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Wedding planners 7 December 2021: The Episode starts with KT saying I will not let the test happen. Preeti says I will come with you, you may take any wrong move in anger, I will come, I m your wife. He looks at her. They come to the hospital. He says I got a call from the hospital, I come here for blood donation.. He goes to ask at the reception. He says I got a call for the blood requirement, I want to meet the patient once. He goes to see the patient. They get shocked seeing Arjun.Nandini says Arjun lost much blood, he just wants to be with you, ask Preeti, he was drunken driving in the morning, he met with an accident, thank God, you have come, he has rare blood group like you, he is your son, his habits and blood also matches with you, see the result of not accepting him, you are responsible for it, accept him as your son, he is fighting with death, can any mother lie at this time, just your blood can save him, please save him. KT recalls Arjun’s words and gets sad. Nurse asks KT to come for blood donation. KT goes.

Nandini asks Preeti to stay with Arjun.s he says I want to go and pray for his life. She goes and thinks finally KT believes my word.Priyanka and Aastha call Kusum to fix the cylinder. Kusum tries and says you have to learn little things, I left all these things since I became a Saas, Juhi does everything, my mum used to say that person shouldn’t leave his work, you both are educated, you also don’t know it. Neil comes home. Priyanka says you here. Neil says yes. He meets Kusum. Aastha says I m Aastha, everyone should know my name, we needed a hero to save our heroine. He asks aunty? She says no, cylinder. She asks him to remove shoes and go. He goes to fix the cylinder. He says its done, I stayed in hostel and learnt everything, I m a good chef. Aastha says every girl will like you, if a chef is like you then… Kusum asks her to go. Kusum says she went on me, she is naughty. Neil asks shall we start. Kusum says yes, Priyanka take him there. Priyanka asks what. Kusum says Neil is doing MBA, Preeti said he wants tuitions, I said Priyanka can teach him, go and teach him. Neil thanks Priyanka for help.

KT comes to Arjun. Preeti asks did you give the blood. He says yes. She says don’t worry, Arjun will get fine. KT asks Preeti promise. She nods. She consoles him. He cries and hugs her. Abhi mujh mein….plays…. He says I have checked Arjun’s reports, his date of birth is matching, it means he is my son, I m his dad, what will I tell him. Preeti says Arjun needs his dad, his anger will get less by your love, the day you accept him, he will forget everything and remember your love. She says everything is so strange. He says since our marriage, so much drama is going on in my life, you would be hating me, I m so selfish. She thinks not hatred, but I don’t understand all this. He says I m sorry. She makes him hold Arjun’s hand. He cries.

She goes out and thinks why am I feeling inclined towards him, he is hurt and I m feeling the pain, what’s happening. KT sleeps on her shoulder. She also sleeps. Its morning, Preeti wakes up and rests KT on the sofa. Her saree gets stuck. She turns and sees him. Ik tara….plays…. She frees the saree and goes. Arjun wakes up and says KT pa. KT wakes up and sees him. He goes to Arjun. Arjun turns away. KT asks won’t you talk to me. He asks Arjun to make a new start. They replay their first meet moment. He says Arjun Tibrewal, my son. He hugs Arjun. He says you won, AT, you found your dad, you will stay with me now in my house. Arjun cries. Neelima saying I knew Arjun is my heir. She asks Neil not to go for tuition and just welcome Arjun home. Neil says of course, as you say. Neelima asks KT where is Arjun, is he fine. KT says relax, he will come in some time. She says I will prepare Arjun’s room, Neil’s room is very beautiful, Neil can shift to guest room. Sneha says you can shift Arjun to guest room. Neelima gets angry.


Neil says I will shift, its not a problem. Preeti asks when will Arjun come. KT says some time. She asks did Nandini agree to stay with you. He asks Gopal to get fresh flowers. She asks him what did Nandini say. Neelima says we will have Arjun’s fav food from now. Sneha says we don’t know his likes. Neelima says right. Preeti says Nandini would know, we will ask her. KT says no need to call her, Arjun is coming, you can ask him. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I feel you are hiding something. He says nothing. Neelima goes to welcome Arjun. She does his tilak and Aarti. Arjun asks Nandini to come. Nandini comes. They get shocked. Shivraj asks what are you doing here. Arjun says KT asked mum to come.

Nandini asks why are you all shocked, as if you have seen a ghost. She says KT didn’t tell you all, not even Preeti, he should have told Preeti that he is getting his ex-wife home. KT says Preeti knew about it, I had told her. Preeti looks at him and cries. She says yes, he told me that you are coming, he doesn’t hide anything from me. Neelima says you didn’t think of telling us. Nandini says we will wait in the car, you all discuss, we have to stay here now. She takes Arjun and goes. Neelima asks what’s happening. KT tells everything. FB shows Arjun saying I will come to your house when you meet mom along, make it possible, you love me right.KT says yes, I can’t keep you away, fine, I will keep Nandini along for your sake, I m married to Preeti, don’t expect anything more. FB ends. Shivraj scolds KT for deciding it alone. Sneha says Arjun is the grandson, but its not right that Nandini stays here. Sushant says yes, you can’t keep Preeti and Nandini under the same roof. Neelima says KT’s decision is right, he did this for Arjun, we care for Arjun, not Nandini. Shivraj says we will be inviting a big problem, she got evil intentions for us and ruined us, did you think about Preeti’s emotions. Neelima asks will Preeti decide it. KT says its our decision, I had taken Preeti’s advice in this. Neelima asks what’s the problem now. Preeti asks Neil to get Arjun. Shivraj gets angry.

Neil brings Arjun and Nandini. Neelima takes Arjun. Nandini says KT has a habit to lie for my sake, he has lied to keep me along, he does it for my love. Preeti says you had left him and ran away, he sees you as Arjun’s mum. They argue.Neelima asks Arjun to set his room by taking KT’s help. Arjun agrees. Nandini asks Preeti to understand what she should do now. Rati comes to meet Kusum. She says I felt bad hearing the bad news, Sumedh’s shop burnt and Priyanka’s alliance broke, don’t know what’s happening with you, keep my old slippers, I can’t see you in trouble. She gives a note. She insults Kusum. Kusum gives the note to her and insults her back. She says pick the shoes and leave, else I will hit the shoes on your head, I will give you good news, we broke Priyanka’s alliance, that guy wasn’t good, Sumedh is building his shop again, Juhi got a job in Tibrewal company, they trust her, get lost now. Rati picks the shoes and goes. KT asks Arjun how is the room.

Arjun says its good. KT says let me know if you need any changes. Neelima says KT is good in interior decor, we had decorated our bedroom after marriage. KT tries to go. She says we should spend time with Arjun, together as a family. KT says my wife is waiting, we will meet on lunch. KT comes to the room. Preeti says shut the door. He asks why. She says if I get angry and scold you loudly, family won’t like it. He asks will you scold me. She says yes, go and shut the door. He shuts the door. She asks why did you get Nandini home, you lied that it was our decision, you have to answer me. He looks at her.

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