Love or Poison Update Tuesday 20 April 2021

Love or Poison 20 April 2021: Sitara tells Viraj not to worry. She is stepping down the ladder while talking and slips. Viraj catches hold of her time in time. I told you to be careful. She walks away and so does Viraj. Someone is walking on the other side of the bushes. The guy tells Sitara not to try finding Sitara. Vishkanya’s are mysterious. What appears to be true might be a sham and vice versa. Sitara wonders who it was. What was he saying about Chanda? Samrat calls out to Chanda. Sitara looks at him. Samrat murmurs that Chanda Mama (moon) disappears in night. Sitara walks up to him. He asks about Chanda. I am aware of everything. Be careful while looking for her. Hope you wont disappear yourself. Sitara vows to find out whoever is behind Chanda’s disappearance. Chanda is still my friend. He says I wish I also had a friend like you.

I am not so lucky like her. He tells her to take care as he goes. Sitara thinks how he found out who she is looking for.
Rajguru dismisses a few guards. Kuldeep joins him. What happened? Rajguru shares that one servant is missing. I guess I left the door open in a hurry that day and Vishkanya’s attacked him. Not just this, I feel someone came here. That person is intrigued about Vishloka. That person can help Vishkanya’s gain freedom. We have to find out who it is. Kuldeep asks him how they will find out who it was. Rajguru asks him to follow him. Sitara’s dagger is lying nearby but they do not notice. Rajguru points at the wall. Whoever was here left a mark on the wall. Flashback shows Sitara tripping and ending up catching hold of the wall to maintain her balance. Kuldeep knows it was Sitara who had come here. I have to keep it hidden from you or some secrets will come out.Sitara is talking to herself as she enters in the palace. I am coming here stealthily every day. Please help me find Chanda Lord. It is getting difficult day by day. Viraj sees her thus and begins to follow her. What is she up to?
Kuldeep picks up the dagger. Rajguru asks him what his dagger is doing here. Kuldeep lies that it fell down a while ago. Rajguru advises him to hold it in his hands always. A servant comes to call Rajguru. Rajguru is sure it must be related to Viraj’s wedding. They both go together.

Sitara passes by from the corridor just before Kuldeep and Rajguru pass by but they do not see her. Viraj is following Sitara. Nethra asks a servant about Viraj. He tells her that he has gone outside for a walk. She thinks let him walk as much as he wants but he has to be with me after wedding. I will go and tell him that our parents are thinking about our marriage.
Nethra sees Viraj following Sitara. Sitara recalls her father’s warning words but still walks towards the south gate. Nethra begins to follow them at a distance.
Chabeeli happily tells Vrinda that she can hear those footsteps again. Our well wisher is near us. Vrinda says we must bring that girl closer very soon. She creates a reflection of her face and sends it near Sitara. You will find truth here only. It is very near you. Unveil it now. Sitara feels as if someone is calling her. She heads towards the south gate once again. Viraj is not so far from her. He looks at the gate. No one is allowed to come here. What is Sitara doing here? Sitara climbs over the wall and jumps inside the palace ground. Vrinda and her allies smile realising she is nearby. Viraj also jumps over the wall.

Sitara enters inside the magical land of Vishkanya’s. A blue aura surrounds her as soon as she steps closer. Viraj tries to stop her but in vain. Vrinda realises that Viraj is closely following their well wisher. Let’s not wait. Chabeeli uses her powers to dig a hole in Viraj’s way. Sitara is walking ahead in a trance. Viraj falls in the pit created by Chabeeli. She turns around hearing his scream. Viraj shouts for help. Kuldeep, Rajguru and Nethra hear his voice and run in the direction from which it is coming. Nethra is outside the south gate.
Sitara runs to save Viraj. She extends her hand towards him but Chabeeli’s powers are pulling him back. Chabeeli tells Vrinda her powers are turning weak. Seems like someone is trying to save our enemy. Her friend tells her not to fall weak. Once our poison touches the member of the royal family, entire family will be doomed! Viraj’s hand slips from Sitara’s hand. Sitara extends her dupatta towards Viraj. Vrinda remarks that this royal family has killed her daughter. I will take my revenge by killing the son of this family! Till when will he be able to escape?

Sitara wonders who to call for herlp. All the Vishkanya’s join their hands. Once our poison touches him, he will be finished. Rajguru and Kuldeep overhear Viraj shouting for help. Nethra also jumps over the boundary. Sitara is looking around for help. She pulls out the ropes from around the saddle and runs back towards Viraj.
Vrinda congratulates her friends. Royal family’s lineage is about to end! Sitara throws the rope down at Viraj. Hold it. Viraj tells her he cannot move. He comes up then falls down again. Sitara asks Mata Rani to help her now. She starts chanting Jai Mata Di and pulls at the rope again. Vrinda’s poison is about to touch Viraj. Sitara manages to pulls him out of the pit. It disappears the very next moment. Viraj falls above Sitara. They share an eye lock. Sitaraand Viraj get up after a moment. Sitara asks her if he is fine. Shall I call someone? He denies. I was claustrophobic. What you did for me today was! They hear Nethra and Kuldeep calling out to Viraj. Sitara decides to hide.

Nethra comes but only sees Viraj there. Viraj wonders where Sitara is. Kuldeep and Rajguru rush to their side. Nethra asks Viraj if he is fine. He nods. Kuldeep and Rajguru ask him how come he is here. Viraj speaks of the pit. He turns but there is nothing. He explains everything to them. How is it possible? Nethra tells him the land is fine. Rajguru says there are many such pits in the palace. It can harm everyone which is why everyone is advised not to come here. I advise you not to come here again. Viraj nods. Rajguru asks Kuldeep to escort Viraj to his room. He goes to inform Viraj’s father about the incident. Kuldeep goes with Viraj and Nethra. Vrinda says he escaped today but it wont be for long. This story will end from my hands today. No one could escape Vrinda till now. It wont happen today too! I will kill every family member of the royal palace slowly!
Viraj is still thinking about what happened today. He sends Nethra to her room and tells Kuldeep that he went to that door to stop Sitara. I was following her when I fell in that pit. She only saved me. Kuldeep requests him not to tell anyone that Sitara saved him. She will be asked many questions if anyone asks her why she went there. Viraj agrees. He goes to his room. Kuldeep thinks how to tell Sitara it is dangerous for her to go to that door.
Chabeeli uses her powers to figure out something but fails. She tells Vrinda she cannot find out who saved Viraj.

I don’t know what or who it was who could counter our energy! Other Vishkanya’s also try but fail in their attempt. Vrinda gets tensed. How can it be? How can our power turn weak in front of a human being? How can we lose out like this? We must find out who that person is who is trying to save Viraj from us? How long will he succeed though? It can be difficult to end the royal family but it isn’t impossible!Rajguru thinks Viraj and Nethra’s guna’s are matching. She even saved Viraj today. It means she will be able to be a part of our royal family. She will be his shield. Viraj’s father asks him what he saw. Rajguru says make preps for the wedding. I was worried after what happened today but their kundli’s and what she did today for Viraj was amazing. I am certain of their alliance now. Nethra will be his shield for his entire life. Viraj’s father is relieved to hear it.

Viraj tells his parents he has no issues with this alliance but I would like to talk to Nethra first. His mother asks him what is there to talk about. You both are childhood friends. Viraj nods. We are friends while this is lifelong commitment. His father agrees with his idea. You have our nod for this alliance. Your decision is pending now.

Viraj nods. Viraj asks Nethra if she has agreed willingly for the alliance. She agrees. You have been my friend since childhood. I don’t have any problem with it. He too says yes for the alliance as everyone has agreed. Let’s tell everyone. She hugs him before they go inside. Someone (Samrat) picks a phone kept on the table. Nethra goes back to pick her phone but does not find it. Samrat asks her if she was looking for it. She nods. He hands it to her. She thanks him and congratulates.

They join hands. Everything is going as per your plan. He says it was bound to happen as we have laid the trap.Everything is working in our favour. They shake hands. Be it your fake kundli or your fake acceptance for the wedding or this wedding! Samrat’s parents and Nethra’s parents appear and complete the dialogue. Samrat remarks that this property will be his after your marriage! Nethra corrects him. We will divide it equally after the marriage! He agrees. Samrat’s father says we have followed orders enough. It is time to take charge and ruin Ratan’s life. Nethra’s father seconds him. Nethra suggests celebrating this new beginning. All of them keep their hands over each other.

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