoti and Riya defends Jyoti. She asks why is she annoyed when Jyoti manages everything so well. Renuka asks her about her in laws. Riya says they all are happy with me. Renuka says thank Lord. Riya says she will go home after having food. Renuka says she will open the policy soon, she will sell her gold bangles and it will be good if I par premium together.Chowksi, Rekha and Sojal are also in the jungle and follow a map. He says we have to go straight, then right, left. Rekha asks will Shlok and Astha be together. Sojal says yes. Chowksi says they will be successful. Sojal says if we miss route and not reach, it will be tension. He asks her not to take tension, but give tension. He says nothing wrong will happen with Shlok.Ajju tells Mala that Pratibha came for some time, she should now know what happened with Astha, and why is Kalindi in this state, else she will be worried. She says Pratibha is close to her heart, but she does not want house matters to be told to her, so many things happened and how to tell her what all happened in all these years, I don’t want to give her tension. She says don’t worry, Pratibha will accept you. Mala says I understand, I know you all love me. They go to her hearing her call them.

Jyoti asks Renuka where is she going. Renuka does not answer well. Jyoti asks where does she stay all the day. Renuka argues and scolds her. Jyoti says she worries for her. Renuka says enough, don’t argue with me, don’t do any mistake to argue. Jyoti says mum can do any mistake to invest money and get duped by someone. Apsara relaxes and eats apple. She says this is called life and enjoys. She gets Indrajeet’s call. He says Madam’s phone is not connecting, give her the call. Apsara says she is not at home, she went to camp to give ID card, she said she will call you once network comes. He says fine and ends the call. Indrajeet says he will plan a surprise dinner for her.Pratibha talks to Kalindi and recalls the old things. Ajju smiles. Kalindi says she is not feeling well and wants to rest. Ajju asks her to sit with them, she will not feel good to sit alone in room all the day. Pratibha talks about Astha and says I heard she got married. Mala asks her to say about herself. Pratibha still talks about Astha and her childhood. Kalindi says actually Astha… Ajju holds her hand and stops her. Kalindi leaves. Mala says she is unwell, so she left, I will get some juice for you.

Astha says she is scared, and thinks its Shlok behind her. She sees the dog barking at her and runs. Shlok looks for her and falls down in the dug place. He asks is anyone there. The man says he told him to dig, so he has dug at many places, not being sure where will Madam go. She shouts for help and falls in the dug place. Shlok comes out of the shallow. The dog barks at Astha. She shouts for help. Shlok hears her and runs to her. She asks the dog to leave. The dog barks more to scare her. She prays to Lord to save her.

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