Sacred Relationship Update Monday 17 May 2021

Sacred Relationship 17 May 2021: starts with Abir coming to ask Kunal. Kunal thinks I can’t tell you that mum already knows about Mishti. Abir asks him to say, else he will ask mum. Kunal says no, you both will fight, don’t go to her, she was asking me about offsite, you didn’t want her to know about Mishti. Abir says I know it would be tough for you to lie to mum, thanks. Mishti says I m not sure if Abir will say the truth to me, will he tell me his feelings. Vishwamber comes and says I know. Abir says you always balance between me and mum, just go in the party or don’t go, have fun. Kunal nods. Vishwamber asks why didn’t you tell me about the accident. She says its fine. He asks her to say. She says there was a fire in the jungle, someone needed my help, I hope he also understands what he could lose and get. He says I m sure it will happen. He goes. She says when Vishwamber knows that I did this for Abir, you have to save me from his anger.

Abi asks Jugnu to go straight and hide behind the bench. Jugnu says if anyone sees me, what will I say. Abir says you are stupid, none can know that I had sent you there to fix balloons in Mishti’s balcony. Abir says now leave the balloons. Jugnu leaves the string. Balloons reach the balcony. Jugnu says Mishti…Abir says don’t stay there, run, does she have her phone in hand. Jugnu says no, she is reading a magazine. Abir says fine, she will go inside now. He messages Mishti… thanks for saving my life. Jugnu says she went, you are a magician. Abir says run now. Mishti reads his message and says idiot, such a short message. She replies you are welcome. Nanu comes singing happy birthday. Mishti asks what did Abir say. He says he didn’t react. She says he didn’t react in front of you. Nidhi gets angry on Jugnu. Abir offers help. He doesn’t see Kunal going. Mishti says like I pretend that I don’t care, he is also pretending. Nannu says I don’t understand. She says you will also care when you fall in love.

Nannu thinks I don’t like it when you talk about Abir. Abir messages Mishti and confuses her. She says why is he confusing me. She goes to the balcony. Abir says don’t know she will go to the balcony or not, how will she react seeing balloons. Mishti smiles and thanks Kanha. She says no, Abir tortured me for two months, I will also torture him for few hours, but he has to answer me after the party. Kunal calls out Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I m here. He asks Parul to leave. Parul goes. Kunal asks what do you mean by this message, you don’t need me. Meenakshi says when you started lying then what will I do, Abir doesn’t regard me dear. Kunal says just tell me what to do. She asks sure. He says yes. He shows the alcohol bottle and says you will go to Maheshwari house and add this in Nishant’s drink, he will say the truth. He says its Kuhu’s family. She says this is our family, they are breaking it, you agree to me, else I will think we aren’t imp for you. Kunal goes.

Meenakshi says Nishant you said right, I don’t have to control my son, but you and your family, I will not let you play any game with my Abir, you were addicted to drugs once, I will use this against you. Kunal says I need your help Kuhu, you would know if Nishant and Mishti are dating. Kuhu says you think they are also a fake couple like us. Kunal says no, we should talk. She says its pointless. He asks her to just say. Vishwamber gets Mishti downstairs. Mishti says Kuhu showed her Kuhuness at offsite, I can’t wait now. He opens the blindfold. Mishti likes the lovely arrangements. She thanks Kuhu. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays…. She hugs Kuhu. She thinks they think I moved on, when they know Abir and I love each other…. Rajshri asks her to see the cake.

Mishti says its beautiful. Nannu says make a wish and I will fulfill it. Mishti says maybe you already fulfilled my wish. She cuts the cake. She wishes that Abir smiles from his heart and lives happy. Jugnu shows Mishti’s pic. Abir asks what are you saying. Jugnu says yes, I took risk and clicked the pic. Abir says it means Mishti hugged the balloons, it means you are my satellite. He gets happy. He jokes on Jugnu and hugs. Nanu comes and asks what’s happening. Abir hides the phone. He says its time for garba. Jugnu says gym class today. They dance. Nidhi comes to beat Jugnu. Nanu says scold him later, start Gabra now. Nidhi says I will cut his salary. Abir gives his card to Jugnu. Nidhi says don’t spoil it. Abir sees the pendant fallen. He picks it. He recalls the break up. Abir and Nanu dance. Parul smiles and blesses him. Meenakshi looks on. Abir says you will also dance today. They dance. Meenakshi says Mishti has really come back. Nannu records the video. Kunal looks on. He thinks mum really wants me to add alcohol in someone’s drink. He thinks of Abir and Meenakshi. She adds the alcohol in the drink. Nannu comes to him. Kuhu takes him for dance. Mishti sees Abir.

Abir dances with Mishti. Dheere dheere….plays…. Mishti smiles. Her imagination ends. Kuhu takes her. Parul says Abir you didn’t share your problems, share your happiness with me. Abir says there is no reason to be upset, what’s this. She says Kunal asked me to wrap this gift, I would have told Jugnu, can’t you call Kunal out and give this to him. He says don’t worry, I will do it. She asks is Kunal fine, Kuhu isn’t well. He says they both are fine, I m here. She nods and goes. Mishti likes the gifts. Rajshri says I got the sunglasses for Kuhu also. Nannu jokes on the girls. He says Kunal and I are already cool. Kunal thinks how shall I ignore mum’s word. Jasmeet says I got this gift for you. Mishti checks the dress. She likes it. Kuhu says jumpsuit for a jumping jack. Nannu laughs and coughs. Kunal gives him the drink.

Kunal stopping Nannu from drinking. He gives him water and thinks I will explain mum, she would be angry, I can’t do such a bad thing. He gets a message and goes out to Abir. Mishti says it was my best birthday. Nannu says its still going on, I have to tell you something that’s bothering me. She says yes, my birthday isn’t over, I didn’t meet Abir, I will go to his house after the party and meet him. He asks what, are you mad. She says yes, I m angry and violent also, I will just go and know his feelings. He says just listen to me and go. She says have this drink, chill, I will come and talk. Abir asks Kunal what happened, did anything happen or mum say anything. Kunal says no, she can say she got me from dustbin. Abir says its not funny, don’t say this. Kunal says but it looks like that. Abir asks him to go, Kuhu is waiting.

Abir thinks mum has tried to use Kunal for her game, a son was silent and now a brother will say. He goes. Abir drops the pendant there. Kuhu comes running and asks Kunal to take Nannu fast, he fainted. Kunal gets shocked and asks what happened. Kuhu says he is getting seizures, he is an addict, I don’t know, family shouldn’t know this. Kunal thinks did I make a recovery addict troubled, no. Kuhu says come fast. They leave. Nannu gets critical. Mishti asks everyone to relax and not touch him. Shaurya asks did he drink alcohol again. Mishti says no, he is strong, he can’t do this, we can’t feed him anything until his seizures stop. Abir comes home to meet Meenakshi. Parul says they all went to satsang.

Abir asks what happened to Kunal, tell me, my silence got waste, I found him worried, I will call Maa, tell me if you know anything, swear on me. She says I swear I don’t know, Meenakshi doesn’t tell me anything, I have seen Kunal worried, he was finding Meenakshi, abir says I m sure its some problem. Doctor comes and asks did Nannu had alcohol. Mishti says don’t worry, he had this drink. Kunal says we can at least take him to room. Abir says I feel mum is putting pressure on Kunal, he is restless, it seems like he wants to tell me something, mum was playing a game in his marriage also, she is using Kunal. Abir says we can protect Kunal by telling the truth. She asks what. He says we will tell him the truth, then mum can’t manipulate us. Doctor says we have sent his blood sample for tests, we will know about it. Vishwamber asks who can get alcohol in our house. Kuhu says no one. Jasmeet says Nannu can’t do this. She cries. Kunal worries. Jasmeet asks Mishti to tell everyone. Mishti says I know he can’t do this, we have to find out, who did this.

Parul says Abir, I know you are Meenakshi’s son and Kunal is my son, he doesn’t have courage to face this, you made sacrifices. Abir says it went in vain, Meenakshi can threaten me and she can threaten Kunal also, truth will come out some way, what if someone else tells the truth to Kunal, I trusted my dad, trust and relation broke, I don’t want Kunal to lose trust, I promise I will talk to Kunal and get him home, he will not break down. She cries and nods. Mishti says what would have happened. She sits to pick her phone. Kunal recalls Meenakshi’s words. Kuhu comes to him and asks why did you leave. Kunal says you should have told me that Nannu was an addict. Kuhu says you should not judge him. He says if you told me before, I would have not added alcohol in his glass. Kuhu and Mishti get shocked. Mishti asks what did you say, just tell me which alcohol, if doctors wait for report, it may get late. Doctor says result will take time to come, if we know… Kuhu says whisky. Jasmeet says someone added the alcohol.

Kuhu says Mishti was right, Nannu didn’t drink it on own. She recalls Mishti asking her to lie and not tell anyone about Kunal. Kuhu says Kunal and Mishti are trying to find, maybe some waiter or guest did this. Vishwamber says its not possible. Kuhu says maybe that person made a mistake. Doctor says we can hope that Nishant isn’t much affected by the alcohol. Rajshri asks Nannu to get up and tease her. Vishwamber asks Rajshri to take Jasmeet to her room. Rajshri consoles Jasmeet.

Kuhu cries. Mishti asks why did you do this with Nannu, you didn’t think his life will fall in danger. Kunal asks is his life in danger. She says I don’t know, his medicines react with alcohol and drugs, he lives in guilt over his addiction, why did you do this, will you hurt everyone who is close to me. He says no, I just wanted to know the truth, if you and Nishant are trapping my brother by a drama. She asks what, did Abir ask you to do this. Abir is on the way. He says I won’t let you break, you have a right to know truth, you are not alone, you aren’t a step brother for me.

Kunal says Abir doesn’t even know this, mum knew you came back, she was worried, she wanted proof that you are in relationship with Nannu. She says Meenakshi Rajvansh again. He says listen, she is my mom. She says you are defending her, who ruined someone’s hardwork of ten years, is it your motto to remind me that I m from a broken family, to hurt my family, to hurt Abir because he loves me. She cries. Kunal asks does he love. She says you think he moved on. Kunal says don’t drag him between. She says you and your mom did this, you made it a game. He says no, she wanted to know truth. She says you spiked the drunk, you are her puppet, she asked you to marry a girl, you did this, she asked you to give Abir a choice, you did this. He says stop it. She asks why, you break relations on her saying. He says just shut up, I love her a lot. She says she isn’t your mum, but you are her son, you don’t have her blood, but you have her upbringing, if I was in Parul’s place, I would have thanked Kanha that no one knows you are her son. He gets shocked. She goes.

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