Strange Love Update Tuesday 20 April 2021

Strange Love 20 April 2021: starts with Astha getting out of Agnihotri’s mansion quietly so that no one sees her. She is shocked to see Anjali waiting for her in the car. Anjali asks the driver to tell Astha to come with her as they are going to her house. Astha comes and sits with her. Anjali says don’t give me any explanations. Kalindi is looking out for Astha in the house. She asks Atul where is she. She says its time to apply uptan to her. Atul and Kalindi are shocked to see Astha with Anjali. Anjali greets Kalindi and Atul. Astha is embarrassed. Anjali says its a ritual to gift the relatives on diwali, but today I brought your respect as your gift, take care of it, I m sure you would have liked my gift.

She says do you know where was your daughter the whole night, you are not a good mum who could not teach anything to Astha. Kalindi asks Astha where was she. Astha is tensed and Anjali says if you took care, then you would have not asked this question, I will tell you where she was. She was with Shlok applying uptan to him. Kalindi and Atul are shocked.
Anjali taunts them saying you always speak about society but I did not forget that Shlok and Astha has to get married infront of the society, She stayed at our house with Shlok the whole night and applied uptan in the morning, do you know what the society tells to such girls. She says I would have kicked Astha out of my house, but I m helpless because Shlok loves her. Kalindi supports Astha and asks Astha is this true. Astha cries. Kalindi is shocked by her silence. Anjali says leave it now, talk to Astha later.

She asks the driver to bring the gifts. She says I forgot to invite you for Laxmi puja and we hope you all come, bring Astha with you. Atul and Kalindi bow their heads down. Anjali wishes them happy diwali and says we hope you all come. You have to come as we got related now, its your duty now. Kalindi cries. Anjali leaves. Kalindi looks at Astha angrily. Astha tells her parents that trust me, I was not there at night, I went there in the morning. Kalindi slaps her. Astha says mum… Kalindi says don’t say a word. Atul stops Kalindi from beating Astha. He says calm down, Kalindi says she would have told us. She says I was at home, she did not tell me, I can’t believe my daughter can do this. She says I told you to keep Anjali happy but…. Astha says mum is right, its my mistake, I should have not gone there, I won’t do this next time, I promise.

Astha cries and goes to her room. Kalindi is upset and sits at the door. Atul pacifies her and asks her to be calm. He says our Astha undertood that she did a mistake and I m sure she won’t repeat such mistake. He says Kalindi we have to go to Niranjan’s house so tell me what items we have to take there. Anjali calls Sojal and scolds her. She asks Sojal to work faster. Sojal’s mum comes and Sojal is happy to see her. She hugs her mum and her mum greets Anjali. Her mum hugs Anjali and Anjali is annoyed. Her mum says the auto driver was asking for Rs. 3 and I had Rs. 5 note so how could I break the note. She asks Sojal to give the money to auto driver. Anjali taunts her. Her mum says I m not a fool, you know that. She asks Sojal to bring some food as she is feeling hungry. Anjali asks Sojal to attend her and leaves. Sojal asks her mum to wait. Her mum talks to her. Sojal asks her to come dressed in a good way. Her mum says if I dress low like this, people will think I need pity.

Sojal tries to stop her but she leaves.
Astha and Shlok are talking on phone. She says I think I will have to come to your house in some days. He says I want to thank Laxmi ji that I met you after so many difficulties. Shlok smiles after the call ends. Astha says I will pray that my parents don’t get insulted today. She wishes Anjali’s mood stays good today. Anjali is selecting the jewellery. Sojal’s mum comes to her room and is shocked to see all the jewellery. She asks Anjali can I come in. Anjali says its your habit to come inside without asking. jaya says so many jewels, what are you giving to Astha. Anjali says none of your business. Sojal’s mum jaya picks some silver coins and makes an excuse and leaves. Sojal comes with the food and they bump into each other. Anjali asks Sojal to do some work.

Anjali asks jaya to leave and be ready for the Laxmi puja. She agrees and leaves. Sojal comes to Anjali and says did you arrange some surprise for Astha, tell me also. Anjali says we did not buy anything. The courier person says I was asked to deliver this urgently. Sojal and Anjali sees the necklace. Sojal is making Anjali wear it and Shlok enters and says stop. He takes the necklace from Anjali and leaves. Anjali is angry seeing his behavior. Sojal says I think he bought it for Astha.
Anjali asks Sojal to call everyone for the puja. Astha and her parents are praying to the Lord at their home. Atul says shall we leave now, we have to be on time at Niranjan’s house. Kalindi says is it necessary to go there, can’t we make any excuse, why to go there and get insulted.

Atul says I think we should make some good relations with them as it will keep Astha happy. Astha says mum don’t worry, Shlok is there, he promised that he won’t allow anyone to tell against you and me. Atul says lets go. Niranjan asks Sojal where is jyoti. She says she is on the way. Astha and her parents reach Shlok’s house. Niranjan welcomes them and they greet happy diwali to each other. Shlok looks at Astha. He greets Astha’s parents and Astha smiles. He holds her hand infront of everyone and she goes to Niranjan and touches his feet and wishes him happy diwali. Shlok ia happy and goes to her again. Music plays…… They have an eyelock and look good together.

Sojal’s mum meeting Kalindi. Kalindi is glad to meet her. jaya says don’t worry, now you are getting related to them, you will be rich soon. She says you should be like me. Sojal takes jaya with her. Anjali is hurt and unable to walk. She shouts Ahh.. and Astha runs to her in concern. Anjali signs stop it. Shlok looks at her rude behavior. Everyone looks on. Niranjan asks Anjali are you fine, come lets start the puja. Anjali says my foot i hurt, I can’t sit in the puja, you start it yourself. Astha goes to bring a stool for Anjali. She comes in the store room. Shlok comes to her and hugs her.She says you scared me, leave me, anyone will see. Shlok says does not matter, don’t you wish to be closer to me. He flirts with her with romantic lines. He holds her hand and says you are looking good in this saree or should I say this saree is looking good on you. They get closer in the store room. Music plays…… They have an eyelock and Astha gets nervous. Iss pyaar ko…. plays……Someone comes and they get disturbed.

Shlok and Astha hide. Its Sojal’s mum who is spying on them. She says Astha came here but where did she go. She looks aroung for Astha and sees silver plates. She gets happy and hides it in her saree. Astha laughs seeing her. She says did you see what she was doing. He says you are infront of me and you are thinking I will see her. Sojal’s mum takes silver spoons with her. Astha sees a rat and rushes to Shlok. He gets happy by her hug and caresses her. Music plays…..Astha stands on Shlok’s feet and when she realizes, she says sorry. She goes out and takes a stool. He asks but why. Everyone are waiting for Shlok. Niranjan asks where is Shlok. Anjali asks Kalindi where is Astha. She says she won’t stop her act, right. Astha comes with Shlok. Astha offers the stool to Anjali. Anjali looks angrily at her. Astha tells Anjali you will feel better sitting on the stool. Anjali starts scolding her.

Astha says a husband and wife sits together in the puja. Kalindi takes Astha’s side. Anjali gets angry and says don’t explain me the rituals. Anjali throws the stool. The stool falls on Astha and she gets hurt. Astha falls and Shlok gets angry. Atul and Kalindi asks Astha are you fine. Anjali says if you do anything wrong, the result will be wrong. She says don’t dare to change my house’s rules. The pandit asks Niranjan to sit for the puja. Kaka removes the stool. Astha tells Kalindi and Atul to sit in the puja. Shlok did not say anything and sits. Atul says sorry to interrupt but this puja cannot be done without wife. Niranjan says Atul is right Anjali. He asks Anjali to come. He insists. Anjali sits in the puja with Niranjan. Niranjan gets angry as she sits with him. She moves back. The puja starts. Niranjan and Anjali does the aarti.

Kaka looks at Astha and goes to her. Kaka says can I help you, shall I bring medicines. She says no, I m fine, its strange that we did not talk ever even after I came a lot to times in this house. She touches his feet. He says I think the women should not be at feet, but in hearts. He says I m happy that you are becoming the bahu of this house, I think you will fulfill my dreams. Astha says Kaka, I think there is someone in this house with whom I will feel good talking. She says I m feeling better talking to you.

Kaka says I always support truth and I will be always there for you. He says some people show pain even thought its not there, and some people hide their true pains. Anjali looks at Kaka and Astha. She gets angry. Sojal also sees them talking. Anjali send Sojal to Astha. Sojal asks Astha to come with her. Kaka says go but carefully. Kaka smiles and says its late but someone came in this house who have the strength to make his house a home and change its strict rules.

Atul and Kalindi gifts Niranjan and Anjali. Anjali says it was not required and gives the saree to the maid. Kalindi and Atul are shocked among others. Anjali insults them. Astha says how are you fine now, you were hurt. Anjali says if women sit with pain, the work gets delayed. Anjali taunts Astha. Anjali asks Sojal to come with her and leaves. Its night, jaya sees money in the aarti plate and picks it up. Anjali comes and sees this. She says its less, shall I give you more. She taunts her. jaya says yes, the money fell and I was keeping it back. She says I came here to stay for 10 days, its Shlok’s marriage. Anjali calls Sojal and says if your mum does anything this time, I will make your issue, did you get it.
Astha calls the ashram women and wishes them happy diwali. All the women wishes her and are happy. Astha says ask the new members to come in my marriage. They says don’t worry, all of us will come. Kalindi and Atul are discussing Anjali. She says did you see she said no for sitting in the puja, I m afraid of her. Atul says see Kalindi, our daughter is going to her house, make Astha capable of winning Anjali’s heart. Kalindi says Astha is sarvagunn samparm. She says she targeted Astha purposely and have hurt her. Kalindi says don’t know how Astha will stay there. Kalindi gets worried.

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